19 Sexy Action Movies You Can Stream Online Right This Second

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Movies are a lot of things, but one thing they are not is lacking in sexy. It doesn't matter what genre: horror, drama, thriller, comedy, action — so many films are full of sexy. But there's something about sexy action movies that put the rest to shame. In fact, these 19 sexy action movies you can stream online right now are so steamy, you might forget they're mostly about guns, murder, and saving the world. (JK, they're still action movies!)

Action movies can be sexy in many different ways. Sometimes all it takes is an exceptionally confident and attractive lead, other times it takes an R-rated sex scene and romantic chemistry to truly elevate an action movie on the sexy scale. Granted, hotness alone doesn't make a movie sexy. No, to be truly sexy, an action movie has to have a certain je ne sais quoi, that oomph factor that just makes something — be it a plot or a character — irresistible to an audience. These 19 sexy action movies you can stream online all have that special element, and it changes from film to film. In Out of Sight, for example, it's the steamy chemistry of stars George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez. But other movies have their own secret weapon of sexy. You just have to read on to find out what they are.

1. 'Out Of Sight'


George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez star in this Steven Soderbergh crime thriller. Need more convincing? Clooney and Lopez share a very sexy bathtub scene that is quite literally one of the steamiest scenes ever put to film.

Where you can stream it: Hulu/Showtime

2. 'Lucky Number Slevin'


A case of mistaken throws Josh Hartnett in the middle of a gangster war — or does it? The movie is mostly action, but thanks to Lucy Liu's charming presence and Hartnett's convenient towel scenes, Lucky Number Slevin is *fire*.

Where you can stream it: Netflix

3. 'Sin City'


Sin City is violently sexual, so much so it might turn some audiences off. That said, there's no getting around the inherent hotness of the entire movie.

Where you can stream it: HBO

4. 'Spectre'


James Bond is always sexy — always. It's just the way it is, and Spectre is no exception.

Where you can stream it: Hulu, Amazon Prime

5. 'Wanted'


Angelina Jolie eclipses the "hot girl with a gun" action movie trope in Wanted, a stylized action movie that helped turn James McAvoy into a badass.

Where you can stream it: HBO

6. 'Kill Bill'


Kill Bill might be more bloody than sexy, but the Quentin Tarantino classic stars a female cast so powerful, they can't help but make it sexy, even when they're trying to kill each other.

Where you can stream it: Hulu

7. 'Underworld'


Like James Bond, vampires are always sexy. Add in a centuries old blood feud against werewolves and a forbidden love story and you've got Underworld, the sexiest vampire movie of the 2000s.

Where you can stream it: Hulu

8. 'Once Upon A Time In Mexico'


Enrique Iglesias, Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Eva Mendes, hitmen, spies, corruption, and a whole bunch of crazy — these are the ingredients put into Robert Rodriguez's Once Upon A Time in Mexico.

Where you can stream it: Hulu



NYPD Detective John Shaft is known for two things: his ruthless pursuit of justice and his sexual appetite. Granted, Shaft only has two sex scenes, but boy are they effective.

Where you can stream it: HBO

10. 'Indiana Jones' Original Trilogy


The Indiana Jones original trilogy isn't overloaded with sex, but the fact that the movies made archaeologists sexy is not to be overlooked.

Where you can stream it: Hulu, Amazon Prime

11. 'Armageddon'


Armageddon made Ben Affleck a sex symbol and is guaranteed to change animal crackers for you forever.

Where you can stream it: Netflix

12. 'Matrix Reloaded'


Add leather to a reality-bending fight between good and evil for the soul of humanity and you've got a sexy look that is enough to stop bullets in their tracks.

Where you can stream it: Netflix

13. 'Shoot 'Em Up'


A gun-wielding mystery man becomes an adoptive father in this twisted action movie. You can thank Monica Bellucci for bringing the sexy energy to this 90-minute gunfight.

Where you can stream it: HBO

14. 'Lara Croft: Tomb Raider'


Padded bras and giant guns aside, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider is pretty much 20 percent action, 80 percent sexy Angelina Jolie pout.

Where you can stream it: HBO

15. 'Jason Bourne'


Jason Bourne is a murderous former CIA agent, but all that fades into the background when you see how good the man is with his hands...at killing people.

Where you can stream it: HBO

16. 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'


Two words: naked Wolverine. Next!

Where you can stream it: HBO

17. 'Passengers'


Passengers is many things — including creepy and super strange — but one cannot deny the chemistry between stars Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. It's a sexy space action movie if there ever was one.

Where you can stream it: Starz

18. 'Nerve'


Truth or dare has always been sexy, but add in a virtual component and a mysterious stranger, and you've got a thrillingly sexy action movie just waiting for teens to gush over.

Where you can stream it: Hulu, Amazon Prime

19. 'RocknRolla'


Criminals fight to get a piece of a million-dollar scam in this Guy Ritchie movie that is part thriller, part heist movie, part black comedy, and all sexy.

Where you can stream it: HBO

Sexy action movie marathon, your time is now.