12 New Years Resolutions You And Your Bestie Can Make Together


If making your New Year's resolutions all about yourself seems boring and too self-indulgent, consider roping your bestie into it with you. Making New Year's resolutions with your bestie will not only make things more interesting, but it will likely ensure that you actually follow through with some of your goals. There's really nothing like having someone there with you to root you on from the trenches — not to mention, sharing your resolutions with your bestie means that someone else is there to make sure you hold yourself accountable for your promises.

Can't get rid of your trucker mouth? Share a resolution with your bestie to quit swearing and make a swear jar together. Can't stop sleeping through your alarm for a morning workout class? Sign up for a morning class together and meet first for coffee to ensure you don't miss it.

Sharing your resolutions will help you to feel motivated to keep them. Plus, it will give you and your bestie something else to do together. It's easy to fall out of sync with your friends when you're swimming through post-holiday madness, but having these shared goals will give you something to connect over.

Figure Out How To Do Something Hard

Maybe it's figuring out how to make almond milk at home, or maybe it's finally attempting to understand your taxes. Whatever you decide, help each other to figure out something that's going to make your life easier.

Concur A Fear, Together

Pick one fear that holds you back — be it spiders or speaking up in meetings — and help each other to find ways to get over it. Let 2018 be the year that fear isn't what's between you and happiness. Just make sure you're respectful of each other's fears and don't push too hard.

Take In A New Friend

If you have a best friend, you're blessed. Not everyone is as lucky to have someone to count on. Take a look at the people you and your bestie know and try to think of someone who seems like they could use a stronger friendship. Invite that person out to brunch and make an effort to include them as much as possible.

Plan A Trip

If you always talk about taking a trip together but never actually pull it together, get on the internet on New Year's Day and book a trip. Get the tickets, book a hotel, rent a car, do something that makes the plans solid.

Check In With Each Other

New Year's is a great time to check in and make sure that you're on the same page and happy with the dynamic you have going on. Just because you're best friends doesn't mean that your relationship isn't evolving. Make sure that things are going well for each of you. How's communication? Are you spending too much time with your significant others? Is plan-making too one-sided? Talk, adjust, and get to a better place.

Start A Tradition

Maybe it's eating ice cream for breakfast together once a month, maybe it's going to a midnight movie on your birthday, or maybe it's volunteering in your city on a holiday. Pick something that you want to do together on the reg.

Do Something Wild

Make this next year unforgettable. Come up with an idea together that makes you both nervous and excited and see it through. Maybe it's a big hike, maybe it's a bug eating competition, or maybe it's going 24 hours without technology. Pick something wild, and then pick something wilder next year.

Choose A Healthy Habit To Share

The best way to get a habit to stick is to share it with someone. Sign up for yoga, download a meditation app — do something that's good for your body, your soul or the planet, and do it together.

Get Rid Of A Vice Together

Take a look at your lifestyles and identify something that's not serving you. Maybe it's too many weeknight wine nights, maybe it's six hour Netflix binges, or maybe it's even negative self-talk. Find something that you both could use to lose and quit it together.

Vow To Learn Something New

Learn how to speak French! Take a pasta-making cooking class! Attempt to understand how to sign up for health insurance! Learn how to do something together that's going to enrich your life and give you another excuse to hang out.

Cut Back On A Shared Expense

Weekly spa days have got to go. DIY it and turn your apartment into a spa zone. Whatever it is that you and your bestie spend too much money on, vow to spend less. Think of a creative way to still enjoy the activity, but at a lesser cost.

Assign A Resolution For Each Other

Sometimes it's hard to see what's best for you. On New Year's Eve, write down a resolution for your bestie for her to abide. Maybe she needs to believe in her work more, maybe she needs to get better about accepting compliments, or maybe she needs to stop saying she's on her way to meet you when she's not even dressed. But whatever resolution you assign, make sure you deliver the suggestion with compassion.