15 Movies Your Fave 'Walking Dead' Actors Also Had Starring Roles In — Including This Iconic Rom-Com

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The Walking Dead’s cast has changed over the years, and many of the actors have become famous from their roles. With the success and intense fandom that the stars have experienced, it’s easy to forget that many of them have also been in pretty big films over the years. There are plenty of movies starring Walking Dead actors worth checking out, ranging from romantic comedies to action-packed flicks. And as you're missing the zombie-filled show, these movies will help fill that void until the next season comes around.

Many people know that Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln was the “to me you are perfect” guy from Love Actually, but you might not realize that the rest of the cast has played some iconic roles, too. Before being known to the world as Daryl, for instance, Norman Reedus had a starring role in cult classic Boondock Saints fighting a different kind of evil. Then there’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who before playing Negan, the Walking Dead antagonist everyone loves to hate, was a huge softie in the romantic movie P.S. I Love You.

With the show's Season 8 recently ending, now’s the perfect time to check out these 15 movies starring the Walking Dead cast, including some classics worth re-watching and some you might’ve missed.


'Love Actually'

This was Andrew Lincoln's first major role before he started fighting zombies. It has been spoofed by everyone, including SNL.


'Black Panther'

Danai Gurira isn't just a badass on The Walking Dead. She also is a bonafide hero in Black Panther as Okoye. Marvel fans who are awaiting Avengers: Infinity War will be happy to know she makes an appearance in the upcoming movie.


'Boondock Saints'

Norman Reedus has been typecast in various action-packed gritty roles, so it makes perfect sense that he'd have his first big role in Boondock Saints, fighting evil.



Before joining the Walking Dead cast, Christian Serratos was known as Ned's crush on Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. But to Twilight fans, she was also Angela, one of Bella's few mortal friends.



If you're missing Glenn on Walking Dead, you should definitely watch Okja. Steven Yeun plays an animal-rights activist who serves as translator between Mija and the activist group ALF and plays a key role in Mija's journey to find Okja.


'American Gangster'

Besides Boondock Saints, Norman Reedus was also in American Gangster.


'The Wolf Of Wall Street'

Shane was a character everyone passionately hated, so it's no surprise that Jon Bernthal also played a similar character in Wolf of Wall Street.



Before Walking Dead, Lennie James (Morgan) was in tons of big Hollywood movies. One of the most memorable roles was in Snatch as Sol.


'Terminator 2'

You've probably watched Terminator 2 a few times by now, but did you know that Xander Berkeley (Gregory) was in the movie? He plays John Connor's incompetent foster dad.


'Baby Driver'

Baby Driver has an amazing cast, so it's no surprise that it'd also include someone from Walking Dead. Jon Bernthal plays Griff, a character in a similar vein to his other roles.


'P.S. I Love You'

Before becoming a villain in The Walking Dead, Morgan had some pretty wholesome, heartwarming roles. You might recognize him as Denny Duquette from Grey's Anatomy, who had an incredibly heartbreaking death. His P.S. I Love You role follows a similar story, with him dying and setting everything up so his wife Holly can move on and find love again while being reminded of how much he cared about her.


'Blade Runner 2019'

If you haven't watched the latest Blade Runner movie, maybe learning that Lennie James (Morgan) is in it will change your mind.


'The Day After Tomorrow'

The Day After Tomorrow is one of those early 2000s movies that you probably recognize the name of but had completely forgotten it existed. It might be time to revisit it, considering Austin Nichols (Spencer) is in it.


'Glory Road'

Austin Nichols was also in the basketball drama Glory Road, based on the true story of the 1966 NCAA University Division Basketball Championship.


'Apollo 13'

Apollo 13 is a classic. If you haven't had the opportunity to watch it yet, you should, considering Xander Berkeley's in it.

If you can't wait for Season 9, make sure you watch these movies in the meantime.