10 Ways Bustle Editors Work Color Into Their Everyday Style

Black and gray may be the unofficial uniform colors of time-pressed New Yorkers, but here in the Bustle offices, colorful looks are the norm. After all, blending into the crowd isn't really our style. Whether it's a floor-length pink skirt, bright yellow ballet flats, or even a set of eye-catching blue tights, you're sure to spot a little saturation in the company of Bustlers.

In collaboration with HUE, I tapped a few stylish coworkers to get the lowdown on how, when, and why they work a little color into their looks. It's as easy as adding a bright spark to your legwear (tights with color-coordinating shoes serve as major style inspo throughout this piece). And while many NYC eds admit that neutral tones sneak into their closets regularly, it's that bit of color — be it from vivid hosiery, an intense red-orange lipstick, or a multicolor print dress — that boosts their mood, cinches their look, and elevates their entire outfit in the process.

If you're looking for a few colorful ways to brighten your own personal style, take a cue from the tight-and-shoe pairings below, in addition to Bustlers' own tips on working color into their looks every day.

Featuring HUE Matte Opaque Tights in Ink Blue

"I’ve become a very monochromatic dresser, but I love adding color with my shoes and tights. I feel like it’s that fun little punctuation mark on the outfit. It also means I can wear summer clothes through the fall. One of my favorite combos is bright blue tights layered under black shorts." - Lexi Novak, Senior Branded Fashion & Beauty Editor
"There’s no denying that I love wearing the basics — black, white, and blue denim. But I often find that I need to balance it all out with a pop of color, whether that’s a full-on floral kimono with a rainbow of shades or a subtle pair of red mules to add a little pep to my step. I find that wearing color can really elevate my mood and sometimes give me an added burst of confidence." - Sara Tan, West Coast Fashion & Beauty Editor

Featuring HUE Super Opaque Tights in Henna

"For me, I’m drawn to '70s-inspired colors, like a mustard or burnt orange. Sometimes I like an unusual color or really loud print because it makes me feel like I’m trying on a new personality for the day." - Jackie Bernstein, Deputy Branded Editor
"I love adding color through graphic T-shirts or statement jewelry. A bold red-orange lip is also a favorite of mine. It makes me feel brighter, happier, and more energetic." - Olivia Muenter, Fashion & Beauty Editor

Featuring HUE Gala Velvet Floral Leggings, see similar style

"Experimenting with personal style has always been an exciting way for me to express my ever-changing identity. I like to feature one bright, funky item and keep the rest of my outfit minimalistic. Color doesn’t have to be scary! It's a fun way to elevate any outfit." - Natalie Campbell, Associate Video Producer
"My everyday wardrobe involves very little color, but I do branch out when it comes to my nails. I paint my nails myself at least once a week, and that’s where I bring in a fun little pop. My go-to is a deep red, but I also love a baby pink, sky blue, or mauve-y purple. It’s a fun touch against my typical black and denim." - Jenna Wexler, Senior Branded Creative

Featuring HUE Opaque Tights in Deep Red

"As a New Yorker, it’s really easy to reach for black over and over. As a plus-size fashion editor, it’s even easier — we’re taught to try and hide or camouflage our bodies. That’s why I love bright colors. It makes me super visible and shows other women they can take chances with color, too. For fall, I love lots of deeply saturated oranges and reds — the brighter, the better!" - Amanda Richards, Fashion & Beauty Editor
"I try to wear a colorful lipstick shade to brighten up my overall look. Not only do I feel more put together, but seeing a pop of color whenever I pass my reflection is always a great mood booster." - Erin Kelly, Branded Editor

Featuring HUE Opaque Tights in Eclipse

"In a city like New York, where people wear nothing but black and neutral, there's no better way to set yourself apart than to throw on bold tights or grab a neon satchel on your way out the door." - Suzanne McKenzie, Branded Editor
"Growing up, my mom always told me to pick out something that looked 'different,' so that no one would steal my things at school. This always included things of very bright shades, or deep hues, or just an unpopular color. I hated it as a kid, but as I grew up, I began to appreciate those differences and started having fun figuring out how to nicely weave color into my everyday look." - Melissa Louis-Jacques, Bustle Sales Planner

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Images: Lauren Perlstein; Set Design: Pakayla Biehn; Art Direction: Jenna Wexler/ Bustle. Editor: Elly Ayres/Bustle; Senior Editor: Lexi Novak/Bustle; Production: Lucy Haller & Nancy Valev/Bustle.