16 Practical AF Products Grown-Ass Women Need

As I get older, I have less time and patience for stuff that isn't practical. I've got stuff to do, so I need the products in my life to get stuff done, too. No more wasting money on useless items — I’m a grown-ass woman who deserves some super practical products that will make my life and daily routine much easier.

Think about your bed for a second. No, not anything naughty or how you desperately wish you could be napping right now — but ask yourself how practical your bed really is. Turns out there are bed risers that can add more storage space and bedside caddies to organize all your nighttime reading material. Right there, you just made the slab of foam you sleep on more practical and there are more genius products that simplify all other aspects of your life, too.

Adding more practicality to your life isn't that hard since there are so many cool things out there that solve a variety of life woes. In no time, you'll feel some of the little annoyances of life go away while the rest of your day gets streamlined. After all, you're amazing — so your products should be, too.

1. These Screen Wipes Derived From Coconuts


Spruce & Co Screen Cleaning Wipes, $27 (40 Count), Amazon

The thing we think about cleaning the least is probably what we should be cleaning the most — our screens. Our cellphones alone are covered in germs but getting a streak free clean is hard to come by. Luckily, these individually wrapped wipes were designed specifically to clean the screens of our electronics. And best of all, they're made from coconuts, free from alcohol, and completely vegan.

2. An Organizer For All Your Bedtime Reading


Fancii 10 Pocket Bedside Caddy, $14, Amazon

There's a surprising amount of stuff you need to access from your bed — think, books, reading glasses, iPad, tissues, and more. If you don't have room for a nightstand (or your nightstand is already full), give this bedside caddy a try. It hangs from your bed frame and has 10 pockets for all your nighttime stuff. Great for small spaces, it'll keep you room tidier and more organized.

3. A Pivoting Power Cord That Fits Anywhere


Quirky Pivot Power, $33, Amazon

If you'd rather not have a blocky surge protector taking up space in your living room, try this shape shifting power cord instead. It pivots and bends into a variety of shapes to give each plug the space it needs. It has six outlets, so it'll hold most of your necessary electronics, and you can finally have all your bulky plugs plugged in at the same time. Plus, it comes in a variety of bright, fun colors.

4. This Simple Bin That Doubles Your Space


IRIS Small Undershelf Hanging Basket, $11, Amazon

Most of us have very limited closet and cabinet space, so why not make the most of it with this hanging basket? It clips onto pretty much any shelf and stays secure enough to hold whatever you need. Put one in the bathroom, the kitchen, or anywhere you need to organize things — it's great for spices, vitamins, beauty products, office supplies, and kitchen tools.

5. A Hanger That Keeps The Small Things In Order


Axis International Marketing Closet Organizer Hangers, $10 (2 Pack), Amazon

It's hard to find a good place for all the little strappy things in your life, but this hanger does the trick. You get eight hangers in one and they're made for camis, swimsuits, belts, and scarfs. The best part is the organizer still only takes up as much space as one hanger. So, you get maximum organization for minimal space, and your bras and swimsuits won't have to be shoved into whatever drawer you can fit them into.

6. The Little Luggage Scale You Can Take With You


HAMSWAN Portable Digital Luggage Scale, $11, Amazon

Getting to the airline counter at the airport and finding out you have to pay an extra $75 because your bag is overweight sucks. That'll never happen again with this digital luggage scale. The handheld device weighs your bags in an instant and you won't have to worry about added fees. It's so small and light, you can take it with you on trips to make sure your bags don't get too heavy after any vacation shopping sprees.

7. Some Bed Lifts That Give You Extra Storage And Power


Studio 3B USB Bed Lift Set, $38 (4 Piece), Amazon

I've always lived in small apartments, and utilizing the space under my bed is essential to save a lot of space. Give yourself even more room with these bed lifts. They raise your bed 7-inches to increase storage space, they're super easy to install, and they won't budge. Best of all, they have extra outlets for all your charging needs.

8. Fridge Liners That Make Your Produce Last Longer


Dualplex Fruit & Veggie Life Extender Liner, $12 (Pack of 4), Amazon

Let your produce live longer with these liners! You can place these foam liners on any shelf or in any drawer in the fridge where you store fruits and vegetables. The liner promotes better air circulation which keeps food fresh. You can cut the liners to fit your fridge perfectly and you'll love not throwing out rotten salad at the end of the week.

9. A Big Blanket That Takes Up No Space


OutdoorMaster Pocket Blanket (Sizes S-L), $12-$20, Amazon

You never know when you might need an extra blanket, and now you can keep one on hand with this compact version. This blanket comes in small, medium, or large, but all sizes fold into a tiny, easily portable bag. It's completely waterproof and comes with four pockets you can weigh down to keep the blanket in place. Honestly, you're going to be a picnic hero with this in your pocket.

10. A Genius Brush To Keep Your Electronics Clean


OXO Good Grips Electronic Cleaning Brush, $14, Amazon

My laptop keyboard is always dusty, and this brush works perfectly to clean every crevice. The brush comes with a soft bristled end to wipe away larger debris (i.e., crumbs) while the pointed silicone end grabs up any leftover dirt and grime. The bristles retract for easy storage and you can use it on all your electronics, keeping them pristine.

11. A Honeycomb For Your Drawers


Xin Store White Honeycomb Drawer Organizers, $17 (Set of 3), Amazon

Sock and underwear drawers are very difficult to keep tidy. To make it way easier, try this honeycomb. Insert it in your drawer and you have a specific place for all your littlest garments. Made from flexible plastic, it has some give for lots of smaller objects, but works best with socks, underwear, and bras. Your delicates drawer will look neat and you'll be able to find exactly what you want much faster.

12. A Hair Brush That Cleans Itself


Qwik Clean Self Cleaning Hair Brush, $20, Amazon

Another thing I forget to clean — my hairbrush! Instead of trying to rip that pile of dead hair from the bristles, get this self cleaning brush. The bristles completely retract, so the hair can be removed every time you use it. It's also easy to wash and super durable.

13. A Charging Station That Looks Great On Your Desk


AMIR Bamboo Wood USB Charging Station, $19, Amazon

Here's an item that's practical and cute. This bamboo wood charging station gives you a lot of storage options while providing three USB ports to charge all of your devices. It's as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional, and the soft foam on the bottom keeps it from sliding around.

14. A Desk Lamp That Keeps Your Phone Charged


INNAPER Dimmable LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port, $35, Amazon

This minimalist desk lamp is more than meets the eye. The lamp provides LED light in seven levels of brightness with a touch sensitive control panel. Also, it has a USB charging port and a wireless charging pad that's compatible with most Android phones. That's a lot of options for one little light. It also folds up for easy storage.

15. A Charging Shelf That's Easy To Install


BeraTek Industries Power Perch, $11, Amazon

Leaving your phone, razor, or straightener on the floor while it's plugged in can lead to disaster. It can get stepped on, forgotten about, or attacked by the dog. Instead, give your smaller electronics a little shelf above any outlet. This Power Perch installs onto most any outlet cover and provides a place for anything that needs power. It holds up to 3 lbs, so even your iPad will be safe.

16. The Makeup Bag With The Best Design Ever


Lay-n-Go Cosmetic Bag, $26, Amazon

This is the perfect makeup bag. Open it up and all your products are laid out in front of you ready to go. When you're done, just fold it up, secure it with the nylon cord and lock it up. When flat, there's a raised lip around the perimeter to keep makeup from rolling away. Plus, it's completely washable, so you'll never have to cry over spilled concealer.

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