10 Things That Would Happen If Kids Were In Charge

There's no way around it: adults are ruining the planet. What do all the corrupt politicians and CEOs, destructive developers, and war mongering dictators of the world have in common? They're all over the age of 10. So Twitter users are musing about what would happen #IfKidsWereInCharge, and unsurprisingly, it's all pretty positive stuff.

Back when I was a kid, all I dreamed of doing was touring the world with Jem and the Holograms (or, let's be honest, The Misfits, because they had the better outfits.) At the time, if I was in any position of power, I'm sure I would have put a kitten in every household and a soda tap in every faucet, and made sure everyone could afford a cool neon instrument to play and a pillow fort to hide out in.

The point of this silliness is that we humans have to learn to be awful. Without being indoctrinated into all the oppressive discourses that suggest certain folks and things are meant to be exploited, we'd probably just have a good time, all the time — and the tooth fairy would deal in $100s instead of loose change.

Here are 10 things that would happen if kids ruled the world:

1. Junk Food Would Be On Every Menu

2. Toys Would Be Foundational

3. Solving Problems Would Be Simple

4. Everyone Would Be Kinder

5. Imaginations Would Run Wild

6. The World Would Be Way Sillier

7. Animals Would Be Treated Better

8. Health Care Would Be Accessible

9. Environmental Issues Would Be Easily Solved

10. Having Fun Would Be A Job