11 Creative Mother’s Day 2018 Gifts You Still Have Time To Buy

Urban Stems

Finding the perfect gift for your mom can feel like an impossible feat. Nothing ever seems good enough or special enough, and while your mom swears she loves flowers, you know she's secretly hoping you'll surprise her one year with a real gift. So this year, ditch the flowers and opt for a creative Mother's Day gift that shocks your mom and provides her with something she didn't know she needed or wanted. Get her something that she didn't know existed or that she'd never ask for, but totally adore. Get her something that she can use or appreciate or spend time with long after the holiday comes and goes. Get her something that enriches her life and that doesn't wilt and die in a week — sorry flowers.

If you don't have time to brainstorm the kinds of gifts that would fit this category, don't fret. I have a lot of time and thoroughly enjoy online shopping. So here I've done it for you and put together a list of gifts that will make your mom feel loved and pampered. These are the kinds of gifts that are fun to give because you get to share the experience of surprise together. Ensure your mom has a happy Mother's Day by giving her that amazing gift you've always meant to splurge on. This is the year to be her favorite!

Safety First

The Go Bag


Vles Designs

Give your mom a gift that gives you peace of mind. This emergency go bag has everything your mom could ever need in case of emergency. From first aid supplies to a hydration kit, your mom will be fully prepared for dangerous storms, power outages, wildfires, and floods.

In Your Own Words

Custom Signature Necklace


Sincerely Jewelry

This company lets you make your mom a custom necklace using your own handwriting! Just upload a file with your own lettering and whatever word or name you like, and the company will send your mom your one-of-a-kind custom design.

Make Mom Cozy

Arm Chair



This armchair comes in a box, which makes the prospect of getting your mom a piece of furniture that you can carry totally do-able. Choose from a variety of fabric and wood color options and get your mom a totally personalized piece to spruce up the living room or even cozy up the kitchen.

A New Hobby

Townie Bike


Electra Bikes

Get your mom a gift that will keep giving. If your mom hasn't been on a bike in decades, this nostalgic throwback is going to totally surprise her. This single-speed bike is perfect for cruising around town and will give you and your mom a new activity to enjoy together. Not only is the Townie adorable, it's good for mom's health, too.


Stress Tea



Help your mom have a relaxing Mother's Day by giving her something that really takes the edge off.

Very Sweet

Flight Of Honey



If you're looking for an excuse to hang with your mom in the kitchen, get her a flight of honey. You can spend the entire day finding the best cheeses and crackers to pair them with.

Mom Plant

The Cathy


Urban Stems

This company not only makes the cutest and most creative plants and planters, but they also do same day delivery. Not that you'd ever forget to get your mom something, course...

Personalize It

Monogrammed Tote


Monogram Mary

Get your mom something personal, so that she knows you spent some time thinking about it! Get her initials, her name, or opt for MOM.

Happy Feet

Nail Polish


Paul & Joe Beaute

Have a mani pedi at-home spa day with your mom. Paint your nails together with a fun fresh color and make a day of it.

Tea For Towels

Embroidered Tea Towels


Coral & Tusk

These gorgeous tea towels are handmade and so much more exciting than anything else your mom has in the kitchen. Mix and match for optimal kitsch.




Coral & Tusk

This beautiful hand-embroidered pillow is the perfect spring touch for any couch.