22 Brilliant Finds For Under $1 On Amazon

Amazon is an incredible website when it comes to comparing prices and finding exactly what you need. That being said, most people don't know that it can be your own personal online dollar store, too. If you know where to look, you can find life-changing things on Amazon for under $1, and some of them are surprisingly high quality, too.

As a millennial, I'm pretty careful about the way I spend the remainder of my paycheck. (I'm looking at you, student loans.) Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'd much rather skip the $20 name-brand reusable grocery bag and buy one bag — plus 19 other beauty and household items — for the exact same amount.

On certain sections of Amazon, you can narrow down your minimum and maximum prices so you're only shown items in your price range. Now, I'm not going to lie to you; when your price range is $0 to $1, you do sometimes get some eyebrow-raising items. Lots of nose rings, and the occasional pasta side dish pouch of Alfredo broccoli noodles. That's why I sorted through these products for you to find only the most useful, coolest, and best Amazon has to offer. Here are some brilliant finds that you can get for under $1.


This Mesh Plastic Bag Holder For Organization And Reuse

If you're like me, you have a graveyard of old plastic bags underneath your sink. This mesh bag organizer is a great way to neatly store them and encourage reuse. It hangs on a hook, and has a hole at the bottom where you can pull them out one by one to line your trash bins or wrap your food.


This Stretchy Tape Polish So Mistakes Peel Right Off

Whether you're not the neatest nail painter or you'd rather that your glitter polish didn't last for decades, this SMTSMT peel-off liquid latex tape can help. Either use it as a base coat or paint around your nails to ensure that mistakes or difficult polish peel right off when you need it to.


This Touch-Activated LED Light That Fits In Your Wallet

Genius as well as practical, this mini pocket card lamp has an ultra-slim design that slips right into your wallet, but it's made with powerful and super bright LED lights. Plug it into any USB port to supply light anywhere, and it's got a cool fingerprint control, and reviewers say, "I was so impressed with this LED light that I ordered four more just to have around for various things."


This Mini Makeup Sponge At An Unbeatable Price

People are loving this CAETLE mini beauty blender because it's soft, durable, and gets into small places like the eyelids and creases of the nose. "It made my make up look like I had just had it done by a professional," says one reviewer. "The way it works, it is comparable to ones that you would find at a high and make up store."


These Squishy Doughnuts To Lower Your Stress Levels

Stressful week? Treat yourself to one of these doughnut stress toys —they're colorful, squishy, scented, and take more than 20 seconds to rise while your stress levels do the opposite. Each order sends you one random color, and they're made of environmentally-friendly material.


This Cute Panda Eye Mask With An Ice Pack

Okay. So this one's exactly a dollar — but for stress relief, better sleep, or easing headaches and pain, I'd pay an extra penny for this panda eye mask. It's soft, comfy, and has a removable ice pack that you can store in the freezer so you've always got cold therapy when you need it.


This Set Lets You Mix Your Facial Masks With Accuracy And Convenience

If you tend to make a lot of your own beauty products, this Rosallin DIY facial mask set is a great investment for an even better price. It comes with a mixing bowl and spoon, measuring tools, and a facial brush. "No more bowls or Tupperware and teaspoons to mix my beauty masks and treatments," says one reviewer, and no more wasting product, either.


This Egg White Separator That Holds Itself

If you eat egg white omelets on the reg, this is for you. The Mikey Store egg white separator clings onto the side of your bowl to fully separate the egg while you prep other things. It's also durable, easy to clean, and easy to use.


These Color-Changing Elephants That'll Melt Your Stress (And Heart)

Talk about heart-melting. These light-up elephants use energy saving LED lights that automatically turn seven different colors. They're great for use as night lights or just for some added ambiance, and one reviewer says, "I have four of them as decoration for my room."


This Clay Is A Must-Have Staple In Your DIY Beauty Kit

Whether you're making your own toothpaste, face masks, or shampoo, this Vienna Imports bentonite clay is a must-have for any DIY beauty products. It's all natural, cosmetics grade, and extremely absorbent, so it's great for soaking up oil or detoxing skin.


This Adorable Set Of Cactus Pouches

Whether you use them for school supplies, cosmetics, money, or your cell phone, these adorable cactus pouches will definitely come in handy. There's three of them with varying designs, and they're washable, surprisingly durable, and zippered.


This Genius Tool That Holds Food Steady While You Slice

Why didn't someone think of this sooner? The Malltop Easy Slicer holds your tomato, apple, potato, or whatever else you can fit in there while you make even, thin slices. It also doubles as a pair of rounded tongs for serving food.


These Stamps Give Your Nails A Festive Appeal

The holiday season is upon us, and if you want the most festive nails from Halloween through Christmas, this holiday nail art stamping plate can help. It gives you 19 adorable designs, and it's suitable for beginners or professionals.


An Adorable Makeup Holder That Makes Storage Easy

This makeup storage box folds up when you're not using it, but when you are, it makes an excellent addition for a dorm room or vanity when you want to keep your makeup staples easy to reach. It has roomy pockets on the front to store things like nail polish, too.


These Tea Infusers Made From Stainless Steel

With a small mesh stainless steel cage, a hanging hook, and a long chain cord, these Hosaire infusers are great for tea, herbs, or spices. Since they're made from stainless steel, they're durable, and one reviewer raves that it's an "excellent product."


The Reusable Keep Wine Fresh And Stop Spills

Quit wrestling with that cork. These Kemilove wine caps keep your wine fresh and free of spills. They come in a pack of 5 different colors, and they're silicone, so you can just wash and reuse.


These Cute Fingerless Gloves Just In Time For Winter

Warm, practical, and super stylish, these Beautyvan fingerless gloves come in six different colors. They're made from knitted wool and faux rabbit fur, and they leave your fingers free to text, carry things, and drive.


This Moisturizing Gel For Twists, Locs, And Braids

This pore cleaning brush exfoliates and gets rid your skin of any blackheads or whiteheads you have — it's made for the nose but gentle enough to remove excess makeup on the face, too.


This Washable Mesh Bag That's Super Useful

Whether you use it for clothes, fruit, grocery shopping, or clutter, this mesh net turtle bag is a great thing to have. It's strong and durable enough to be washed in the machine, and people say it's a great thing to have in your purse for unexpected carryall.


This Quality Kabuki Brush That's Shaped Like A Mermaid's Tail

This TONSEE fish scale makeup brush has great reviews because it's soft, full, and shaped like a mermaid's tail. It comes in a bunch of magical colors, and reviewers say, "It also came with a plastic protector cap so I able to put it in a travel bag and not worry."


These Bun Tools For The Laziest Of Hair Days

For the laziest hair day ever, there are these hair bun disks. Just roll up your hair and snap it into a circle to create tons of quick and easy hair styles. They come in two colors, and they look like real hair, so if you missed a spot, it's no big deal.


Add A Burst Of Color To Your Kitchen With This Rainbow Whisk

It's dishwasher safe, it's coated in silicone so it won't damage your pans, and it's adorable. This Mromick rainbow whisk adds a burst of color to your cooking routine, and it's heat resistant, so you can whisk anything, on the stove or off.

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