21 Odd Yet Amazing Korean Beauty Products You Never Knew You Needed

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If you're new to the world of Korean skin or hair care, a few of these products might seem especially odd to you. That's because some of the most amazing Korean beauty products use ingredients and tactics that haven't yet picked up popularity in the western world. For example, smearing your face with moisturizer containing snail mucus isn't a particularly uncommon practice, nor is using a face wash with fermented rice enzymes.

As someone who's willing to try just about anything weird so long as it contains primarily natural ingredients, I'm all for these random but brilliant Korean products. In addition to using oils and extracts predominantly found in nature, though, Korean beauty is also big on combining as many possible benefits or steps into one bottle. While Americans will often use a separate cleanser, moisturizer, primer, and then foundation, it's not uncommon to find Korean products that tackle all of these things at once.

Basically, if you love convenience and practicality, it's time to overlook the weirdness factor. When you're tired of seeing the same local brands over and over again and you're looking to try something new (and I mean really new), these beauty products from Korea are well worth your time.

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