22 Bizarre But Brilliant Products With A Cult Following On Amazon

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From Star Trek to Star Wars to the kind of people who know every secret combo on the In-N-Out menu, I’m always tempted to try out things with a cult following. This includes the lesser known products on Amazon with thousands of reviews. Unless you spend day in and day out lurking around everyone’s favorite online retailer, you probably didn’t know some of these products have such a rabid fan base of reviewers — yet people are buying them left and right, and there’s a damn good reason for it, too.

These are the products that walk the line between “that’s kind of weird,” and “but I’m strangely intrigued.” Sure, they’re bizarre, but the real reason so many people are purchasing them is because of how well they work. You might not think you need a mat with tons of pointy spikes that dig into your neck and back, but when thousands of people rave about their pain-free muscles and insomnia-free nights, you’ll start to reconsider.

However, aside from the slight head-tilting confusion, there’s another common thread throughout these products: They’re all undeniably useful, and add a bit of practicality to your life in ways you never even knew you needed.

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