43 Things You're Doing That You Don't Realize Make Your Home Look Like Sh*T

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I totally get it: Life gets busy, and pulling your home together becomes a chore that seems impossible at the end of a long week. Maybe the plant you forgot to water is wilting, or maybe the inside of your microwave is still covered in food splatters from dinner last night. There might be a gigantic pile of laundry in the corner, too, but that’s OK. These things happen — even if you don’t realize it. Luckily, the products on this list can help solve those problems so your home looks better than ever — even on your busiest weeks.

Speaking of dirty laundry, I’d like to direct your attention to the hamper I’ve included in this list. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “What can possibly be so special about a hamper?” For starters, it doesn’t take up any space on your floor since you can easily hang it over your door. And for two, the zipper on the bottom makes it easy to dump all your dirty clothes straight into the washer. But if your laundry is already sorted, don’t worry. I’ve also made sure to feature a convenient self-watering planter, a microwave cleaner, and even a trio of cute woven baskets — just in case your shelves are looking a little cluttered.

Your home doesn’t have to feel haphazard — especially when there are so many Amazon products that can help you keep it from looking like sh*t. Keep scrolling for more.


Problem: Letting Food Build Onto The Walls Of Your Microwave

Solution: Using This Angry Mama Accessory To Soften It Up

When the food buildup on your microwave walls has become too much to ignore, it’s time to whip out this Angry Mama accessory. Fill her up with a mixture of vinegar and water, and then set her to cook for seven minutes. Steam will gradually begin to erupt out of her head, loosening up all that baked-on mess so that it’s easy to wipe out with a towel.


Problem: Leaving Your Drinks On Furniture & Causing Water Marks

Solution: Cleaning Them With This Water Mark Remover

Water, alcohol, heat — regardless of what caused that water ring, this cloth can help get rid of it. It restores wood without further stripping the finish, and can also be used to conceal scratches, remove latex paint, as well as erase permanent marker.


Problem: Accidentally Putting Holes In Walls With Doorknobs

Solution: Placing These Stoppers Where The Knobs Hit

If your doorknobs have punched holes into walls, you might want to grab these stoppers to help cushion the impact. They’re made from high-quality silica that absorbs shock when struck — and each order comes with 3M super glue for an effortless installation.


Problem: Accidentally Letting Tough Stains Set Into Your Rugs & Fabric

Solution: Giving Them A Good Scrub With This Remover

Not only is this stain remover so powerful that it can work on red wine, but it’s also effective on chocolate, blood, and more. The formula is 100% biodegradable, and you can even use it on clothes. “After about 2 rounds of this, the stains almost completely disappeared,” wrote one reviewer. “I'm very impressed, it was definitely worth the cost.”


Problem: Getting Food All Over Your Fridge Handles

Solution: Adding These Fabric Handle Covers To Your Fridge

Try adding these covers to your fridge handles the next time they’re covered in fingerprints and smudges. The Velcro backing makes it easy to wrap them around nearly any handle, and you can even trim them to fit smaller handles if need be.


Problem: Throwing Shoes In A Pile By The Front Door

Solution: Using This Bamboo Rack To Tidy Things Up

Got a pile of messy shoes by your front door? Use this rack to help tidy things up. It’s made from natural bamboo that looks good with essentially any style, and it’s large enough to hold about six pairs of shoes in total. Plus, you can even stack multiple racks on top of each other to create more storage space.


Problem: Leaving Your Pantry Unorganized With Open Bags

Solution: Storing Everything In These Airtight Containers

Snacks always going stale in your pantry? Grab these airtight containers to help keep everything fresher for longer. Each order comes with seven containers in varying sizes, as well as 24 reusable chalkboard labels. And unlike some containers, these ones are also shatterproof.


Problem: Scratching Your Hardwood Floors With Chair Legs

Solution: Using These Covers To Help Prevent Damage

Restoring hardwood floors can cost an arm and a leg, whereas these furniture leg covers are available for less than $20. They come in three shades: brown, black, or transparent. And unlike some covers, these ones stretch to fit legs — no nails required.


