20 Weird But Brilliant Exercise Products That Help You Work Out More Easily

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I’m going to get honest with you for a second: for someone who deeply believes in health and wellness, I’m surprisingly lax when it comes to exercise. It’s not that I don’t think it’s important — I’m just way more inclined to do it when I'm taking advantage of hacks that make working out easier. After all, running long distances for the heck of it has never been a favorite pastime of mine, and if the choice comes down to a Soul Cycle class or an extra hour of sleep on a weekday, full disclosure: I’m probably choosing the sleep.

That said, I also believe that if you’re looking to change anything from your mental state to your fitness levels to your overall lifestyle, a good health and exercise routine is the most effective place to start. And thank goodness, shortcuts do exist! From a balance board that can fit under your bed to a self massager and more, there are so many simple boosts to your fitness routine that make it more comfortable and more successful.

Exercise equipment is getting more innovative by the day, and even though these things might look a little weird in your home gym, the time and strain you save is totally worth hearing your houseguests occasionally ask, “Umm, what is that thing and how does it work? If you’re looking to cut a few corners, but still get the most out of your workout, check out this strange yet brilliant exercise equipment to make things a little easier.

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