26 Gifts For Dads Who Already Have Everything

by Emily Estep

Whenever a holiday comes around that calls for some gift-giving, it’s often a frantic reminder that dads can be the hardest to buy for — probably because they tend to already have everything that they want. When they want or need something, they buy it. Choosing the perfect gifts for dads can really be a nightmare.

Seriously, how do you buy a present for someone who already has everything? For someone who has the means to buy something as soon as he covets it? For someone who, admittedly, still pays your cell phone bills and covers lease payment every now and then?

I assure you — whether you're shopping for your father, a father-in-law, or another fatherly figure, there are plenty of clever presents that they'll actually end up using. We're talking tools that they didn't realize they needed, gadgets that can change their kitchen game, and things they didn't know even know existed — which means they didn't have actually have the chance to buy them yet.

From a small multi-tool that actually has 18 separate functions, shaving cream that's fueled with actual caffeine, and the greatest-of-all-time steak thermometer, there are gifts out there for every dad, even those pesky ones who don't ask for anything specific.


A Puzzle That You Must Complete To Get Your Beer

This beer bottle puzzle forces you to solve its challenging game before you can get to your beer, which is why it's best that you attempt to tackle it at the beginning of the night, before you're a few beers in. It's perfect for the centerpiece at a party, fits any standard 12-oz. beer bottle, and comes with easy instructions, just in case you find it a bit too difficult.


A Map Of The World That Tracks Their Travels

An excellent gift for any globetrotter, this huge map print is made with high quality silk art paper and scratch-off material — which means you can track wherever you've been, all across the world. It's an easy way to keep a travel log and subtly brag about where you've been without even having to speak — all in one.


A Vacuum-Sealed Smoothie Transport System

This vacuum sealed travel bottle is designed specifically to transport fresh juice and smoothies with a vacuum-tight seal and pump that keeps your creations fresh for as long as possible. You simply pour your drink inside, press on the pump until all of the air has been removed, and your food or drinks will remain well preserved. It's also non-toxic, BPA-free, and totally leak proof.


A Superior Travel Pillow That Fits Any Sleeper

Anyone could seriously benefit from this infinity pillow, which can be manipulated in a variety of ways, making it way more personal and convenient than a traditional travel pillow. Whether you're on a plane trying to get some rest or attempting a power nap in the middle of the work day, this pillow can be manipulated for your location. It's also made of machine-washable bamboo rayon fabric, keeping it fresh for a very long time.


This Parody Book For The Beer Enthusiast

If your father ever read you the classic Goodnight Moon when you were a child, now's the time to return the favor with Goodnight Brew: A Parody for Beer People, which calls itself a "pitcher" book for grown-ups. Plus, not only is Goodnight Brew a cute parody, but also, it's actually packed with infographics and explanations about the brew-making process, making it an educational tool for beer fans.


An Organic Mushroom Farm That Sprouts 'Shrooms In Days

This super simple mushroom farm is an awesome gift for anyone who loves mushrooms or gardening, allowing you to grow organic mushrooms in less than two weeks. All you have to do is spritz the contents of the box with water, and since the product lasts for months in the box before it's opened, there's no rush to get started. And yes, you can cook with them afterwards. Mushroom tacos, anyone?


A Pair Of Gloves To Keep Fingers Safe In The Kitchen

Any chef needs a good pair of gloves to keep their skin safe from spicy peppers, smelly fish, and more, but these cut-resistant gloves kick it up a notch, protecting you not only from chemicals and unwanted odors but also from actual cuts accidental slices from sharp cooking knives. In fact, the material is four times stronger than leather, while still remaining lightweight and flexible.


A Bottle Opener That Magnetically Catches Caps

This bottle opener makes an eye-catching decor item, while also easily opening up bottles and immediately storing the freshly fallen caps on its magnetic panel surface. This way, you won't find a freshly formed mountain of bottle caps on the ground after a party — and it has a magnet on the back for putting on the fridge, or the tools required to mount it on the wall.


This Wild Party Game That Involves Drawing Skills

Sick of Cards Against Humanity? Check out Drawing Without Dignity, a game that requires you to draw pictures to help your teammates solve puzzles. Keep in mind, this is totally an "adult" party game, not for the faint at heart! If your dad has a twisted sense of humor and an affinity for playing games, check this one out.


A Neck Massager That Soothes Tired Muscles

If you're serious about an at-home massage, then know that this massager isn't playin' any games. It's designed with eight deep-kneading massage nodes to soothe tired muscles, and it's also got a heat function that aims to relax. It's perfect for the neck, back, and shoulders, and is totally portable for on-the-go massage time. It also comes with a car charger and a dust wipe to keep it extra clean.


A Thermometer That Gives Crazy Accurate Steak Readings

The SteakChamp thermometer will do just that — turn you into the champion of cooking steaks. The stainless steel thermometer flashes a color when the steak reaches rare, medium rare, medium, and medium well. It also works perfectly for fish, pork, or any other meat you're hoping to master.


