10 Genius Gifts From Brookstone That Will Make Life Easier

Zivica Kerkez/Shutterstock

There's something special about shopping somewhere as an adult that you mythologized as a child. If you, like me, grew up going to Brookstone, you might also know it as the land of massage chairs, digital picture frames, and other wondrous items that made adulthood seem like a magical, far-off land.

Now that adulthood is actually here, I'm happy to report that Brookstone is still making the types of products we always coveted — like a heated blanket with a timer that'll shut it off while you sleep, and a set of smart lamps that change color when tapped to let your long-distance loved one know that you're thinking of them.

To inspire you on your gift-giving journey this year, Bustle teamed up with Brookstone to bring you 10 gifts that will make your friends' and family's lives easier — and way more fun. Some products are things they've probably always wanted, like a foot and calf massager to ease the tension built up during a long day on the job. Others will solve problems they didn't even know were fixable, like a hot lather machine that heats up cans of shaving gel for a smoother, more comfortable shave.

Read on for the complete list of products — we promise not to tell anyone if you're inspired to snag a little something for yourself, too.

Brookstone® Foot & Calf Massager

With four different kneading massage programs and three levels of intensity, this massager will ease tension and help improve circulation — all while your giftee relaxes in their favorite chair.

Brookstone® Faux Fur Heated Blanket

This cozy blanket is already super warm with its faux fur fabric, but its four temperature control settings bring it to the next level. It also has an automatic shut off, so no one has to snap out of their snugglefest to turn the blanket off at night.

Brookstone® Smart Frame

This gift is like a fantasy movie come-to-life. Friends and family can share up to 50 photos at once to 10 different smart frames, along with personalized on-screen messages, and the frame holds up to 5,000 high-resolution images. Hear that? It's the sound of moms and grandmas everywhere rejoicing that they don't have to beg for pictures anymore.

Brookstone® Portable Speaker

Perfect for the beachgoer or the tailgater, this waterproof Bluetooth speaker is lightweight, portable, and boasts 10 (yes, 10) hours of playtime.

Brookstone® CBD Pillow

For someone who's always seeking a good night's rest, this CBD oil-infused pillow is made with machine washable memory foam, plus it helps align the spine while relaxing the mind.

Brookstone® Friendship Lamp

For an innovative way of staying connected with loved ones, these smart lamps allow you to send a message with just a tap: Tell them you're thinking of them by changing the color of your light, which changes the color on theirs. Awww.

Brookstone® Pet Water Fountain

For pets who need a little extra help staying hydrated, this fountain dispenses water when its motion sensors notice that the animal is nearby. Bonus: It holds three liters of water, which means less frequent water bowl refills for humans, too!

Brookstone® 4-Piece Wine Opener Set

Elevate dinner parties with this air pressure wine opener set: The opener helps avoid cork damage, and the pourer aerates the wine on its way out of the bottle and into your glass.

Brookstone® Shiatsu Plus Air Hand Massager

Between smartphones and computers, our hands get a lot of wear and tear throughout the day. Offer a bit of much-needed relaxation with this portable hand massager — perfect for work or home.

Brookstone® Gel & Lather Heating System

Make their morning (or evening) routine even more luxurious with this hot lather machine. It warms up cans of shaving gel to a comfortable and consistent temperature, which means a better shave for men or women.

This post is sponsored by Brookstone.