13 Movies Like 'Hereditary' To Stream — If You're Brave Enough

Despite there being much about it that makes it not your typical horror movie, Hereditary is being hailed as this generation's ultimate scare. The new film follows Annie (Toni Collette) and her family, who are trying to cope with their grandmother's death. As Annie digs deeper into her family history, the trauma and grief all of the members who are suffering begins taking on truly frightening overtones. If you've already seen the movie, you might as well make the most of your now-sleepless nights and check out these 13 streaming movies like Hereditary — if you can handle being that creeped out.

Though the horror genre is synonymous with gore and monsters, Hereditary follows a grand tradition of horror films that are more focused on the terrifying elements of merely existing — strained relationships, loss, childbirth, our own base impulses. Psychological horror can cut deeper than the worst slasher by forcing us to face very real fears presented at their darkest. With few exceptions, the monsters in these films are people at their worst, and as with Hereditary, the terror is often rooted in the human condition. So if you feel brave enough, check out these movies, all streaming online, and prepare to be totally terrified.

1. 'The Vanishing'

After a rough argument, a couple pulls into a rest stop to cool down. She vanishes. From there, boyfriend Rex begins a desperate search to find out what happened to her, something he's willing to go to any length to find out.

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2. 'The Witch'

Witchcraft in Puritan times terrorizes a family already ostracized by their community, begging the question of what the real evil is.

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3. 'Ex Machina'

A lowly coder is invited to the home of his company's genius founder to explore the limits of his latest creation, but the question of what humanity is and means falls on everyone.

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4. 'The Changeling'

Loss and grief echo through the ages. A music professor moves into an old house after the death of his family, only for his pain to echo an occupant who may never have left the premises.

Available in select theaters.

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5. 'Don't Look Now'

The death of their daughter prompt a couple to visit Venice to try and forget, but after psychic sisters warn them their daughter's attempting to contact them, the question of who's in danger becomes very real.

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6. 'Rosemary's Baby'

This classic thriller has a satanic twist, but the true terror of being a pregnant woman with no one to trust still holds up.

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7. 'Unsane'

After relocating to escape a stalker, a young woman accidentally commits herself to an asylum after talking with a therapist. Realizing her stalker may be one of the staff, she's determined to do what it takes to get out.

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8. 'The Stanford Prison Experiment'

It's a fictional version of a frighteningly real social experiment, where students who divided into "prisoners" and "guards" sink too deeply into their roles.

Available on Netflix.

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9. 'Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me'

Derided on its release, David Lynch's coda to the original Twin Peaks fleshed out the corpse at the center of the mystery into a fully-fledged, and haunted, human.

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10. 'It Comes At Night'

Terror without becomes terror within, as one family struggling for survival takes in another desperate family, upsetting their careful routine.

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11. 'The Thing'

OK, this one is actually a monster movie, but the paranoia, mistrust, and questioning of oneself and others is what makes The Thing a truly memorable creature feature. And if you want less gore, the 1951 version is also available on FilmStruck.

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12. 'The Killing Of A Sacred Deer'

A young man insinuates himself into a picture-perfect family, with unsettling results.

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13. 'Get Out'

Awards season didn't recognize Get Out as a horror movie, which is a big mistake given the film's recognition of the creeping sense others view you as less than human, or means to an end.

Most of these films have a slow burn; more straightforward dramas on first watch, the unsettling questions they present will haunt your dreams long after viewing.