40 Weird Things For Your Home You’ll Find You Can’t Live Without

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As a great many episodes of Shark Tank have taught the world, sometimes strange inventions are the best inventions. A product you may have never considered before (may have even giggled at) could just turn out to be the best thing to happen to your home in years. From problem solvers to just-plain fun gadgets and accessories, these 40 weird things for your home you’ll find you can’t live without will make you even more excited to spend time in your home sweet home.

Whether you’re a natural homebody or would rather be traveling the world, it’s difficult not to get excited about quirky cooking and dining accessories that make mealtime feel like a party— like dinosaur-shaped taco holders, a retro toaster designed specifically for hot dogs and buns, and a brownie pan designed specifically to churn out only the best brownie pieces (aka the chewy, delish edges).

This list of unusual products also include items that will encourage you to kick back and relax, while also putting a smile on your face with their awkwardness. Ordinary blankets are great and everything, but have you ever settled in to watch a movie while wrapped in a blanket the looks like a burrito or pizza? And why strain your neck to read a book in bed when a genius pair of prism glasses on this list directs your gaze 90 degrees so that you don’t even have to move?

From an extraordinary pet invention that ensures your furry friend always has fresh water to a keyboard so silent you can get your gaming on at midnight, these are the wonderfully weird and wacky products you’ll wish you knew about sooner.


These Sturdy Meat Shredder Claws For Easy BBQ

The best part about barbecuing or making dishes like pulled pork is actually enjoying these delicious foods — but the most frustrating part can be preparing them. The exception to that rule is when you own these meat shredders, which are made of sturdy stainless steel and can effortlessly shred brisket, beef, pork, chicken, and other meats. You can hold this pair of heat-resistant claws comfortably in your hands and they are dishwasher-safe.


A Comfy Inflatable Air Sofa For Guests

A sofa costs an arm and a leg — but this inflatable air sofa is less than $20 and provides automatic additional seating wherever you need it. It has upper back support and a headrest and is made from durable nylon. It doesn’t require a pump, either — inflate it by simply bringing it outside, opening its pockets, and letting the wind work its magic, or substituting the wind for an indoor fan. This sofa is perfect for camping, outdoor barbecues and picnics, or even as an additional seating option in your home. It comes with a carry bag and is available in nine colors and prints.


This Money-Saving Herb Garden Starter Kit

Store-bought herbs can be expensive and you usually wind up buying more than you need and having to throw so much of it away. You’ll feel so resourceful when you grow your own herbs at home with this herb garden starter kit, which includes everything you need to get your green thumb on: peat pots, potting soil discs, plant markers, a growing guide, and five certified organic seeds to grow Italian basil, coriander cilantro, parsley, sage, and thyme. The best part is: you don’t need a lot of space — any area in your home with partial sunlight will get the job done.


The Eye Mask That Heats Up Without A Microwave

Whether you suffer from seasonal allergies, dry eyes, or the occasional stye, this heated eye mask can bring you fast relief and is so much more tech-savvy than similar masks. Instead of heating it up in the microwave (and winding up with a too-hot mask that you can use for 10 minutes), this one comes with a remote control that you can set to one of three heat settings that range from 98.6 to 125.6℉. The remote also has a timer that can be set from 20 to 60 minutes.


This Cult-Favorite Burrito Blanket Made From Fleece

With more than 38,000 reviews, this is the burrito blanket that has taken the internet by storm. Yes, it’s all kinds of adorable — yes, you’ll want to gift one to everyone you know and keep three for yourself. But this blanket is also functional. It’s made from warm fleece, is machine washable, and comes in three sizes. If burritos aren’t your thing, it also comes in the cutest pizza print.


A Tracking Tile So You Never Lose Your Keys Again

Who isn’t always losing their keys? Put an end to your morning mad dash with this Bluetooth tracking tile that attaches to those items you’re always losing and makes it possible to find them in seconds. The tile connects to a free app that locates your item when it’s within 200 feet of it. The water-resistant tile also works with Alexa voice commands and comes in packs of one, two, or four tiles.


A Colorful Umbrella That Keeps Floors Dry

seEven though they’re designed to withstand the elements, traditional umbrellas have a way of falling apart after a few hard rains — not to mention how they make everything in its path soaking wet. But this genius inverted umbrella is specifically designed to take on the worst winds and rain and maintain its shape the entire time. When you close it, the wet part of the umbrella remains on the inside, keeping your floors and car seats dry for a change. It opens with the click of a button and features a C-shaped handle that makes it easier to hold while also clutching grocery bags and other items. And the best part: it’s beautiful — it comes in 40 unique colors and patterns like rainbow, sunflowers, and feathers.


