13 Movies Like 'Hereditary' To Stream — If You're Brave Enough

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Despite there being much about it that makes it not your typical horror movie, Hereditary is being hailed as this generation's ultimate scare. The new film follows Annie (Toni Collette) and her family, who are trying to cope with their grandmother's death. As Annie digs deeper into her family history, the trauma and grief all of the members who are suffering begins taking on truly frightening overtones. If you've already seen the movie, you might as well make the most of your now-sleepless nights and check out these 13 streaming movies like Hereditary — if you can handle being that creeped out.

Though the horror genre is synonymous with gore and monsters, Hereditary follows a grand tradition of horror films that are more focused on the terrifying elements of merely existing — strained relationships, loss, childbirth, our own base impulses. Psychological horror can cut deeper than the worst slasher by forcing us to face very real fears presented at their darkest. With few exceptions, the monsters in these films are people at their worst, and as with Hereditary, the terror is often rooted in the human condition. So if you feel brave enough, check out these movies, all streaming online, and prepare to be totally terrified.

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