26 New Poetry Collections By LGBTQIA+ Writers To Look Out For In 2019

If you've ever looked at your nightstand and thought, I should read more poetry, now is the perfect time to get started on broadening your reading horizons. I've picked out 26 new LGBTQIA+ poetry collections out this year, so you can start building your reading list for the rest of 2019.

A number of LGBTQIA+ poets, including Danez Smith, Ocean Vuong, and Chen Chen, have become lauded and awarded members of the literary community in recent years. Some of these writers have branched out into other formats, with Vuong's first novel, On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous, making its debut earlier this year. But even with some of the major players taking 2019 off from publishing, there's still plenty of queer poetry coming out this year, including new books from Franny Choi, Olivia Gatwood, and Tommy Pico.

Each of the 26 books on the list below was composed by a poet from the LGBTQIA+ community, but the poems within may or may not deal heavily in themes related to the poet's queer identity. I've placed each of these works under the umbrella of "queer poetry," but rest assured — these collections are just as diverse as their authors.

Check out the 26 new LGBTQIA+ poetry collections out this year that you should keep an eye on: