10 Women Share Their 2019 Money Goals & I’m Officially Inspired

An amazing thing happened while I was reporting this story. Typically, when I've brought up any kind of subject involving money with my friends, they'll quickly divert the conversation to something that feels less intrusive, or shut it down altogether. But this time around when I set out to learn what kinds of money goals women are setting for 2019, I didn't just get an enthusiastic answer from every woman I asked — I got answers that made me think women are officially done with the idea that talking about money is inappropriate or tacky.

Realizing that women's attitudes and goals around their money are changing for the better, Bustle is excited to join forces with Visa and their "Money Is Changing" initiative, which is all about encouraging an open and honest conversation surrounding women and money. To keep the momentum rolling into an even more financially savvy new year, I tapped 10 women in their 20s and 30s to find out how they were planning on changing their own money conversation in 2019. Read on to check out their next-level goals about saving, investing, retirement, and more, then let yourself feel inspired to make 2019 your year to change your own money game.

Chloe, 28

“I have a 401(k), but this year I’m promising myself that I’m actually going to figure out what the heck it’s doing, where it is, how to use it… you know, the basics.”

Kaylee, 29

"2018 was all about working a side hustle and paying off my debt, and 2019 is going to be all about taking my personal finances to the next level. For the first time in my life, I have a healthy emergency savings fund, and I’m planning on rolling it over from a brick and mortar bank to an online bank with a much higher APY. I’m also planning on opening a Roth IRA and maxing out my contributions. I have to say… financial security feels pretty awesome."

Theresa, 27

"For years, people have been telling me it's important to have your money make money, so 2019 will be the year I finally start investing. Throughout my life I've heard men talk about their investments with lots of pride, but women seem to be sidelined during those convos. I want to get in the game."

Briana, 29

"I really want to stop undervaluing myself in my career. I want to lean in and do the big ask and actually make what I already know I'm worth."

Megan, 22

"As a fresh college graduate moving to New York City, 2019 will be the first time I'm truly financially independent. So I guess for that reason, my biggest financial goal for the year is to learn how to budget, save, and not spend my entire paychecks on sales at my favorite stores!"

Lierin, 27

"Between a move to a new city and starting a new job, 2018 was dedicated to creating a comfortable lifestyle for myself. Now that I've reached that, I'm aiming to make 2019 my year of investing — so not only creating a more curated investment portfolio, but investing in my future through starting a side business that I'll work on in my spare time."

Andra, 32

"When I was in college, my parents helped me start a few mutual funds. While I have online access to the accounts, I rarely log in to see how they're much making... or losing. It seems like I only think to check when my dad asks me about them. My goal for 2019 is to take a more active role in managing those mutual funds. I want to log in at least a couple times a month, evaluate how each fund is doing over time, and make certain changes based on how they're performing. This way I know I'm doing whatever is in my power to get the most out of them."

Lauren, 21

"A month ago, I negotiated my first salary, and while nerve-wracking, I was successful — but that was just the start of my financial journey. As I start to become a 'real adult' in 2019, I hope to come up with a budget for myself — for rent, groceries, socializing, savings — so I can start to accrue savings now that I'm a salaried, full-time employee."

Arielle, 29

“This is embarrassing, but I’ve always filed taxes with my parents. This year, no more — I’m filing on my own.”

Jackie, 31

"It would be nice to not need to work until I'm 80, so I'm really starting to think about retirement. In 2018, I've been consciously tracking my everyday spending and crunching numbers, so my 2019 goal is to find out where I should be investing my savings so I get my retirement situation into a good place."

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