Problem: Accidentally Moving Your Rugs Out Of Place

Solution: Securing Them Down With These Rug Grippers

If your rugs are always curling at the edges, try securing them to your floors using these gripper pads. Unlike adhesives or tape, each pad is covered with super-tiny suction cups that hold onto hardwood floors — and they shouldn’t leave behind any marks upon removal.


Problem: Letting Your Couch Cushions Sink In Over Time

Solution: Bolstering Them Up With This Insert

You don’t have to pay for brand new cushions when yours start to sag — just slide this insert underneath. It’s made from heavy-duty wood that breathes new life into flattening furniture. Plus, it’s designed to fit most standard-sized love seats.


Problem: Overlooking Unsightly Pills In Your Furniture Fabric

Solution: Trimming Them Away With This Fabric Shaver

Whether your furniture or your clothes are pilling, this fabric shaver can help. The shaving grate is adjustable, allowing you to use it with nearly any type of garment — and it only requires two AA batteries (which are not included) in order to work.


Problem: Keeping The Walls Plain In Your Home

Solution: Putting Up This Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Whether you rent or own your home, you’ll probably still be able to create a gorgeous accent wall using this peel-and-stick wallpaper. It goes up just like a sticker, and it’s made to be removed just as easily without causing damage the paint on your walls.


Problem: Forgetting To Change Your Shower Curtains

Solution: This Tough Shower Curtain That’s Mildew Resistant

When was the last time you replaced your shower curtain liner? Take this as a sign it’s time to make the switch to this mildew-resistant one. Rustproof metal grommets along the top shouldn’t corrode over time, and it’s even made from tough PEVA material.


Problem: Bringing Dirt Inside With Your Shoes

Solution: Putting This Stylish Mat By Your Front Door

Tired of finding dirt tracked all over your floors? Save yourself some mess by putting down this door mat. Not only can it help keep your floors clean, but it also features a stylish ribbed design that latches onto dirt as your shoes scrub against it.


Problem: Cluttering Up Your Bathroom With Toiletries

Solution: Hanging Up This Helpful Toothbrush Holder

Are toiletries cluttering up your bathroom counters? Hang this toothbrush holder up. Not only does it feature tons of space to toothbrushes, toothpaste, and more, but each order also comes with double-sided adhesive so that it’s easy to mount. Plus, the aerated design even helps prevent mildew growth.


Problem: Letting The Little Things Clutter Up Everywhere

Solution: Stashing All Of It Inside These Woven Baskets

You know those little items that don’t have a dedicated place in your home? Just throw them inside of these woven baskets, then put the basket up on a shelf. Handles on either side make them easy to carry, and each one is made with eco-friendly water hyacinth.


Problem: Making The Bed With Wrinkled, Faded Sheets

Solution: Switching Over To These Ones That Are Resistant To Fading & Wrinkles

Not only are these sheets fade- and wrinkle-resistant, but they’re also less likely to absorb stains than some sets. They’ve got an extra-deep pocket to accommodate taller mattresses, and each set is made from high-quality brushed microfiber that feels oh-so soft.


Problem: Cluttering Your Shower With Shampoo & Soap Bottles

Solution: Emptying Them Into This Soap Dispenser

When your bathtub wall is filled with shampoo and soap bottles, it might be time to downsize them into this dispenser. It installs within minutes using the included waterproof adhesive — and unlike some dispensers, this one can be mounted flat to your shower wall, as well as in the corner.


Problem: Leaving Old Bananas On Your Countertop

Solution: Putting Them Up On This Hanger That Helps Them Last Longer

Instead of letting your bananas go bad, why not put them up on this hanger to help keep them fresher for longer? It simulates how they’d naturally hang on a banana tree, allowing for maximum airflow to help prevent them from spoiling quickly. Plus, you can use it to hold one single banana, as well as a full bunch.


Problem: Having Tons Of Makeup All Over Your Vanity

Solution: Storing It All Inside This Rotating Organizer

With space for brushes, palettes, serums, and more, this organizer is a must-have for cluttered vanities. It rotates 360 degrees, making it easy to reach anything located in the back — and the shelves can easily be adjusted to fit taller bottles if needed.


