42 Things That Make You Look So Much Better For Under $20 On Amazon

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by Laura Harper

Feeling good and looking good often go hand-in-hand. In my opinion, a fresh haircut can instantly boost your mood — and switching out your eyeshadow for a brand new palette can make the day ahead seem so much brighter. There are millions of little things you can do to look so much better, all without much more than a ding in your bank account. When I’m looking for ways to improve the way I look (and how I feel), I head to Amazon. There, among thousands of amazing items, I often find skincare, haircare, and even clothing-care products that add an instant charge to my appearance.

I haven’t even shared the best part yet: Most of these things that make you look so much better are less than $20 on Amazon. You can fill your cart guilt-free with all kinds of things, like this super cute crossbody bag that holds all your essentials without having to lug a tote, or this lip repair balm that works overnight. If you’re like me — always looking for your lip balm — this one’s a lifesaver by doing the work while you sleep. Both of these products (and so many more) are $20 or less today on Amazon. Best of all, you can read reviews before you buy.

Start scrolling and check out a few of my favorites.


This Hair Repair Product That Works In Just 8 Seconds

After you shampoo, use just a little of this eight-second rinse-out conditioner to deliver luscious, soft locks. The lamellar water technology works to repair damage done by chemicals or irons, and the lightweight formula doesn’t take out curls or waves. This miracle cure is safe for use on color-treated hair, too.


This Set Of Silky Satin Pillowcases That Promote Softer Hair

Rest your head — and your hair — on these sleek satin pillowcases, which have over 170,000 positive ratings on Amazon. The shiny fabric offers an instant update for your bedroom decor, while the soft construction may help keep your hair smooth and soft. Plus, they’re available in over 20 colors and four sizes.


A Lip Repair Balm That Works All Through The Night

Soothe and relieve dry, cracked lips while you sleep with this night treatment balm for your lips. It’s hypoallergenic, and the deep-conditioning oils go to work every night to help eliminate dry skin. The compact jar design slips easily into toiletry bags for travel.


A Strengthening Cuticle Oil That Nourishes Your Nails With Milk & Honey

You can soften for your cuticles and strengthen your nails with this revitalizing oil. Milk and honey in the formula soothe and soften the natural way, and the lack of parabens deliver a wholesome treatment for your hands. This cuticle oil is also cruelty-free for added peace of mind.


This Double-Sided Lip Brush That Exfoliates & Enhances Circulation

Care for your lips with the delicate design of this two-sided exfoliating brush. The ergonomic handle is easy to hold, while the silicone construction is suitable for most skin types. Apply a little lip balm for a circulation-boosting massage for your lips. One reviewer called it a “life-changing tool.”


This Finishing Stick That Takes Care Of Stray Hairs

Perfect your up-do or create a sleek ponytail look with this hair finishing stick. The clear formula doesn’t show up against your hair color, and the non-greasy format supports all-day wear. Packaged in a mascara-like tube, this finishing cream is ideal for touchups on the go.


A Brush-Cleaning Sponge That Lets You Change Colors Quickly

Use just one brush for your evening eye look when you have this color-removal sponge on hand. The surface quickly removes pigment, so you can switch between colors without having to grab another brush. Flip the sponge over to use the other side. Cleaning it as easy as warm water and a little soap.


A Makeup Primer That Sprays On Underneath Your Foundation

Set the perfect backdrop for your makeup application with this spray-on foundation primer. The smooth formula isn’t sticky and nourishes your skin with each application, thanks to the added vitamins. This versatile spray stays in place, extending the look of your cosmetics — and it’s free from preservatives to care for your skin.


A 10-Pack Of Professional Nail Buffers That Deliver A Salon-Quality Look

This 10-pack of nail buffers makes it easy to care for your nails in between salon visits. The sanding sides are perfect for filing and smoothing edges and can even remove acrylic, while the softer sides buff your nails to remove ridges and deliver shine. Keep some at home and others at your desk for easy, anytime nail care.


This Liquid Shoe Cleaner That’s Gentle On Leather

Spiff up your shoes and make them look new with this simple shoe cleaner. It’s suitable for use on a range of materials — including vinyl, nubuck, and even suede and leather — letting you restore your favorite sneakers to a store-purchased look. The 8-ounce bottle provides plenty of applications, too.


These Spiral Hair Ties That Shouldn’t Pull On (Or Break) Your Hair

You can eliminate the headaches and bumps that come from putting your hair up with this pack of spiral hair ties. The telephone-cord style is gentle on your hair and shouldn’t tug or break strands as you go about your day. Best of all, there are natural colors available to match your hair hue. Choose from five different sets.


A Quick-Drying Top Coat That Finishes Your Manicure In Minutes

Dry your nails quickly with this nail polish top coat that really does speed up the process. Just one coat is all you need to seal in the color and shine, making this polish ideal for use in between salon visits. A super-simple formula sets your shade and dries your manicure so you can go back to your day.


