22 Weird Things On Amazon That Make Your Bathroom & Kitchen 100 Times More Sanitary

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If living your best life does not include spending hours scrubbing and cleaning and disinfecting, first, we have something in common and second, you're going to want all of these 23 products to keep your kitchen and bathroom sanitary.

I love cooking, but cleaning the inside of my oven? No, thank you. I also love bath rituals that involve creams, oils, and mud masks, but I hate scrubbing the soap scum that inevitably invades my tub.

I'm pretty sure an entirely new species of bacteria and colonies of dust bunnies live under my fridge. And though I have three kitchen sponges, they are identical, and therefore used interchangeably on my dishes, my counters, and possibly my floor. Yuck, I know!

What I've learned while scoping out these amazing products on Amazon, is that the secret to a home that's more hospitable isn't more hours spent with a mop and a dust rag, it's having the right tools.

The following helpers make it easy to keep germs and grime out of your living quarters. There are color-coded cutting boards to help avoid cross-contamination, a brush that attaches to a drill, and even a shower head filter, promising softer hair.

Take a look at all of the goodies that are going to make your kitchen and bathroom extra hygienic, without eating up any of your time.

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