Problem: Overcrowding Your Closet With Hangers That Don’t Fit

Solution: Using These Vertical Hangers That Help Save So Much Space

Running out of space in your closet? You can use these magic hangers to help open some up. Each one can hold up to five garments, and you can even hang them horizontally when you’re not trying to save space. Plus, they’re so sturdy that they can hold up to 6 pounds each.


Problem: Cluttering Up The Floor Next To Your Bed

Solution: Slipping This Bedside Caddy Under Your Mattress

Don’t have enough space for a nightstand? Just slip this caddy underneath your mattress. Multiple pockets give you room to store everything from remotes to magazines — and since it’s made from soft felt, you probably won’t have to worry about scratching tablet screens.


Problem: Having Super Bright Lights Throughout Your Home

Solution: Plugging Them Into This Dimmer Switch For A Calmer Space

Ever wish you could dim that lamp just a tiny bit? You probably can — just plug it into this dimmer switch. The power cable is 6 feet long, making it easy to use with distant plugs. You can choose from two colors: black or white.


Problem: Letting Mugs Pile Up In Your Cabinets

Solution: Stacking Them On Each Other With These Platforms

Mugs can take up a ton of space in your cabinets, so why not grab these platforms? They let you stack your mugs on top of each other to help save space — and one size is even made to fit nearly any mug. “I love that they are adjustable so that you can stack different-sized mugs together,” wrote one reviewer. “This was one of the best purchases I've made this year.”


Problem: Piling Brooms & Mops In The Corner Of The Room

Solution: Hanging Them Up In This Handy Broom Holder

Mount this holder up in your utility closet, and you’ll instantly have a convenient place to store brooms, rakes, mops, and more. It features five slots in total, and there are even hooks in-between where you can hang up scrubbers or towels.


Problem: Leaving Dishes Out To Dry On The Counter

Solution: Upgrading To This Over-The-Sink Dish Rack

If you’re still leaving your dishes out to dry on the counter, now’s your chance to upgrade to this over-the-sink dish rack. Any water droplets fall right into your sink, eliminating the need for a grimy drip tray — and since it’s heat resistant, you can even use it as a trivet in a pinch.


Problem: Not Utilizing Wall Space For Storage

Solution: Hanging Up These Gorgeous Floating Shelves

If you’ve got unused wall space in your house, why not hang up these floating shelves? They’re made from solid paulownia wood — not particleboard — and the metal brackets on either side give them a rustic farmhouse vibe. “These shelves are perfect for extending your plant collection on your walls,” wrote one reviewer. “Super easy to assemble.”


Problem: Forgetting To Regularly Water Your Plants

Solution: This Self-Watering Flower Pot That Does It For You

Always forgetting to water your plans? Grab this self-watering planter. The reservoir on the inside is large enough to keep your plants hydrated for up to two weeks, while the saucer on the bottom helps prevent overflow. Choose from five colors: plum, blue, green, white, or black.


Problem: Letting Silverware Roam Free In Your Drawers

Solution: Using This Bamboo Tray To Keep Things Organized

Instead of letting your silverware sit freely in your drawers, why not use this tray to keep them sorted and organized? The sides expand to fit most drawers, and it’s even made from sleek bamboo that easily wipes clean with a wet cloth.


Problem: Hanging Up Your Pictures Crookedly

Solution: Using This Laser Level To Make Sure They’re Straight

Hanging up pictures isn’t always as easy as it may look — so grab this multipurpose level. The laser at the end helps you put your frames up evenly, while the ruler along the side is great for making sure they’re spaced evenly. Plus, batteries even come included.


Problem: Having Your Cat Accidentally Get Litter Everywhere

Solution: Putting Down This Helpful Mat That Collects Loose Litter

Place this mat in front of your kitty’s litter box, and its honeycomb weave will latch onto litter particles so that they don’t get spread all over your floors. It’s also waterproof as well as urine-proof, and you can even dump any gathered litter granules back into the box.