These Clever Finger Covers For Grease-Free Snacking

Pass the chips — along with these finger covers that are a dream come true for snackers because they keep your fingers free of grease, oil and food residue like cheese. No matter what is your finger food of choice, these finger guards, made from food-grade silicone, fit on your fingers to keep them clean. You’ll get three guards in a pack and they’re resistant to heat, dishwasher-safe, and reusable. They even come in six colors to add a little more fun to your snacking.


The Cutest Retro Toaster For Hot Dogs And Buns

Adorable, retro, and functional, this eye-catching toaster is the conversation piece that perfectly toasts hot dogs, sausages, vegetable links, and their buns. It features slots that fit up to two hot dogs and two buns at the same time, with an adjustable toasting timer and a stop toasting button. A drip tray catches crumbs and make this appliance a cinch to clean and it even comes with a hot dog cage and mini tongs to remove your food without burning your fingers.


The Pet Hair Dryer And Brush That’s Whisper-Quiet

Anyone who has ever attempted to hold a puppy in place while simultaneously brushing and blow drying their just-washed fur knows home pet grooming isn’t for the faint of heart. This pet hair dryer makes grooming a million times easier while also calming your pet, thanks to a two-in-one design that features both a brush and a dryer in one. You can comfort your pooch with your free hand and feel good about its more quiet design and two heat settings. The set is available in two different brush sizes, one with a narrow gap for pets with short, straight hair, and the other with a wide gap for long and furry coats.


These Comfy Slippers That Double As Floor Cleaners

Every time you stroll to the kitchen for a snack while wearing these soft, comfortable mop slippers, your floors will benefit from a quick cleaning. The multifunctional slippers are made from microfiber chenille with a sole that picks up dirt and dust and can then be removed, washed, and used again. They come in five fun striped designs.


The Colorful Toilet Light For Midnight Bathroom Breaks

Make those midnight bathroom trips safer and even more fun (seriously) with this colorful toilet night light that can be adjusted to one of 16 colors. The light attaches easily to toilets and features a motion sensor and five adjustable brightness settings. It runs on three batteries, which are not included, and comes in three colors.


An Exfoliating Coconut Vegan Scrub For Armpits

Finally — an exfoliating solution to deal with the bumps and blocked hair follicles under your armpits — one that’s vegan, to boot. This scrub is made with charcoal and coconut and is completely free of chemicals like parabens, phthalates, SLS, and petrolatum. The scrub, which is safe for sensitive skin, is perfect for unclogging pores and sloughing away dead skin, plus many reviewers say it smells like a coconut dream.


This Pizza, Bacon, and Pickle-Flavored Lip Balm Set

It would be impossible to find a more outrageous and fun lip balm set than this trio that come in the most unusual flavors: bacon, pizza, and dill pickle. The balms themselves are soft, hydrating, and won’t leave a waxy residue behind. They are free of artificial chemicals, additives, and preservatives and many reviewers confirmed that they make the perfect unexpected gift.


A Powerful Scrubber That Cleans Anything

Whatever stubbornly dirty object you need to scrub clean in your home or car, this is the handheld power scrubber that will get the job done. Featuring a grout head that oscillates 60 times per second, continuous scrub settings, and six volts of power, this little tool gets rid of so much dirt and grime with pretty much zero effort on your part. It runs on four AA batteries, which are included, and is water-resistant. Reviewers mention relying on this magic tool to clean everything from tiled floors to metal furniture knobs.


This Pocketed Shower Curtain That’s Safe For Tech

Add storage room in your bathroom and even a safe place to put your phone, tablet, and baby monitor while you shower with this multi-pocketed shower curtain. The waterproof curtain features 17 pockets, many of which are the perfect size for your phone or tablet so you can listen to music while you shower or scroll websites. The liner responds when you touch your device to change songs or click on different sites and it features sturdy metal grommets to keep it in place.


The Keyboard Cover That Protects Against Spills

Your keyboard is always one coffee cup spill away from destruction. Instead of worrying yourself silly about the the cost and inconvenience of a ruined keyboard, protect your tech investment with this silicone keyboard cover. The super-thin cover fits perfectly over most keyboards and won’t interfere with your typing. It protects against liquids, dust, and crumbs and you can easily lift it up and clean it when needed. It’s compatible with several computers, including MacBook Pro and MacBook Air and it comes in more than 30 fun colors.


