Small Valentine's Day Gifts To Get For A New S.O.

The day that everyone who is in a brand new relationship fears is almost here: Valentine's Day. (Dum dum dum....) While established couples know the deal regarding the popular February holiday, it's often tough to find a Valentine's Day gift for a new significant other. You care about them, but you honestly have no clue if the budding romance is everlasting, or just a dud. And hey, it happens.

Every love story had that awkward "what are we?" time at some point, and just because yours might fall around the biggest love day of the year doesn't mean that the day will end in disaster. If you've been out of the love game for a while, here's one thing to remember: Not all established couples celebrate the big day. For Valentine's Day first-timers, this is the best moment to establish whether or not the day means something to you, or doesn't.

And you know what? It's OK if it does mean something. While you might want to try to keep things casual, it's important to be honest about whether or not you expect a present or a card. For girls who are afraid that loving Valentine's Day might make them seem a bit more high maintenance, realize that the best couples rely on both truth and individual happiness to thrive. Even if your guy doesn't "get it," you're not expected to follow suit.

If you're looking for just a small memento to commemorate the day, look no further. Here are a few amazing ideas for various budgets that'll be perfect.

Gimbal's Cherry Lovers Mix

Gimbal's Candy, $4, 8 oz. bag

Sure — chocolate is always a win. But there's something a little bit more personal with these particular yummy candies. Gimbal's Cherry Lovers fruit chews ($3.99 / 8 oz. bag) are complex, and slightly addictive. And they're made of real cherry juice, so your boyfriend or girlfriend will definitely get their fill of Vitamin C. They're perfect for anyone who loves fruity candy.

Gourmet Cupcakes

Bake Me A Wish, $40, Gourmet Cupcakes

Cupcakes are an amazing treat, and they're the perfect way to say "I've thought about you on this holiday, but recognize that we're not at that stage where gifts get more intense." You can always bake your own, or have gourmet cupcakes delivered from a company like Bake Me A Wish, which offers a bunch of different packages at varied prices.


Cufflinks, $27, Etsy

If you're dating a guy who likes to get dressed up, getting him a pair of creative cufflinks might be a nice little gift. If you search on Etsy, you can find a pair that's not too expensive, yet more personal than anything you'd find in a store. For example, if he's a Texas guy that moved to Florida for work, these coordinate cufflinks ($27, TheSilverDiva) will show him you've been paying attention.

A Photographic Print

Prints, $4, Etsy

If your guy or girl likes photography, or really needs to redecorate, a print might make for a nice gift. Even better, you'll be supporting the arts. For example, you can find a bunch of cute photos of heart-shaped rocks available from Etsy seller Kristine Ferrigno ($4)

A Set Of Spices
Kitchen Crafted

Spices, Varies, Crifted Kitchen

If you think about it, a set of good spices is an amazing gift. Why? Since it can easily accompany a nice dinner at home. If the two of you like to cook, planning a fun meal together would be a solid gift. Consider purchasing the brand new BLND spices from Kitchen Crafted, which can be purchased individually ($7, Kitchen Crafted) or in two multipack sets ($29) — you can choose between “Fire Up the Grill” and “Savor Your Flavor.”

A Mix CD

Does it remind you of high school? Well, perfect. Back then, the best way to connect with someone was through music, and the art of a good mix. While most music is digital these days, it doesn't mean that a solid CD should just go out the window. He or she will appreciate the effort, and get to know you even better through the kind gesture.

A Beary Cute Gummy

You're Beary Cute Valentine's Day Gummy Bear, $24, Dylans Candy Bar

No explanation is needed for this. It's an adorable, gigantic gummy bear that can easily be delivered to your sweetheart. Nothing can go wrong with this gift. Seriously.

A Memory Box

Modernvintageart/Etsy, Custom Box, Varies

Give your little lovebird the gift of storage. You can find a bunch of great boxes that are suitable for jewelry, watches, trinkets, or change. Etsy store modernvintageart sells a bunch of beautiful custom wooden boxes ($55+) that'll surely make their day brighter.

Hugging Novelty Mugs

Mugs, $16, Amazon

These cute mugs are the perfect vehicle for a Valentine's Day cup of mocha-flavored coffee. Not only do they emphasize the spirit of the day, but they're better together. It's the perfect illustration of the almighty "honeymoon stage" you're currently in.

An Adult Coloring Book

Doctor Who Coloring Book, $9, Modcloth

Give the gift of relaxation and pure bliss. Not only is it perfectly acceptable for adults to color, but books like the Doctor Who coloring book make it a little more fun. Don't forget the colored pencils.

A Chocolate Fondue Set

Chocolate Fondue Set, $35, Amazon

Don't just gift treats — gift an experience. This set from Good Cooking is simply adorable, and will totally amp up your night — especially if you don't have set plans besides a dinner reservation.

Starry Pillow Shams

Star-Crossed Covers Pillow Sham Set, $30, Modcloth

Stars are pretty romantic. If you're in an area where you and your boyfriend or girlfriend can't gaze up at the sky to examine the constellations, consider buying this pillow sham set to make up for it. Home decor is always a fun solution to your gifting woes.

The Dino Pet

DinoPet, $60, Vat19

If your significant other likes science (or strange animals) the DinoPet is the perfect gift. Not only is it technically a living thing, but it serves as the perfect icebreaker. In fact, if you're familiar with sea monkeys, the DinoPet isn't all that different. Filled with glow-in-the-dark plankton, this little guy will illuminate any living space.

Wine Tasting Kit

Wine Tasting Kit, $59, Uncommon Goods

Don't live close to a vineyard? That's totally fine — just bring the wine home with this cute wine tasting flight that'll surely be a hit. It says romance without saying "let's discuss marriage." In fact, it's the perfect way to celebrate your first Valentine's Day together.