20 Weird But Genius Shaving Products You Never Knew Existed

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More and more women are throwing out their razors — and I say, "good riddance!" Shaving isn't mandatory — you do you. I, however, do shave daily. Not only because I just dislike the itchy feeling of my hair growing back in, but more importantly, a close shave helps keep my Keratosis Pilaris in check. Since it has become a part of my daily routine, I'm always on the lookout for shaving hacks that make hair removal easier and last longer. Because honestly, the less bathtub-acrobatics I have to perform just to shave a little hair off my legs, armpits, bikini-line or wherever the better.

While searching for tips and tricks for hair removal, I’ve found tons of great, easy-to-implement advice. For example: changing out your razors blades regularly, exfoliating before you shave, and shaving with the grain of your hair, are all ways to get a close shave with less irritation. But that’s just the beginning.

I've also stumbled across tons of brilliant products that make the process way more convenient. From miracle serums that minimize ingrown hairs to slabs of rubber that sharpen your disposable razors, the internet can ensure that your shaves are as enjoyable (and as safe) as ever.

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