24 Clever Things On Amazon That Ensure You Won't Waste A Lick Of Storage Space

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When space is tight – dorm rooms, apartments, et al.creative storage solutions are key to building a functional, efficient, and streamlined living space. The hands-down best solutions manage to solve the kinds of common household problems you silently grumble about every day. For example: cluttered cookware that makes it hard to grab what need without unstacking everything, or not enough shelving so your clothes end up shoved in and wrinkled.

If you're not sure where to start, think about a little change that would have the biggest impact on your day-to-day. There are plastic bins for produce or snacks and silicone food-savers to stretch unused portions of produce across multiple meals, and if getting ready in the mornings always feels rushed, focus on things like tabletop organizers that can group your go-to skincare or cosmetic items together, or a set of drawer dividers and a belt or bag hanger to save you closet space while also streamlining your morning routine. For clever storage solutions, look for containers that can collapse down when not in use to maximize every inch.

From storage ottomans to floating shelves, impossibly narrow carts, and collapsible crates, scroll through these simple yet brilliant storage solutions so your everyday can be just a little better.

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