12 Things To Name Your Pet That Are So '90s It Hurts

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It's no secret that naming your pet is already a stressful endeavor. Once you name them something, that name is positively theirs for life! That's what you're going to be yelling for a long time, and it's every bit as much a reflection on you as it is on your pet.

So it would only make sense that naming your dog or cat after an icon from our favorite decade would be priceless. There's certain suitable pet names from the '90s that humans still adore to this day, and they also pay homage to some of the shows that defined our childhoods. Some of the names are still modern, but most of them are just kind of funky and fun — just like sitcom characters were.

If you've ever considered naming your pet anything that nostalgic, just remember you're doing society a favor by ensuring we remember pop culture history. You're helping people keep up with the legacies of institutional shows that modern day Generation Z might forget! Whether you'd like a throwback to Friends, Cheers, 90210, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, there's countless options for having your furry friends display the ultimate quirkiness.

For some inspiration to name a new kitty or puppy, try some of the names below:


The main character on Boy Meets World was our boy-next-door hero. His coming of age mirrored ours, and it's only fitting that his name is also adorbs enough to bestow upon your next good pupper or cat.


Who didn't have a small corner of their heart for Dawn, the protagonist of Dawson's Creek? James van der Beek was a real ~dreamboat~, but more importantly, his name is pretty easy to say for when you're trying to call your cat/dog home.


My IRL friend recently got a puppy she named Benson, after the badass detective played by Mariska Hargitay on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. It's pretty much a guarantee that if you get a quirky new pet, naming them after a person with their stuff together on TV is going to make them catch onto the house training stuff waaay faster.


Seinfeld was the show that introduced us to the brilliance of the sitcom, winning 10 Emmys during its run and making us all think being single isn't that bad if you live in New York. You can pay tribute to your fave sarcastic NYC gal with her namesake!


He's a part of the Friends group, and arguably the funniest and most relatable one of the pack. He was super underrated in the '90s, but thankfully we're all coming to appreciate him more in hindsight — so what better way to honor him than by giving your pet the iconic name?


I had the biggest crush on Ashton Kutcher back when I used to watch That '70s Show reruns in middle school, and you can count on me wanting to name my future pet after someone like him. Mischievous, fun, and generally able to bounce back from most things — who wouldn't want qualities from their namesake like that?


You have to admit that the iconic and peppy dude on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has the perfect name to bestow upon your pooch/kitty — plus, odds are at least half of the people who learn your pet's namesake will bust into the Fresh Prince rap, and really, what else can you ask for in this life?


The happy-go-lucky kid was a pretty steady fixture on Saved By the Bell, and his name is extra yet not human enough for your pet to get a great namesake. Screech Powers was an American hero on that super relevant show about high school, as your pooch or cat may be his own sort of hero!


Buffy the Vampire Slayer was and remains an ICON. Now give your pet a similarly #blessed destiny. As long as they're home for dinner, that is.


Sabrina The Teenage Witch had a furry friend, too — "Salem," her cat who was really a 500-year-old witch himself. Maybe your little feline has something to hide too? In any case, naming him after Salem can be one way to get into that witchy business...


If you were an anime fan, Sailor Moon had probably the best crime-fighting cat lineup of all time. Luna headed it as the black kitty of the show's lead, Usagi Tsukino. Now Luna is definitely the sort of name you can give to your own cat!


The real-life dog on Frasier just makes you think of being the goodest boy, doesn't it? He's a Russell Terrier on the show, but that doesn't mean you can't name him the same name if he's a different breed. The world is your '90s oyster!