22 Weird But Amazing Things On Amazon That’ll Even Please Picky People

I'm a pretty particular person, so I normally end up attracting more of the same. My friends are all detail-oriented and have super high standards, which is wonderful—until their birthdays roll around. Then it's a nightmare. Thankfully, Amazon has some weird but amazing products for picky people, so I don't end up gifting them some impersonal bottle of wine or a coffee mug I bought hastily at the last minute.

In my experience, the best gifts for picky people are stylish, innovative, and functional all at once. I don't like decorative things that sit on my bookshelf collecting dust. If I don't get good use out of it on a semi-regular basis, it's probably going into the nearest donation box. I only clear out space for objects that get the job done better and more efficiently, or genuinely improve my quality of life. Does that make me picky? Sure, but there are very few things in my house that aren't useful, so I'm cool with it!

If you're not sure what to get that admittedly high-maintenance person, or you're just looking for the newest and coolest products that Amazon has to offer, check out these 22 items for people who are extra hard to please.

1. This Handy Device That Keeps Your Plants Alive

Slow Release Vacation Plant Waterer, $12, Amazon

These ceramic stakes are the perfect solution for those that go on long vacations — or just forget to water their plants. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, they'll only automatically deliver water when the soil becomes dry, can be used with any standard water bottle, and should keep plants vibrant and healthy for over a week without changing the water. One reviewer writes: "They are easy to use. It's easy to find the bottoms that fit them perfectly. Water will come out from the hole slowly. Then insert them into soil. When we came back from vacation, my plants still alive."


2. This Life-Changing Planner That Doubles As A Coloring Book

Panda Planner Color, $17, Amazon

What's better than a life-altering planner that tracks goals, organizes your schedule, eliminates procrastination, and actually makes you happier? One that also lets you color. The Panda Planner Color uses scientifically-proven approaches that organize everything and amp up productivity, and each week you get a new and intricate adult coloring page to lower stress levels.


3. These Rock-Shaped Bath Bombs Are Like A Facial Mask For Your Whole Body

Bath Bomb Rocks, $11, Amazon

Made with high-quality ingredients like shea butter and real essential oils, these handmade Bath Bomb Rocks are super relaxing and luxurious. They fill your bath water with nutrient-rich minerals that heal and moisturize skin, and because they fizz and bubble, they’re a ton of fun. Reviewers also say they make an incredible gift for someone who could use an at-home spa day, because they’re like a facial for your whole body.


4. This Unique Fidget Spinner That's The Color Of The Rainbow

Stress Spinner, $2, Amazon

Odds are you’ve experienced the fidget spinner craze for relieving stress and easing anxiety, but people are loving this one for it's unique design and gorgeous colors. It can spin up to three minutes with one strike, and it's durable and long-lasting.


5. An Essential Oil Diffuser You Can Keep In Your Car

InnoGear USB Car Essential Oil Diffuser, $20, Amazon

An essential oil diffuser is perfect for adding some soothing aromatherapy to pretty much any environment, but where should you keep it? Your bedroom or living room? Your office or car?! With this diffuser that charges via USB, picky people can take it anywhere. It'll fit right into a cupholder of a vehicle, which will be much needed when you need a zen moment while stuck in traffic.


6. Exfoliate, Scrub, And Massage Your Feet Without Even Bending Over

FootMate Foot Scrubber System, $40, Amazon

The FootMate foot scrubber system lets you scrub, exfoliate, and massage your feet with minimal effort. It attaches to the bottom of your shower using suction cups, has two kinds of bristles to soothe soles and treat rough skin, and it comes with a rejuvenating gel made just for feet. It’s especially great for those with limited movement caused by arthritis, pregnancy, or back pain.


7. This Simple Way To Keep A Clean Microwave

Eruption Disruption Microwave Cleaner, $13, Amazon

The Eruption Disruption microwave cleaner is a cute, simple, and convenient way to keep even the pickiest of microwave owners happy. It expels a mixture of water and vinegar in steam form, melting away any stains or splatters. Then simply wipe them away for a microwave that looks like new. It's the old elementary school science experiment, put to practical use!


8. These Tweezers Designed To Extract Comedone And Splinters

Blackhead Remover Tool, $14, Amazon

These professional comedone & splinter tweezers have a curved precision-aligned shape and premium stainless steel tips to eliminate blackheads and extract pimples. They’re made to be pain- and damage-free to your skin, and reviewers say, “Both tools work great. They are sturdy and surgical grade - work very effective. My skin is visibly clearer after extracting the blackheads and pores.”


9. No More Balls Of Dough Inside Your Whisk

Stainless Steel Ball Whisk, $26, Amazon

Quit getting blobs of dough and drips of batter stuck in the inside of your whisk. This ball whisk uses tiny metal balls to make eggs, pancakes, sauces, and whipped cream, but the innovative shape makes it easy to spoon any excess back into the bowl. This set comes with two whisks, and they're dishwasher safe for easy clean-up.


10. These Luxury Sheets That Are Super Easy To Care For

Where the Polka Dots Roam Microfiber Luxury Sheets, $27, Amazon

These Where the Polka Dots Roam luxury sheets are resistant to stains, fading, and wrinkles. They’re also ridiculously soft and breathable (even for the pickiest person), and that’s because they’re made from microfiber that’s easy to care for and super durable. They come in nine different colors and six different sizes, and reviewers are saying, “Oh my god I love how these feel!... They have become my favorite sheets!”