A Groomer That Gets The Hard To Reach Places

If your father's preferred method of body hair removal is a regular razor and a few cotton pads to clean up the cuts, then get him this mangroomer instead — it's got a flexible handle to reach the tough spots, shock absorbers to get a close shave without the nicks, and two interchangeable heads with hypoallergenic blades. One reviewer loves it's multifunctional qualities: "I found these and they changed my life. The hair just falls off easily. Serves as a good back scratcher too, as an added unintended bonus."


A Garment Bag That Folds Up To A Duffel Bag

Garment bags are useful when traveling, but they tend to be bulky and impossible to store in overhead bins — except with this duffel bag. Store clothes flat, just like a garment bag, and it rolls up to become an easy carry-on, plus it has additional pockets to store things like belts or ties.


A Water Bottle That Keeps Drinks Cool For 24 Hours

These stainless steel water bottles give average thermoses a bad name, keeping beverages cold for a full 24 hours or warm for about twelve. They're made with a stainless steel interior that's non-toxic, BPA-free, and vacuum insulated, keeping your beverage of choice fresh and safe. They also come in a variety of designs and sizes!


A Beard Comb That Helps You Groom

This shaping comb is the ultimate tool for combining one's hair and beard, as well as for shaping it when shaving or trimming. Its multipurpose abilities will make it the MVP of any toiletry bag, even helping apply beard oil or beard balm evenly through the coarsest of beards. Finally, as if it weren't simple enough, it comes with directions and guidelines to achieve any desired look.


A Key That Works Like A Pocket Knife

Forget about those pocket knives, this titanium multi-tool is the shape of a standard key, fits easily onto a keychain, and has 18 distinct uses — thanks to a blade, a bottle opener, a hex set, a cuticle pusher, a carrot peeler, and more. Despite its heavy duty abilities, the MyKee weighs less than half an ounce and is barely two inches long.


The Ultimate Set Of BBQ Tools

Any classic dad thinks he's a grillmaster, and now you can contribute to that inflated ego with this elaborate BBQ tool kit, which includes things like a durable, stainless steel chef knife, a meat fork, superior-grip tongs, a grilling spatula, a basting brush, and more. It also stores itself up nicely in a grill case, making it easily portable for camping and impromptu grilling events.


A Leveler That Has An Actual Laser

This leveling laser from Black & Decker puts classic levelers to shame, shooting a bright red beam horizontally or vertically so that you can hang or build on a straight line. It automatically levels and even comes with a wall mount, so dads will no longer have to call their kids into the room to help them hold up the leveler while they work.


A Travel Iron For Quick Touch-Ups

There's nothing worse than running late, only to realize you really should've ironed your shirt. Thankfully, this travel iron makes it easy to quickly iron small spots and create sharp collars, and it's easy to store and carry with you when you travel. It's got six heat settings for a variety of different fabrics, a rotating power cord, and adjustable wings.


This Air Fryer That Fries Without Oil

This deep fryer is ready to create the deep fried foods of your dreams, with two convection fans that circulates hot air to your liking — no oil required. Yep! For healthier eating that's still crispy, this also can cook food anywhere from 175 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing an enormous range foods that can be fried. Plus, it's 2-liter capacity is large enough for entire meals.


These Portable Chargers That Fit In Your Wallet

These portable, compact phone chargers are designed for emergency use, to be tucked away until you realize that your phone is knocking on death's door. Sleek design allows these chargers to fit anywhere that a credit card can and works for both Android smart phones and iPhones. Plus, they last for up to 10 years, so once you have one stashed away, you'll be safe for years to come.


A Pizza Cutter That's Effortless

Homemade pizza is extra delicious, but can be a real pain to cut into. This pizza wheel, however, makes it a cinch — it fits perfectly in the palm of a hand, and the sharp blades are far away from any fingers. Bonus: it's easy to clean, too.


An Emergency Radio With A Hand Crank

Whether you're shopping for a doomsday-prepper or just an average dad, both will appreciate this emergency weather radio. It charges up with a manual hand crank, can also power up cell phones, and even includes a flashlight. It's perfect for camping or weather emergencies that cut off the power.


A Fitness Band That Keeps You On Your Toes

This fitness band does more than just track your activity throughout the day. It also motivates you with an inactivity alert, reminding you exactly how long you've been binge-watching that Netflix series. It's also sleek, comfortable, and water-resistant, so you can wear it all day and not have to worry that it will inhibit your daily routine in any way.


A Shaving Set Fueled With Caffeine

This shaving cream and aftershave duo will change anyone's shave routine for the better, adding a serious pep in their beard step. With naturally-derived caffeine, aloe vera, and spearmint, it provides a tingly sensation that is refreshing while also comforting and calming to irritated skin. It may not charge your body like a cup of coffee would, but it will definitely boost your skin's mood.


A Gas Grill That Can Travel

If there's one thing every dad needs, it's a grill: preferably a grill they can take with them wherever they go to make their "famous" burgers. This tabletop gas grill is lightweight and super easy to transport, with stainless steel features and a porcelain enamel-coated grill. It also comes with a lid latch and spill-resistant grease tray, keeping grill adventures mess-free.

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