Problem: Leaving Food Scraps On The Counter After Cooking

Solution: Sweeping Them Into This Countertop Trashcan

Hang this countertop trashcan on a cabinet door or drawer, and you’ll instantly have a convenient place to sweep all those excess food scraps. And if you ever need to put it into storage? The collapsible design means that it’ll take up hardly any space.


Problem: Forgetting To Turn Your Bathroom Light Off

Solution: Using This Toilet Night Light Instead

You don’t have to leave that bright overhead bathroom light on at night; just use this toilet light to guide your way instead. Its built-in motion sensor means there’s no need to turn it on or off, and there are even 16 different LED colors to choose from.


Problem: Leaving Crumbs On The Kitchen Table

Solution: Sucking Them Up With This Miniature Vacuum

Whether you’ve got crumbs on your kitchen table or dust all over your desktop, this miniature vacuum can help you clean things up. Two AA batteries (which are not included) provide up to 90 minutes of working time — and since it’s completely cordless, it’s also easy to maneuver around.


Problem: Leaving Your Mail In Piles Around The House

Solution: Placing It Inside This Gorgeous Organizer

Always forgetting where you put your mail? Hang this organizer next to your front door, and you’ll always have a convenient place to put it right when you walk through. Three roomy pockets are large enough for letters, magazines, or even tablets — and there are even hooks on the bottom where you can hang keys.


Problem: Letting Your Blinds Get Super Dusty

Solution: Cleaning Them Up With This Handy Duster

You don’t have to waste time cleaning each individual blind — just whip out this duster and save yourself some stress. It cleans multiple blinds at once, making quick work of dirty jobs. And since the microfiber rollers attract dust, there’s no need to worry about it shaking off.


Problem: Having Your Pet Get Food Everywhere While Eating

Solution: Adding Food & Water To This Placemat That Helps Contain Everything

Tired of your pets scattering food all over the floor? The raised edges on this placemat can help keep the mess to a minimum — and it even comes with a stainless steel water bowl. Plus, the slow-feed food bowl helps prevent your pets from gulping down their meals too quickly.


Problem: Keeping Your Cables In Cluttered Piles

Solution: Hiding Them Inside Of This Sleek Box

When you’ve finally grown tired of seeing messy bundles of cables throughout your home, try hiding them inside of these sleek boxes. They’re large enough to fit larger power bricks — and each order also comes with a set of cable ties, as well as clips.


Problem: Spilling Soap On Your Countertop

Solution: Switching Over To This Automatic Soap Dispenser

The tough, water-resistant base on this automatic soap dispenser shouldn’t leak, which means you likely won’t be stuck with unsightly soap stains. The touchless operation helps keep your hands cleaner than most pump dispensers and it only takes four AA batteries (which are not included) to operate.


Problem: Not Removing The Pet Hair That’s Building Up On The Couch

Solution: Giving It A Good Brushing With This Pet Hair Remover

It’s okay if your furniture is covered in pet fur — but if you want to get rid of it, this hair remover is an absolute game-changer. Unlike sticky lint rollers, it relies on thousands of tiny bristles that latch onto hair and collect it into a reusable compartment, making it infinitely reusable.


Problem: Leaving Piles Of Laundry On The Floor

Solution: Tossing All Of It Into This Over-The-Door Hamper

You don’t have to let your clothes pile up on the floor; just toss them into this hamper instead. It’s designed to hang over any standard door, though each order comes with extra wall hooks included. Plus, the zipper on the bottom makes it easy to empty right into the washer.


Problem: Leaving Your Remotes Everywhere (& Losing Them)

Solution: Storing Them Inside Of This Caddy

Not only is this caddy perfect for television remotes, but it’s so versatile that you can even use it for makeup brushes, office supplies, and more. It’s made from stylish faux leather, with five different compartments for all your things — and its simple appearance pairs well with all sorts of decor.


Problem: Keeping Unorganized Jewelry On Your Vanity

Solution: Storing It Inside This Hanging Organizer

Need somewhere to keep all your jewelry? Hang this organizer up next to your vanity. The 40 pockets and 20 hooks give you tons of space for everything from earrings to necklaces, all while the soft fabric backing helps keep them safe from damage. Choose from two colors: beige or black.