12 "Trumpcare" Memes & Tweets From Horrified Americans

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On Monday, House Republicans released their plan for the infamous overhaul of the Obama administration's Affordable Care Act. After all, repealing and replacing Obamacare constituted a hallmark of Trump's campaign promises. Thus, many are now referring to this new plan as "Trumpcare," which has already resulted in a similarly-named hashtag and dozens of Trumpcare memes and tweets responding to the proposal.

The Trumpcare proposal has some striking differences from Obamacare and would likely result in thousands of Americans losing their insurance (although official numbers are not yet available). Some of the biggest differences include elimination of both the individual and employer mandates for health insurance, which respectively requires individuals to have health insurance and requires employers to provide it to their employees.

The new proposal also ends insurance subsidies for low-income individuals and instead replaces them with tax credits based on age. It also proposes phasing out Obama's Medicaid expansion and defunding Planned Parenthood. All of these changes would drastically impact the lives of lower-income Americans, and not for the better.

These are just some of the many differences between Obamacare and the proposed "Trumpcare" legislation. Given the striking nature of the difference between the two healthcare policies, some social media users have a great deal to say about the Trumpcare proposal.

1. A Paltry Sum

This Twitter user expresses discontent with the proposed healthcare tax credits that the Trumpcare policy offers.

2. Everyone is "Covered"

This meme explains that insurance "coverage" has different meanings for different people.

3. Obamacare Vs. Trumpcare

A Twitter user employs some effective visuals to explain their take on the difference between Trumpcare and Obamacare.

4. Copay: Lol

After all, we all know how the president feels about gold.

5. Running Numbers

The Vice President for Health Policy at the Center for American Progress shares the cost differentials for Americans under Obamacare and Trumpcare, some of which are incredibly striking.

6. In Case Of Emergency...

This user suggests that the Trumpcare plan only benefits wealthy males and risks the lives of everyone else.

7. This Cartoon

It's not subtle.

8. Mar-a-Lago Meetup

This Twitter user expresses her discontent at the notion that Trump and his advisors met at his luxurious beachfront resort to make decisions about healthcare that will substantially impact the lives of low-income Americans.

9. Birth Control Versus Viagra

Referring to the Trumpcare plan's elimination of minimum essential reproductive healthcare coverage, including birth control, this individual laments that insurance plans will likely cover the male sexual enhancement drug, Viagra, while neglecting to address women's reproductive needs and rights.

10. The Secret Plan

Referring to the extended length of time it took Republicans to produce an Obamacare replacement plan, Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley suggests that the biggest "secret" of the long-awaited plan is that many Americans will lose their health insurance.

11. In Ten Words

This Twitter user employed ten words to describe the disparities he sees in the proposed Trumpcare plan.

12. Let's Play A Game

Who could have imagined, eh?

While this plan is merely a proposal and not yet a law, the fact that it contains so many unsettling provisions is alarming, to say the least. Hopefully Congress will pay attention to this criticism and strongly factor it into the evaluation of this plan as it makes it begins to undergo legislative consideration.