17 True Crime Shows & Movies On Netflix That Are Total Hidden Gems

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Ever since Netflix premiered the sensational Making a Murderer docu-series, the streaming site has been the number one stop for any and every true crime fan. Since then, Netflix has premiered multiple original true crime shows — The Keepers, The Confession Tapes — but even their most avid watchers might have missed these 17 true crime hidden gems on Netflix. It's easy to get caught up in the trending show of the week, but sometimes the best, most disturbing and fascinating stories out there aren't the ones you marathoned opening weekend.

There is way too much on Netflix to only get caught up in the current trending shows. From documentaries exploring brutal murders and the justice system to docu-series exploring serial killers around the world, Netflix has everything a true crime fan could ever want. So why spend your weekend re-watching Making a Murderer when you can be introduced to new crimes from other, less-talked about shows?

Not only does Netflix have a ton of true crime documentaries and docu-series, they also have a healthy amount of crime-themed fiction. Movies and television shows inspired by real crimes or criminology can be just as satisfying for true crime fans as the real thing. No matter what your inclination as a true crime fan — fiction, documentary, murder, social justice — these 17 hidden gems on Netflix for true crime fans should be enough to keep you hooked on the genre.

1. 'Belief: The Possession Of Janet Moses'

Belief: The Possession of Janet Moses Full Movie on YouTube

A mix of interviews and recreations tell the story of Janet Moses, a young woman who was accidentally killed by family members during an attempted exorcism, in Belief: The Possession of Janet Moses.

2. 'I Am Not A Serial Killer'

IFC Films on YouTube

I Am Not A Serial Killer is a fictional movie about a small town teenager who feels at risk of becoming a killer and finds himself drawn into a murder mystery. It's an interesting exploration of the psychology of serial killers and what makes a person commit crimes they know is wrong. (It's also creepy AF.)

3. 'The Seven Five'

Movieclips Film Festivals & Indie Films on YouTube

The Seven Five documentary details how one New York City cop became the leader of a drug-dealing gang of police in 1980s Brooklyn. It's a good true crime doc for anyone who might need a reminder that there's crime on both sides of the law.

4. 'Out Of Thin Air'

Gimli Film Festival Inc. on YouTube

One of the most infamous murder cases in Iceland is re-visited in Out of Thin Air, a documentary that will have true crime fans reeling due to the twisted crime, and the even more twisted confessions that followed.

5. 'Zodiac'

Paramount Movies on YouTube

Have you ever watched a true crime doc and thought, 'This would be way better with Jake Gyllenhaal and Mark Ruffalo'? If so, David Fincher's Zodiac, about the famous Zodiac killer, is for you. (Unfortunately, the movie was made before Ted Cruz became pop culture's favorite Zodiac killer suspect.)

6. 'Shadow Of Truth'

Prodigy Public Relations on YouTube

Shadow of Truth takes viewers on a deep dive into the murder of Tair Rada, an Israeli teenager, and the questions surrounding the guilt of the man prosecuted for the crime.

7. 'Cult'

Cult CW on YouTube

If you loved Going Clear: Scientology & the Prison of Belief, then The CW's short-lived show Cult will definitely spark your imagination. The show wasn't exactly long enough to tie up all loose ends, but it's a fascinating premise for any true crime fan.

8. 'Interview With A Serial Killer'

Real Stories on YouTube

Convicted murderer Arthur Shawcross opens up about his crimes in Interview with a Serial Killer, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

9. 'The Investigator: A British Crime Story'

ITV / Netflix

The Investigator: A British Crime Story is a Making a Murderer-esque investigation into a 1985 missing persons-turned-murder case. If you love true crime stories that don't have a clear explanation or end, then The Investigator is what you want to watch.

10. 'American Crime'

ABC Television Network on YouTube

ABC's anthology series, American Crime, tackled a different crime every season, taking a look at the victims, the perpetrators, the family members, and the justice system to provide a comprehensive look at the real, human cost of crime in America.

11. 'Cold Justice: Sex Crimes' / 'Law & Order: SVU'

TNT / Netflix

Law & Order: SVU has its true crime counterpart in Cold Justice: Sex Crimes, a show that follows two former prosecutors as they travel the country, hoping to solve old sex crimes cases.

12. 'Inside the Mind Of A Serial Killer'


Each episode of Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer focuses on a different killer, and all the subjects operated in different places and countries around the world. It's an interesting, global look at serial killers we don't normally see.

13. 'All Good Things'

Movieclips on YouTube

Fans of HBO's The Jinx might want to check out All Good Things, a fictional movie inspired by Robert Durst and the disappearance of his wife, the woman many believe he murdered.

14. 'The Witness'

Five More Minutes Productions on YouTube

The Witness is a documentary about a man who looks back on the murder of his older sister that occurred when he was just a child, but it isn't a whodunit. Instead, it's an examination of the bystander effect — the idea that witnesses are less likely to call for help if there are other witnesses around — the press, and society's grim obsession with salacious crimes.

15. 'Aquarius'

JoBlo TV Show Trailers on YouTube

Aquarius is another short-lived television show inspired by the true crime genre. The show followed LAPD detective Sam Hodiak as he started looking into Charles Manson and his cult. It's a fun look at the '60s, perfect for true crime fans just dipping their toes into the genre.

16. 'Hate Crimes In The Heartland'

Hate Crimes in the Heartland on YouTube

Hate Crimes in the Heartland explores the epidemic of hate crimes in America by focusing on two specific crimes in Oklahoma that occurred almost 100 years apart.

17. 'The Thin Blue Line'

Andrew Sayre on YouTube

Errol Morris' classic documentary The Thin Blue Line isn't exactly a hidden gem, but it's worth putting on this list for any true crime fans who, for some baffling reason, have not watched this game-changing documentary that set the tone for the true crime genre as we know it.

Say goodbye to your weekend plans, and hello to your newest true crime obsessions.