22 Genius Products That Have a Cult Following On QVC

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QVC gets a bad wrap. People usually think it's just a shopping channel you watch whenever you can’t sleep, but it’s gone way beyond that. Nowadays, the network has genuinely incredible stuff, and some of these genius QVC products have even started to gain a serious cult-following.

From products that help you organize your loose cords to a hand-powered food processor, QVC has a huge selection of products to help you out with all of your daily needs, and they're backed by repeat purchasers and happy customers that continue making these products must-haves on the shopping network. And even if you're not looking for household goods or kitchen gadgets, QVC still has you covered. They're hip to some of the best beauty products on the market, like luxury cleansing oil and even a pure gold face mask.

So if you're interested in some of the most popular products QVC has to offer, we've rounded them up for you. And we've even got an extra bonus, too: all of the great stuff featured here is stuff you can find right on Amazon, saving you a call to the station at 2 a.m. — even if you're up and can't fall asleep.

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