A Compact Fabric Shaver That Keeps Your Clothes Looking New

Frequent washing can take the newness out of your clothes, but this battery-operated fabric shaver helps refresh your look with every use. A large shaving surface makes quick work out of the task, and a removable lint catcher offers easy disposal. Use this handheld tool to remove pills and lint from your favorite sweaters, coats, and even blankets.


These Shampoo Brushes That Wash & Massage Your Scalp

These shampoo brushes each have soft silicone bristles that get down deep to your scalp, providing a relaxing massage as you scrub. Plus, the ergonomic design rests easily in your hand for efficient use. With two in the package, you can leave one in the shower and take the other on your travels.


These Cleaning Cloths That’ll Help Your Jewelry Shine

These jewelry-cleaning cloths could help helpful if you have gold, silver, or even platinum jewelry you’d like to shine up. The two-step process includes a treated cloth to remove dirt and tarnish, along with an outer cloth to buff back the shine. Each packet is sealed so you can take them on the go, too.


A Versatile Eye Mask That Can Help Fight Headaches & Cool You Down

Refresh tired eyes or take the edge off a headache with this cooling eye mask. The gel-based construction can be cooled in the fridge, providing a soothing feeling over your complexion. Two sides — velour and silicone — offer custom cooling or heating if you prefer. An adjustable headband keeps this mask in place while you rest.


A Lightweight Broad Spectrum Sunscreen That Is Ideal For Your Face

Regular sunscreen can often feel heavy on your face. This lightweight sun protection is made for use on the delicate skin of your complexion. It goes on invisibly and offers SPF-36 protection against harmful UV rays, letting you head out in the sun with confidence. The 1.69-ounce tube is perfect for slipping in your bag.


These Clever Clips That Turn Regular Bras Into Racerbacks

Turn standard bras into racerbacks with this four-pack of clips. The heart-shaped clips draw together your straps, letting you wear a range of blouses and dresses with confidence. Adjustable heights work with a range of bra styles for easy integration. They come in black, beige, white, and clear.


These Seamless No-Show Thongs That Are Super Comfy To Wear

Stay comfortable all day long with this pack of seamless thongs. There are no irritating tags, and the super smooth fit looks great under any outfit. Breathable construction combines with stretchy fibers to move with you through your day. Choose from a range of cute colors and patterns.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large


A Comb That’ll Help Lengthen Your Eyelashes Post-Mascara

This eyelash comb is meant to help lengthen your eyelashes after you’ve applied mascara. The curved design follows your lash line, letting you work up and out to separate each lash and remove unwanted clumps before they dry. Plus, sturdy metal construction is ideal for daily use.


This Refining Moroccan Oil Treatment That Smooths Flyaways

Smooth your tresses and prevent unwanted flyaways with this light Moroccan oil treatment. Formulated for fine hair, this update on the original won’t weigh your hair down and includes argan oil to nourish and protect each strand. A 4.7-star rating backs this must-have for hair management.


This Easy-To-Apply Base Coat That Helps Strengthen Your Nails

If you ask me, nail polish looks so much better when applied over a base. This foundation base not only smooths your application, but it can actually strengthen your nails. The one-coat formula fills in ridges and helps prevent cracks, so your manicure lasts and lasts. Best of all, it’s never tested on animals for your peace of mind.


A Multi-Use Cheek & Lip Tint That Comes In Tons Of Shades

Get a lasting lip and cheek tint with this two-in-one tube. It’s easy to apply and blends beautifully with a brush or your fingers. Featuring shea butter in the mix, this tint moisturizes and maintains your lip’s look. Wear it alone or finish with your favorite gloss. It’s available in five beautiful balms.


This Gentle Pumpkin Mask That Exfoliates Your Skin

In my opinion, an at-home facial is just what you need to help you feel and look so much better. This pumpkin-powered exfoliating mask lets you refresh your face in the comfort of your own space. Pumpkin enzymes help gently exfoliate, while prebiotics restore your natural glow. Use this cruelty-free mask after you cleanse for super-simple care.


A Collagen-Boosting Lip Mask That Moisturizes While You Sleep

You can pamper dry lips and plump them while you sleep with this collagen-boosting lip mask. Coconut and jojoba oil work together to help enhance collagen, creating a fuller lip line when you wake up in the morning. The nourishing formula seals moisture in, and the mask itself is easy to apply with an included washable silicone applicator.


This 3-Pack Of Fashion-Forward Sunglasses That Block UV Rays

Flaunt your fashion sense and protect your eyes with this pack of polarized sunglasses. The retro designs are all on-trend, letting you accent your beach or shopping wardrobe. The UV-400 protective coating helps block out up to 100% of harmful UVB and UVA rays, and you get three stunning looks for $12.


The Sparkly Unicorn Snot Sunscreen That Lets You Shine In The Sun

If you ask me, glitter always makes everything so much better, including your sun protection. This reef-friendly sunscreen is filled with glitter to let you really make a splash at the beach. Its SPF-30 protection helps block out harmful rays, and it stays on for up to 80 minutes in the water. A fun addition to your beach bag, this is the thing you didn’t know you needed.


