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Luxe Beauty Moods To Get This Holiday Started

By Elly Ayres

There is something wonderfully indulgent about taking your time to get ready. This is especially true during the holidays, when social commitments (and voluntary party-hopping, alike) make free time a limited resource on everyone’s calendars. In an attempt to not rush through the season, we’re prioritizing the two major beauty phases of the getting-ready process this year: skincare prep and party-ready makeup.

In partnership with Macy’s, we’re lining you up for your most luxurious holiday beauty looks yet, and it all starts with the preparation process. Ahead, our favorite picks for priming your skin and adding a little shimmer and shine this season.


Nothing dulls your holiday shine quite like thirsty skin. Start your pre-glam the night before with a skin-renewing serum that works as you sleep, then hydrate morning-of with a mask specially formulated to refresh your skin. Brighten your complexion with an exfoliating lactic acid serum, revitalize with a moisturizer packed with vitamins C and E, then get ready for makeup.


The holiday season calls for pulling out all the beauty stops, and we’re nixing ‘subtle’ for ‘high-shine’ all the way. Pick a favorite lip or two (or three!) from a multi-piece set, and go big in the brows with a volume-building powder and shape-sculpting pencil. Add a sparkly eye shadow, and you’re officially party-ready.

Photo: Will Styer; Art Director: Molly Kugelmann; Prop Stylist: Jojo Li; Senior Editor: Jenna Wexler.