21 Irresistibly Weird Products Gaining A Cult-Following On Amazon

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Few things excite me more than weird new products — the minute I heard about charcoal teeth whitener, I couldn’t resist the purchase. There's just something so irresistible about odd new things, and I’m certainly not the only person drawn to these fascinating items, since Amazon is full of weird products with a cult-following.

The beauty of the internet is that people can manage to find odd, obscure products that solve problems they never knew they had. Have you ever heard of a sushi gun? Well, more than 1,400 people on Amazon have bought one and they can't stop raving about it — and if you like sushi but think it’d be too hard to make, you’re going to need this tool.

What's so tempting about these products is that they're not just weird, they're popular, too. Looking back at my high school days, weird and popular rarely mixed, but in this new world of Amazon, people aren't afraid to write glowing reviews for toilet lights and nut milk bags. Yep. Thousands of people have raved about both of those things, and it’s because they’re actually really useful.

So, check out some of these bizarre but brilliant items on Amazon that people can't stop talking about. You just might find a strange new product that you can't live without.

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