A Color-Changing Shower Head That’s So Fun

Why not turn your everyday shower into a fun, joyful experience with this color-changing handheld shower head that boasts more than 2,000 reviews. The shower head is outfitted with a circle of LED lights around the rim of its 4-inch chrome head that change three colors as the temperature of your water gets warmer or cooler. It features five settings: power rain, pulsating massage, hydro-mist, economy rain, and water-saving pause. You can install it without tools and it has a flexible stainless steel hose.


These Gardening Gloves With Built-In Claws

Whether you have a green thumb or zero skills around plants and flowers, these are the gardening gloves that will help you achieve a beautiful garden with less fuss. The pair of one-size-fits-all gloves are designed with built-in claws that dig through soil and tougher dirt. The gloves are waterproof and resistant to tears, but also feel breathable and comfortable so you can settle in for a long day of tending to your garden. They come in green, orange, and purple.


A Container That Keeps Subs From Getting Soggy

Take your sandwich to the beach, a picnic, boat trip, or just to the office and know that when you’re ready to enjoy it, it’s going to taste super fresh, thanks to this reusable sandwich container. The BPA-free container, featured on Shark Tank, is shaped like a sub or hoagie and provides a waterproof barrier that protects sandwiches from getting soggy or crushed in your bag. It’s large enough to accommodate a 6 or 12-inch sub and doubles as a cup or storage for your phone. The 3-piece set comes in three color choices.


This Card Game With More Than 50,000 Reviews

This popular card game has exploded in popularity and has a 4.7-star rating and more than 50,000 reviews. For starters, the rules are simple to learn and it can be played by everyone in your family ages 7 and up, making it the perfect all-inclusive family game night pick. The game resemble UNO, only add in exploding kittens and enchiladas with magic power — and one round takes just 15 minutes to play, so you’ll never get bored.


An Adorable And Practical Water Fountain For Pets

Make sure your pet always has the freshest water possible with this practical (and all kinds of cute) pet water fountain. With a stainless steel top and carbon and foam filters, the fountain constantly filtrates water, cleaning it and removing hair and dirt. It runs quietly, is designed with three drinking flow designs, and has suction cups on the bottom to keep it adhered to floors, but also comes with a mat.


The Oversized Lint Roller For Furniture And Clothing

A few quick passes over your sofa, chairs, or clothing with this giant lint roller are all that is needed to pick up pet hair, fur, dust, and debris and keep your rooms looking neat and tidy in between cleaning. The roller comes with 70 sticky sheets and has an easy-to-hold large handle designed with a hook for storage.


This UV Flashlights That Uncovers Gross Stains

Your home can be as clean as a whistle, but if you really want to dig deep and discover hidden stains (some of which may make you scream at first), this is the UV flashlight that you need in your cleaning toolkit. The flashlight shines a light on pet urine, food stains, and other unsightly blemishes on furniture or rugs. The compact flashlight is small enough to fit in your pocket and comes equipped with 51 LED UV lights that should last about 15 years.


These Cute Dinosaur Taco Holders For Fun Dinners

It’s time to rename Taco Night “T-Rex Night” — these adorable dinosaur-shaped taco holders add joy and Dino love to your dinner table. They come in a pack of four with your favorite prehistoric characters — Stegosaurus, Velociraptor, T-Rex and Triceratop — and will both hold up your taco and thrill kids and adults alike. When you aren’t using them, the holders fold flat for easy storage.


The Most Comfy Oven Mitts With A Cotton Lining

Many heat-resistant cooking gloves are great at preventing burns, but not so comfortable to wear while cooking. That’s where these silicone oven mitts stand out from the crowd. They resist temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and feature a quilted cotton lining that extends up the forearms for both protection and comfort. The waterproof gloves have non-slip grips and come in two sizes and 14 colors.


A Silent Keyboard For Late-Night Gaming

Get your late-night gaming on without stirring a sleeping soul, thanks to this silent keyboard that provides a smooth and quiet typing experience. The stylish keyboard lights up in rainbow colors, which is perfect for midnight typing, and features a supportive wrist rest. This keyboard is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows7, Windows8, and Windows10.


This Brownie Pan That Makes Only Edges

If your brownie motto is that the best part of the chocolatey treat is the edge, there’s no need to fight family members for your favorite part. This nonstick brownie pan is designed so that every single piece you slice features a chewy edge. It’s made from heavy gauge cast aluminum and comes with a nylon spatula and even a list of brownie recipes.


An Essential Oil Spray That Kills Unpleasant Toilet Odors

Your dream home should smell as dreamy as it looks. This essential oil toilet spray banishes bad odors before they have a chance to even start. Just add a few spritzes of the product in your toilet water before you go and it instantly neutralizes smells right at the source. It comes in three scents to leave your bathroom smelling like a tropical island, fresh laundry, or as sweet as a rose.


