23 Satisfying Products Better Than The Fidget Spinner

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Odds are if you've stepped foot in a 7-11, toy store, or middle school this past month, you've come into contact with the fidget spinner. That's because people everywhere are using it for stress-relief and improved focus, but what about the best fidget toys that aren't spinners? This might seem like a recent trend, but stress-relief gadgets have actually been around for a really long time, and some people (like my 7-year-old self) swear by them.

Flash back to 1999: there was a tiny hole-in-the-wall card store in my home town called "Jelly Bean." It sold everything from Beanie Babies to Milky Pens, and I bought my first ever fidget toy there with my lunch money. It was named "The Water Snake" (which I just now learned after an intense round of Googling), and its jiggly consistency did wonders for all the stressors in my young life — like when my Tamagotchi died, or someone broke my crayons. Then it popped all over my favorite tie dye t-shirt, which induced far more stress, but that's a story for another time.

Now fidget toys are gaining back their popularity, and you can purchase all kinds without the need for a hole-in-the-wall card shop. Here are a few of Amazon's non-spinner options for stress relief, focus, and fidgety fun.

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