Walmart's Hot Chocolate Cookie Dough Will Brighten Your Mood

It contains marshmallow bits.

PixelCatchers/E+/Getty Images

Though we're still technically in the summer season, stores all around the country are preparing for one of the best times of the year: the fall. From the cool weather to the pumpkin flavors, fall time is arguably the most exciting time. And Walmart is making it more exciting by reintroducing a product that combines some of your favorite things about the fall. That's right — Walmart is bringing back its Hot Chocolate Cookie Dough.

The beginning of fall means that holiday season is fast approaching, and Great Value's Hot Chocolate Cookie Dough is the perfect thing to ring in the holidays with. The cookie dough contains marshmallow bits and though it's packaged with a picture of a reindeer pulling a sleigh (obviously pointing to Christmas), it's the perfect treat to enjoy on those cold autumn nights. And while you can always just enjoy a simple cup of hot chocolate... why not have it in cookie dough form?

Whether you want to bake hot chocolate cookies with the cookie dough or just eat it out of the box, it's totally up to you. The box gives you enough cookie dough to make 12 cookies, so either way you'll be enjoying a chocolatey treat.

And if you want to try a few other flavors, just check out Walmart's other options including the Triple Chocolate Frozen Cookie Dough and the Red Velvet Frozen Cookie dough, which contains cream cheese bits. You can decide which holiday flavor will be making it to your oven (or just straight to your mouth).