The Flameless S’Mores Maker You Can Use Indoors

Grab the gang and gather around the kitchen table for good old-fashioned S’mores that don’t require an outdoor fire or camping trip. This electric S’mores maker includes a flameless heater in the center for toasting marshmallows and melting chocolate, as well as four lazy susan compartments that spin and are perfect for sharing graham crackers and other ingredients. The device features a durable stainless steel base and comes with four roasting forks.


These Glasses That Can Prevent Eye Strain

If you find your neck straining every time you attempt to read or watch TV while reclining, there’s a strange but genius solution: these bed prism glasses that provide a 90-degree view without tilting your neck. You won’t have to lift up your novel or your neck and the glasses can fit over your regular prescription glasses, to boot. The lightweight frame won’t dig into your nose and they’re designed with high-def optical glass prism that can reduce eye fatigue.


A Soothing Lamp That Looks Like The Moon

This gorgeous moon lamp is practical and adds a touch of whimsy to any room. It looks like a 3D model of the moon and comes with a remote control that lets you choose among 16 colors and adjustable dimming options. Charge it using a USB cable and it can hold up for four to 12 hours, depending on how bright you keep it. The lamp comes with a stand and looks amazing on a nightstand.


The Pillowcase You Can Color And Display

It doesn’t get more fun than this — a creative pillowcase that you and your little ones can color and then display. The cotton pillowcase comes in seven designs like World Map, butterfly, doll house, and space explorer and includes a set of 10 washable markers. Once you give colorful life to your pillowcase you can wash it clean and start the fun all over again.


A Knife That Effortlessly Spreads Hard Butter

You’re probably not remembering to take butter out of the fridge an hour before your toast so that you won’t break your bread when trying to spread hard butter on top. But with this cleverly designed butter knife, there’s no need to prepare. Its design removes butter in perfect curls that are then thin and soft enough to spread. The knife is made from brushed stainless steel and is dishwasher-safe.


An Adult Coloring Book With Sassy, Positive Messages

Coloring has long been considered the perfect stress-relieving activity and with this adult coloring book that is filled to the brim with positive messages, you can unwind and be reminded of the many reasons there are to laugh and embrace your inner boss. The book features 60 illustrated pages that are just a little bit sassy and sarcastic, but also inspirational and so much fun. One reviewer praised the book for having thick-lined drawing and thick, quality paper.


The Aquarium Kit For Making Florescent Fish Glow

Taking care of an aquarium and getting to sit back and enjoy it is so relaxing. But it can also be a major expense. This affordable fish tank set includes everything you need (minus the fish) to get started, as well as some cool perks like a blue LED aquarium light kit that brings out the beautiful shades of your GloFish florescent fish and can actually make them look like they glow in the dark. The kit comes in four sizes: 3, 5, 10, and 20 gallons. In addition to the light you’ll find a Tetra air pump, Tetra internal filter, filter cartridge, six blue LED air stones, airline tubing, and an airline connector valve so that you have everything you need to get started.


These Artsy Lid Holders Shaped Like Villains

For those recipes that call for you to place the lid on the pot but leave it partially open so that liquids don’t boil over, it doesn’t get more creative or fun than using these silicone lid holders that are shaped like little villains. The holders come in packs of two and are flexible enough to maintain their position in between your pot and lid. They come in a variety of colors, but you don’t get a choice of color options when you order.


The Bra That Secretly Holds Wine

Have a little fun with your undergarment wardrobe with this flask bra that secretly holds up to 25 ounces of wine, your cocktail of choice, or any other beverage and comes with a drinking spout — so you can take sips without anyone knowing (even if it’s just for laughs). The bra itself has an adjustable waist and shoulder straps, comes in medium or large, and is available in gray, black, and turquoise.


A Kombucha Brewing Kit That Saves You Money

Kombucha is delicious and refreshing, but can also be costly. Save yourself so much money and discover a new hobby with this kombucha brewing starter’s kit. The kit includes all of the organic ingredients you need, including tea, SCOBY, and sugar, as well as a thermometer, cover, and pH strips so that your brew is perfection.


This Sauce Holder For On-The-Go Snacks In Your Car

It got its start on Shark Tank, but now this clever sauce and dip bowl for your car has become a must-have product for anyone who eats their snacks and meals on the go. The two-pack of dip containers can be mounted to car vents so that you can dip French fries in ketchup or chicken fingers in mustard sauce, and it will stay perfectly in place, no matter how bumpy the road. It comes in packs of two, four, six, and 10 and in a choice of three colors.