A Crossbody Bag That Offers Room For All Your Essentials

I’m not one who likes a big bag when I head out shopping or for brunch. This compact crossbody bag is an ideal solution if you’re like me. There’s a pocket for a smartphone up to 6.5 inches in size, along with a main zippered pocket for keys and cosmetics. This bag also lets you leave your wallet behind because it includes slots for cards and cash.


This Set Of Bra Clips, Straps & Extenders That Support Comfortable All-Day Wear

Reviewers are raving about this set of bra clips and extenders that let you customize your fit. The set includes clips that turn standard bras into racerbacks and two types of extenders that work with a range of bra styles. You get pieces in black, white, beige, and nude to match every bra you own.


These Skin-Softening Foot Peel Masks That Help Smooth Calluses

Now’s your chance to try out these popular foot-peeling masks. Botanical extracts in the formula help moisturize and heal dry, cracked feet. Application is simple: Simply snip each booty open and place them on your feet. As the days go by, old skin will peel off, revealing smoother, healthier skin.


These Moisturizing Gloves That Work Overnight to Help Heal Your Hands

Keep healing creams and medicines in place while you sleep with this set of moisturizing gloves. The all-cotton construction is comfortable to wear (and washable, too). Simply slip them on after ointment application. You get seven pairs in the package to last all week.


The Moisturizing Heel Socks That You Can Use With Lotion

Slip these moisturizing heel socks over your feet before you head to bed. The toeless design doesn’t constrict for more comfortable rest. Used alone, they help retain your skin’s natural hydration. Pair them with your favorite lotions and creams, and you wake up to baby-soft feet. Each pack contains two pairs.


The Hem Tape That’ll Help Repair Your Seams

Fix a ripped seam or repair a sagging hem with this quick-fixing hem tape. The temporary solution is easy to use and eliminates holes caused by safety pins. You don’t even need an iron to smooth it into place, thanks to the adhesive. This tape comes in a 5-yard roll to meet a range of uses.


This Shoe Repair Glue That Works On Vinyl, Rubber & Even Leather

Don’t toss out a damaged shoe — try this shoe repair adhesive first. It’s permanent and waterproof for a lasting fix you can actually wear out and about. This versatile solution works on vinyl, canvas, rubber and even leather to save your shoes from the trash bin.


This Double-Sided Clothing Tape That Works With All Skin Shades

Keep your best little black dress in place on the dance floor with this double-sided clothing tape. The medical-grade adhesive can be used on your skin, and it’s transparent in color. You get 100 strips in the package to handle any and every event.


A Shoe-Cleaning Kit That Leaves Your Sneakers Looking Like New

This shoe-cleaning kit has everything you need to keep your favorite pairs of sneakers presentable. A 4-ounce bottle of cleaning solution is suitable for removing dirt and stains from a range of materials, including canvas, mesh and leather. The included brush features synthetic bristles that gently scrub away scuffs and marks. Slip it in your bag for quick touchups.


A Microfiber Hair-Drying Towel That Actually Stays In Place

The thing that makes this microfiber towel a best seller is how quickly it dries your hair. The microfiber construction wicks away moisture, leaving behind less unwanted frizz. The stretchy fabric wraps around your head and stays in place so you can apply moisturizer, foundation, and makeup without having to tie back your locks. Many reviewers have shared that it’s perfect for travel.


This Simple Spray That Releases Wrinkles Without Needing An Iron

Caring for your clothes at home or on the road is simple when you have this crease-release spray. Compatibility with a range of fabrics lets you treat slacks, blouses, coats, and even curtains — and the lightly scented formula provides a perfect first impression. A quick spray is really all that’s needed.


This Mini Retractable Lint Roller That’s Perfect For Travel

Lint rollers are lifesavers when it comes to catching stray lint, dust, and pet hair. Retractable lint rollers are even better because they stay clean in your bag or glove compartment. Twist this tool open to quickly swipe your jacket or jeans — then close it to keep it protected in between uses. It’s compact for easy travel and comes in eight color options.


A Conditioning Cuticle Cream That Also Strengthens Your Nails

With over 30,000 five-star ratings, this nail-strengthening cream is a terrific option for strengthening weak nails. A lot of reviewers love it for acrylic aftercare, and jojoba in the cream helps infuse your cuticles with moisture. The conditioning formula includes vitamins, minerals, and calcium to boost growth and strength. This cuticle cream is lightly scented with coconut.


A 4-Pack Of Large Claw Clips That Help Hold Every Strand In Place

This pack of large hair claw clips is made to fit plans both big and small. The sophisticated rectangle can accent an evening up-do, while the generous length and interlocking teeth hold your locks out of your face if your plans involve a simple before-bed facial. Acrylic construction and durable metal springs offer curl-worthy strength and support.


These No-Show Socks That Simply Won’t Slip Off Your Heels

As a frequent ankle sock wearer, I had to check the reviews on these no-show socks to see if it’s really true they stay in place (it is). So many wearers are sharing they simply won’t slip out of place and down into your shoe. Premium cotton construction is soft and breathable, and the silicone heel grips are made to stay without slipping.