23 Punny Easter Instagram Captions That Are Just Egg-cellent


There is so much going on during Easter Sunday that it's almost easy to forget that this is actually an extremely religious holiday — for Catholics, it's the holiest day of the entire year! Easter has become super mainstream, and now it's not just about going to church and remembering the day Jesus rose from the dead: it's also about chocolate bunnies, real bunnies, Easter egg hunts, and finding the most delicious brunch option out there. It's also a good excuse to post a new photo on your Instagram account, to be honest. You'll probably be dressed in your spring best and ready for an #ootd selfie. But first, you need the best caption, and that should be something fun and witty. There are plenty of punny Easter Instagram captions to choose from below, if you're looking for ideas.

Easter comes with so many opportunities for puns, whether they're about bunnies, carrots, eggs, or chocolate. They all make for a clever Instagram caption that will really get your post some attention. And, of course, you don't have to post a photo of your Easter Sunday best. You can snap a picture of your candy haul (which is probably pretty impressive), you and your siblings doing a classic and adorable Easter egg hunt, or even the colorful eggs that you're dying as a family tradition. There are so many options! You just want your post to be full of the spring vibes that Easter is so famous for, and you're good to go.

The right caption is going to make you get even more likes and maybe some follows. A pun is funny, a little cheesy, and an adorable option, so why not go for it? Below are a collection of eggcellent Easter puns you'll definitely want to use in your Instagram caption:


Hoppy Easter!

It's a classic that will never go out of style.


Have An Egg-Cellent Easter!

Don't shy away from those egg puns!


Some Bunny Is Thinking Of You This Easter

Want to make your caption all about love? Use this one.


Eggciting News — Easter Is Finally Here!

Who wouldn't be happy about that?


For Peep's Sake, Have A Great Day!

'Tis the day to eat all of the Peeps.


Hope You Have An Eggstra Special Day

Honestly, this is just a nice message to all of your followers.


Don't Worry, Be Hoppy

This is not a day when you need to stress out!


I Was Going To Tell You A Joke About An Egg, But It's Not All It's Cracked Up To Be

Get it? You're still getting your joke in there!


May All Of Your Chocolate Bunnies Be Solid

It's tragic when you bite into one and realize it's hollow.


I Carrot Wait For The Easter Bunny To Visit

You're never too old for the Easter bunny.


I Love Easter A Whole Bunch

...As in, a whole bunch of carrots.


Show Me The Bunny!

Who needs money when there are bunnies everywhere?!


Hope You Have A Cracking Good Easter!

And don't actually crack any eggs!


Looking Eggstra Cute Today

Hey, nothing wrong with a little self-love!


Eggs... Prepare To Dye

It's time for them to get colorful.


Some Bunny Better Have My Chocolate

It's not Easter without chocolate!


I'm An Eggspert Hunter

For eggs, that is!


Hanging With My Peeps Today

This is eggstra cute with a photo of you and your family.


All The Bunnies Love Me


It's Easter? I Don't Carrot At All

Hey, maybe you don't care about Easter! If so, this caption is for you.


Too Hip To Hop

Honestly, same.


Shake Your Bunny Tail

This is just adorable.


Eggcellent At Bad Yolks

Well, that about sums it up.