20 Genius Products That Make Getting Ready For Bed Way Faster

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Getting ready for bed can be a drag. It's an activity that shouldn't really take that long, but somehow it always does. And when it takes a long time to get ready for bed, it takes a long time for me to fall asleep. That's why I looked for genius products that make getting ready for bed way faster.

My theory is that if you can get ready for bed faster, then you can actually go to sleep faster. I usually fall asleep easier when I'm organized and don't have a ton to do. Some things you can do to get ready for bed faster is simplify your beauty routine, use high-tech devices to speed up normal activities like brushing your teeth or flossing, or even getting yourself into the right mindset.

And then there are some people who may need to immerse themselves in a relaxing environment before bed. That may include getting things ready for the next morning, or turning on an aromatherapy diffuser. Or if you just feel like you have too many things to do, you could always ask Alexa to turn off the lights for you and set your alarm.

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