Owning It

Amanda Chan, Managing Editor

"Be confident." "Chart your own course." "You do you." At this point, these messages are ubiquitous. And that's not a bad thing — after all, no one misses the overt pressure to conform. But sometimes the directive to be true to yourself feels both vague and daunting. What does it mean, actually, and how can you apply it in your own life? What project or activity or goal would feel truly "you"?

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Samira Wiley On Doing Right By Her Character, Her Wife, The Queer Black Community — And Herself

This is how you’re supposed to begin: You’re supposed to say that Samira Wiley is down for whatever. Need her to hang upside down, jump on a box, or lie on the cold concrete floor in sequined Marc Jacobs to get the perfect shot? No problem. The (almo…
By Britni Danielle

Watch Samira Wiley Own It

As part of Bustle's shoot with The Handmaid's Tale's Samira Wiley, we captured behind-the-scenes video of the actor whose performances as Moira on the Hulu show and Netflix's Orange Is the New Black have been called "warm," "empathetic," and "radiant…
By BDG Video

There's more to your obsession with princesses than you think.


What happens when you embrace the things that society told you to do for your appearance, but then shamed you for doing?


Let's take this conversation public.

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Here's Why "Looking Fake" Isn't Actually A Thing

"She just looks so...fake," I said to one of my friends, referring to whichever celebrity we were dissecting that day. We were in high school, a phase of life when everything got harshly categorized on either side of an unforgiving binary: Ugly or ho…
By Amanda Richards

Jackie Cruz Is Done Letting Hollywood Put Her In A Box

When Jackie Cruz shows up at our Bustle studio, she greets every staff member with a big hug. We’ve been trying to find a date to get together for months, which is challenging when you’re as busy as Jackie Cruz. Orange Is the New Black is entering it…
By Alicia Menendez

My Love For Meghan Markle Is More Than Just Royal Fascination — She Makes Me Feel Seen

I never cared about princesses. When I was a kid, I always chose my Jungle Book VHS over Cinderella and was constantly skipping around my house to songs from The Wizard of Oz rather than ones from Snow White. I didn't dream of living in a castle, wea…
By Lia Beck

This Lawyer's Literal Job Is To Make Sure Banned Books Are A Thing Of The Past

When I speak with Abena Hutchful, she has just come from a day of protest, helping New York City school students — who marched in solidarity with the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, demanding nationwide action on gun violence — to r…
By E. Ce Miller

Permanent Makeup Is Back — And It Looks Nothing Like It Did 20 Years Ago

When I told my parents last year that I was getting my eyebrows microbladed, they barely reacted. "OK, what's that?" they asked. "It's basically tattooing tiny lines on my face that look like a perfectly sculpted eyebrow," I answered. And then they s…
By Olivia Muenter

Don’t Call Princess Stories "Frivolous" — For Women & Femmes Of Color, They’re Crucial

The first story I remember writing (though my mom insists my writing career began at age 2) is from when I was about 7 years old. I showed the colored pencil drawing and accompanying block of text (which was never finished, thus pretty in line with m…
By Alyssa Cole

Chessy Prout's Book Is The Next Step In Fighting On-Campus Sexual Assault

When Chessy Prout decided to shed her anonymity as the survivor of a widely publicized sexual assault at St. Paul's School in New Hampshire, she was making an important point on behalf of survivors everywhere: I have the right to tell my story. Thoug…
By Cristina Arreola

Someone NEEDS To Read This Exact Toast At Meghan Markle's Rehearsal Dinner

It’s official: Invitations for the new Wedding of the Century have gone out, and even though our book The Royal We obviously willed this into being like some kind of royalty-specific version of The Secret, it appears that Prince Harry and Meghan Mark…
By Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan

Your Complete Guide To Wig Types, Courtesy Of Naomi Campbell's Hair Stylist

Wigs, lace fronts, closures, 360s, weaves, U-parts, vixen weaves, tape, glue, sew-ins, clips, bundles, wefts — OH MY. This is just the basic vocabulary associated with the various types of hair extensions. Feeling overwhelmed? Well, buckle up, becaus…
By Gabrielle Prescod

So Many Adults Never Outgrow Their Disney Princess Obsession — And There’s A Good Reason Why

I’m a Snow White, at least I am according to my zodiac sign. If we’re going by different quiz standards, I’m an Ariel, while others seem to think I'm Anna from Frozen. If I’m being honest with myself, I’m sure I could find no less than a few hundred …
By Mia Mercado

I Am A Queer Women Who Loves Fake Nails (Yes, We Exist)

When I’m around a cute girl, I’m always aware of my hands. No, I’m not obsessing over where they are in relation to her skin. I’m internally preoccupied by the way they look. Hands tell a lot about a person. When you are wondering about a person’s re…
By Katie Dupere