Inside 'Owning It,' Bustle's First Digital Issue

This Is Bustle's First Issue, & We're "Owning It"

By Amanda Chan

Samira Wiley On Doing Right By Her Character, Her Wife, The Queer Black Community — And Herself

This is how you’re supposed to begin: You’re supposed to say that Samira Wiley is down for whatever. Need her to hang upside down, jump on a box, or lie on the cold concrete floor in sequined Marc Jacobs to get the perfect shot? No problem. The…
By Britni Danielle

The Complicated, Empowering, Messy History Behind Our Obsession With Princesses

If you walk down the “pink aisle” of any store that caters to children, one theme tends to jump out more than any other: the theme of princesses. There are princess dolls, princess bikes, princess art sets, princess play kitchens, princess board…
By Lucia Peters

Here's The Reason Why "Looking Fake" Isn't Actually A Thing

"She just looks so...fake," I said to one of my friends, referring to whichever celebrity we were dissecting that day. We were in high school, a phase of life when everything got harshly categorized on either side of an unforgiving binary: Ugly or…
By Amanda Richards

Someone NEEDS To Read This Exact Toast At Meghan Markle's Rehearsal Dinner

It’s official: Invitations for the new Wedding of the Century have gone out, and even though our book The Royal We obviously willed this into being like some kind of royalty-specific version of The Secret, it appears that Prince Harry and Meghan…
By Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan

Why I Wanted To Make Bustle's New Podcast, 'Latina To Latina'

As a television host at a channel aimed at Latinx TV viewers, I interviewed a lot of Latina celebrities and newsmakers. In on-air interviews, we’d talk about their recent projects and the issues they were passionate about, and then, after the lights…
By Alicia Menendez

My Love For Meghan Markle Is More Than Just Royal Fascination — She Makes Me Feel Seen

I never cared about princesses. When I was a kid, I always chose my Jungle Book VHS over Cinderella and was constantly skipping around my house to songs from The Wizard of Oz rather than ones from Snow White. I didn't dream of living in a castle,…
By Lia Beck

We Asked 305 Women To Tell Us About All The Ways They "Fake" Their Appearance

If things keep moving the way they have been, 2018 is going to be the best year yet for beauty, both for the product industry and for the people who love those products. Although beauty standards certainly still exist, the world feels a bit more…
By Kara McGrath

These Women Are Changing The World Through Books — And In Ways You Wouldn't Expect

Anyone who defines themselves as a reader already knows that books have the unique power to change minds and hearts. Studies show that reading builds empathy, and while it's not quite that simple, it's hard to argue with the idea that reading about…
By Cristina Arreola

These Women Spend Hours Every Week Getting The Most Incredible Acrylic Nails You've Ever Seen

In a world now full of cosmetic enhancements, questions like, "Are those your real lashes? Your real hair? Your real nails?" regularly pepper everyday conversations. Extra-long fake nails and lashes aren't primarily designed to be a secret anymore,…
By Olivia Muenter