11. This Weird Looking Trigger Point Massager That Hurts So Good

Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Massage Tool, $30, Amazon

This weird looking massager is called the Body Back Buddy trigger point tool, and it uses 11 accurately placed tigger knobs and leverage from your own body to relieve knots, back pain, and tension. It’s also really durable and allows you to reach even the most difficult places without asking someone else for help. “Where have you been all my life?!?” asks one reviewer. “It kicks ass. This is the most "hurt so good" amazing contraption I've ever been associated with.”


12. The One Charcoal Bag That Will Keep Every Room In Your House Fresh

Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag, $10, Amazon

If you know someone who has picky taste in candle scents but loves a fresh house, try gifting them one of these air purifying bags. It's made from bamboo charcoal, and it absorbs odors, allergens, and pollutants from the air. Leave it in the bathroom, your closet, by the litter box, or anywhere that needs a refresh. Best of all, you can "charge" it by leaving it out in the sun for a few hours, so it's reusable for around two years!


13. This Skin-Friendly Alternative To Dryer Sheets

Organic Eco Wool Dryer Balls, $24, Amazon

Picky people do not put up with static, but they're also not about harmful chemicals in their dryer sheets. These organic wool dryer balls are incredible for sensitive skin, because they're made from eco-friendly New Zealand wool. They reduce wrinkles and static cling without additives, make clothes dry even quicker and without lint, and also come in an adorable storage bag.


14. Purify The Air With This Modern Version Of A Himalayan Salt Lamp

Levoit Cora Himalayan Salt Lamp, $20, Amazon

This sleek and gorgeous Levoit Cora himalayan salt lamp gives you a sleek and modern twist on a traditional design. Encased in a transparent cylinder, this lamp heats up genuine Himalayan salt crystals, releasing negative ions as it does so. The negative ions then cling to allergens, purifying the air while it fills your space with a soothing orange glow.


15. These Affordable Professional Makeup Brushes With An Innovative Design

USpicy Professional Makeup Brush Set, $21, Amazon

This USpicy professional makeup brush set has the oval shape and horizontal design that’s trending like crazy now, but it’s way more affordable than its competitors (and reviewers say just as good). The bristles are extremely soft and even, the handles are strong and flexible, and the ten different pieces “give my face that perfect airbrushed look without looking fake.”


16. This Satisfying Eraser That Rolls Away The Dead Skin

YET Pitapat Eraser Peeling Gel, $16, Amazon

This odd but satisfying YET Pitapat Eraser peeling gel is a gentle exfoliating formula that rolls the dead skin away from your face, leaving it soft and glowing once you’re done. Reviewers say it’s especially great for flakes under makeup, and it’s safe on sensitive skin: “I was really worried that this would irritate my skin since I have issues with sensitivity and with psoriasis. I'm pleasantly surprised that this worked great and didn't cause any redness or irritation.”


17. Never Use Another Disposable Sandwich Bag Ever Again

Stasher Reusable Silicone Food Bag, $16, Amazon

How many sandwich bags have you used in your life? The Stasher reusable silicone food bag I is made without petroleum, PVC, and latex, and because you can use it over and over again, it's great for the environment. You can throw it in the freezer, microwave, or dishwasher, and it's got an air-tight seal that keeps food fresh and mess-free. Best of all, it's extremely durable.


18. This Tiny Tool To Get Rid Of Unwanted Facial Hair

Epiwand Facial Hair Epilator, $13, Amazon

The Epiwand facial hair epilator gets rid of unwanted facial hair in seconds without waxing, tweezing, or shaving. Simply bend and roll the spring-like design to catch multiple hairs at once with less pain than tweezing, since it gets the job done way faster. It also pulls the hair from the root, so it takes the hair longer to grow back.


19. These Stretchy Reusable Food Covers That Are Great For The Environment And Your Wallet

BEW Stretch Silicon Reusable Food Wraps, $7, Amazon

This pack of five BEW stretch silicon reusable food wraps are heat-resistant, environmentally friendly, BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and great for your wallet. They stretch over just about any size or shape to keep your food extra fresh, and reviewers say, “These work as lids to cover pots, bowls and more... They’re easy to remove as well as easy to clean.”


20. Get Fresh, Clean-Smelling Air In Your Car With This Safe Solution

PURGGO Car Air Freshener, $20, Amazon

The PURGGO car air freshener works without chemicals and without overpowering odors because it’s made from activated charcoal. That means it’s safe and extremely absorbent to soak up unwanted smells and allergens in your car, and it hooks over your seat rest so it’s out of the way. It also works for months on end, unlike other fresheners.


21. Make Your Car Seat Or Computer Chair Infinitely More Comfortable

Sojoy iGelComfort Seat Cushion, $32, Amazon

If you spend a lot of time sitting at the desk or in the car, this Sojoy iGelComfort seat cushion makes your chair infinitely more comfortable. It’s made with a combination of gel and foam that’s cooling, breathable, and molds to your body, and it has a non-slip bottom as well as a dense construction that limits vibrations in the car.


22. This Pillow That Simplifies Reading And Binge-Watching In Bed

IPEVO PadPillow, $21, Amazon

Comfy like a pillow, but sturdy enough to hold your tablet or e-reader, this IPEVO PadPillow is an awesome addition to any bed or couch. It allows you to create multiple viewing angles for your devices, and even folds out to make room for a wireless keyboard. " This is perfect for propping on your tummy or on your lap," says one reviewer. "It also sits on it's own next to you if you want."

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