20 Nasty But Necessary Things You Won’t Believe Women Are Buying On Amazon RN

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When I go shopping for things online, I usually only like looking for fun stuff — like candles, bags, or cactus-shaped lamps. Things that are cute, but not super practical. Recently, however, I've been tempted to add quite a few intriguing, albeit kinda of gross, items to my shopping list — and let me tell you these nasty but necessary products are life-changers.

Whether it's a gross-sounding toothpaste that's great for your gums, a foot peel that sloughs off thick layers of dead skin, or a drain snake that pulls amazing (read: disturbing) amounts of gunk from your shower drain, these products promise to make life's less enjoyable tasks a little easier — and in some cases even deeply satisfying. Sure, maybe a plastic clog remover getting down and dirty in your drain doesn't make for an Instagram-worthy photo, but you'll be happy to have super clean pipes that are working properly.

And don't just take my word for it, Amazon reviewers are raving about these products too, and in many cases even leaving the photographic proof of how gross, yet useful these items really are. Whether you're looking for an easy way to clean your hairbrush or clean out your sinuses, this list has you covered.

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