16 Products Grown-Ass Women Need To Get Their Sh*t Together

Every morning, you've got a lot to do — things like a real breakfast are pretty much a luxury for people who need to get to work on time. But even when things are super busy and life seems like a mess, there are products that help you get organized, save time, and help you get your sh*t together.

For instance, instead of heading to your local coffee shop to get your caffeine fix, you can use a quick single-serving coffee maker that works right in your microwave. Then, you could whip up a morning smoothie in a blender that blends right into a travel bottle. You'd get breakfast and coffee in under five minutes, which is faster (and cheaper!) than any café I've ever been to. These time-saving products not only make your life easier, but save you precious dough in the long run.

If you're looking for ways to keep your clutter organized, there's an array of hanging storage pockets, suction cup shelves, and closet organizers to help keep things tidy. Or if you just want a way to make cleaning easier, we found a robot who'll do chores for you. Okay, it's just a robot duster, but still, it's pretty cool.

Let these amazing products make your life less complicated. As a grown-ass woman, you deserve an organized, streamlined day.


These Pockets That Give You Hanging Storage

MILIANG Linen Cotton Fabric 12 Pocket Hanging Organizer, $12, Amazon

If you're low on space but need extra storage, this hanging pocket organizer is just the thing. You get 12 pockets to sort out all the little odds and ends you have lying around, and it takes up minimal space on your wall. Plus, installation is effortless—just put one nail in your wall and you're ready to go.


This Planner That Sorts Out Your Priorities

Panda Weekly Planner, $18, Amazon

This planner uses a scientific approach to give you a happier, more productive life. The weekly planner lets you lay out your goals, what you're excited about, and has space for simple lists of things to do. Reviewers love that it's portable and helps them get on track – and some say it's even more essential to have around than their smartphone.


This Light That Keeps Your Toilet Clean And Illuminated

Voion Motion Sensor LED UV-C Light, $11, Amazon

Kill 99.9 percent of germs and get a gentle glow with this toilet light. The UV-C light sterilizes the bowl, eliminating germs and odors, making cleaning much easier. Then, the light comes with eight different color options that turn on automatically when someone passes by the toilet.


A Blender That Makes Smoothies Insanely Easy

Oster My Blend Blender with Travel Sports Bottle, $23, Amazon

Blend up your smoothies right into your travel bottle and head out the door with this blender. Over 3,400 people on Amazon love it for its power, durability, and convenience. One enthusiastic customer wrote: "I am LOVING this blender! It doesn't take up much space so I keep it on my counter all the time."


This Standing Desk Lets You Work Anywhere

Avantree Adjustable Laptop Table, $40, Amazon

Sitting at your desk all day is definitely bad for you, but standing desks are bulky and not cheap. Instead, get this laptop table. Put it on any desk or table and you have a fully adjustable standing desk. The tabletop adjusts to give you the perfect angle to do your work and you get all the health benefits of getting out of your chair.


These Dividers That Help You Conquer Your Underwear Drawer

Sorbus Foldable Divider Drawers, $13 (Set of 4), Amazon

Most of the time, your underwear is taking up twice as much space as it should in your drawer. But with this divider, it gives all your undergarments their proper space, while looking neat and tidy. Plus, you can put these divider drawers in your closet for a little extra storage.


These Little Bags That Deodorize Everything

Moso Natural Mini Air Purifying Bags, $10 (2 Pack), Amazon

Clear the air anywhere in your apartment with these mini deodorizing bags. They use natural bamboo charcoal that absorbs moisture, eliminates odor, and leaves the air breathable and pure. Hang one in the closet, in the bathroom, or even stick them into your favorite shoes.


This Robo-Duster That Cleans Your Floors

O-Cedar O-Duster Robotic Floor Cleaner, $28, Amazon

This robot duster cleans your floors automatically with a disposable cleaning cloth that gathers up all the dust and hair. Since it isn't an actual vacuum, it's quiet, affordable, and saves you lots of cleaning time.


This Little Pad That Keeps All Your Cords In Line

Cocoon GRID-IT Organizer Case, $9, Amazon

Keep all your chargers, cables, and any other little gadgets in line with this organizer case. The rubberized woven elastic holds everything in place and can be customized to fit a wide range of products. It's the easiest way to keep all your electronic accouterments in one place.


This Suction Cup Shelf You Can Put Anywhere

WantBa Suction Cup Organizer Shelf, $36, Amazon

If you just need a little extra space for your favorite shampoo, this shelf will do the trick. The heavy duty suction cups can withstand a good amount of weight and hold up everywhere — even in the shower. Place this on any non-porous surface for an instant storage solution.


These Tiny Holders That Organize Your Keys

Tescat Magnetic Key Holder, $11 (6 Pack), Amazon

Install this key holder in less than a minute and never lose your keys. The strong adhesive sticks these magnetic holders onto any surface, and then the heavy duty magnet holds your keys in place. Put them all around the house to keep all your keys.


This Sliding Drawer That Gives You Extra Space

Storage Dynamics Slide Out Storage Tower, $25, Amazon

Have weird little spaces between cabinets or furniture? Now, you can use that awkward space with this sliding storage tower. It slides into small spaces for hidden storage space, and the three shelves fit whatever bottles you want to hide in there. One reviewer writes: "I don't know how we lived without this thing. I live in a older home with absolutely no storage in the kitchen and I was amazed how much this holds."


This Steamer That Leaves You Wrinkle Free

URPOWER Portable Handheld Garment Steamer, $22, Amazon

When nearly 2,800 people on Amazon care enough about a steamer to leave a glowing review, then it must be a life-changer. This steamer is handheld, portable, and leaves your clothes totally wrinkle free. It heats up fast and delivers powerful steam to take out all the tough creases.


This Coffee Maker That Works In The Microwave

Presto My Joe Single Cup Coffee Maker, $13, Amazon

Single cup coffee is so easy, but buying a whole Keurig is pretty pricey. Instead, get this single serving coffee maker that works right in your microwave. Just heat the water in the microwave, pop the coffee pod in the base, press down on the top and you've got a single cup of coffee made in about two minutes.


These Spikes That Keep Your Plants Watered

GLOUE Plant Automatic Planter Water Device, $14 (4 Pack), Amazon

Don't let your plants die when you go on vacation (or because you're forgetful) when you can automatically water them with these spikes. Just fill a bottle of water, put it in one of the spikes and your greens will stay green for weeks. They automatically detect humidity in the soil, so your plants won't get over watered or go dry. If you're not green thumb inclined, these spikes could save all your plants.


This Alarm Clock That Doesn't Let You Sleep In

Sonic Bomb Loud Dual Alarm Clock, $35, Amazon

Over 5,000 people on Amazon get up in the morning because of this insanely loud alarm clock and bed shaker. The clock itself flashes lights and blares a siren to make sure you don't snooze, while the vibrating devices shake your bed to give you added incentive to get up. Be warned, this alarm does not play around. One reviewer wrote: "This alarm is no joke. I often find myself waking up before the alarm even goes off due to what I believe is almost fear. Imagine someone putting a jack hammer to your bed and the loudest alarm you can imagine going off. If you can sleep through this then you may not be alive."

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