27 Clever Things For Your Closet That You'll Find You Can't Live Without

When it comes to getting organized, the closet can be the most overwhelming place in the house. Luckily, there are lots of clever closet organization tools on Amazon that will get your closet space neat in no time and create so much more storage space.

If you're like me, your closets have become a catch-all space for everything from clothing and accessories to toiletries and towels, but with a few items from this list, your closet can be transformed from disorganized to pristine with a home for everything. Pick up some space-saving hangers that make the most of limited hanging space, add shelf dividers that keep your stacked clothes separated, or use an over-the-door organizer with lots of roomy storage compartments. And when you're done organizing, add a sachet of lavender or cedar rings for freshness and to reduce excess moisture without harsh chemicals.

Another plus? Most of the items on this list cost less than $20, so you can get your closet in order without spending a lot of cash. And with Amazon's quick Prime shipping, most of these helpful closet items will arrive at your house in just a few days, so you'll be able to transform your space right away.


These Space-Saving Hangers That Store 6 Items In The Space Of 1

Make the most of limited closet space with these cascading closet hangers. Sold in a pack of four, the metal hangers can be used horizontally to organize clothes by category or vertically to save room. Each sturdy hanger can hold up to 30 pounds of clothes.


These Stick-On Lights With Motion Sensors To Light Up Your Closet

If your closet doesn't have lighting (or you want to grab something without turning on the overhead light), these stick-on lights are a great solution. The set of three easy-to-install night lights automatically turn on when they detect motion and turn off after 15 seconds to preserve battery life.


A Vertical Hanger That's Perfect For Pants Or Towels

Maximize closet space with this four-pack of durable stainless steel pants hangers. Each tiered hanger can hold up to five pairs of pants. And it's also a great way to store towels or scarves. One reviewer wrote: "Theses hangers are really sturdy, very well made and look great in your closet."


A Sturdy Shelf Divider That Keeps Your Stacks Organized

This set of two easy-to-install shelf dividers slide onto standard shelves to instantly create separate compartments for your stuff. The sturdy shelf dividers are perfect for organizing sweaters, towels, purses, and more, and they're tall enough to keep even large stacks tidy which also means you can stack more.


A Durable Tie & Belt Hanger That Has 14 Hooks

This tie and belt hanger has 14 hooks for keeping your accessories organized and free of knots or wrinkles. Just hook the durable metal hanger onto your existing closet rod and add ties and belts, as well as scarves, handbags, and other small items.


A Fabric Over-The-Door Organizer That Has 8 Roomy Pockets

With five large pockets and three small pockets, there's plenty of storage room in this chic over-the-door hanging organizer. Made from strong fabric with two metal hooks for hanging, the organizer offers a long-lasting and convenient way to keep clothing, toiletries, and more tucked away.


A Double Laundry Hamper With Removable Laundry Bags

This double laundry hamper with a lid keeps laundry out of sight and makes organizing your lights and darks (or delicates) super easy. The lightweight hamper has two compartments, and it comes with removable laundry bags that make it easy to move dirty clothes to the washing machine. Choose from six colors including neutral gray and bright pink.


These Wicker Storage Baskets That Fold Flat When You're Not Using Them

These cute foldable baskets are a great way to keep things tidy and works for everything from toiletries to underwear. The set of two handwoven water hyacinth wicker baskets even fold up flat for easy storage when not in use. With a 4.7-star rating after more than 1,000 reviews, they're a solid customer favorite.


These Slim Hangers That Are Covered In Nonslip Velvet

Thanks to their super slim design, these sturdy hangers take up little closet space and can still hold up to 10 pounds each. Plus, the hanger's velvet surface and notches keep garments from slipping and sagging. Get 30 in this set, but they also come in packs of 50 or 100. Choose from black, gray, or ivory.


A Slide-On Organizer That Creates Extra Shelf Space

Increase your shelf space with this handy closet organizer, which slides onto any standard shelf. Made from durable fabric and sturdy steel, they're even adjustable to suit your space. One reviewer noted: "They have had no trouble after three years of holding jeans, heavy sweaters, etc."


These Air Purifying Bags That Remove Odors & Excess Moisture

Made with 100% activated bamboo charcoal, these air purifying bags get rid of odors and moisture without using any fragrance or chemicals. The set includes four large bags that are great for deodorizing closets and four small bags that you can slip into shoes and gym bags. Plus, each charcoal bag can be reused for up to two years — just place the bags in direct sunlight once a month to refresh them.


A Hanging Jewelry Organizer With 80 Clear Pockets

With this hanging jewelry organizer, it's always easy to find the accessories you want. Available in several colors like beige, black, and pink, the organizer has 80 transparent PVC pockets (40 on each side) to store your jewelry collection. It also comes with a hanger for easy placement on the closet door or rod.


These Hangers With Clips That Are Perfect For Skirts & Pants

These trouser and skirt hangers with clips and coated, non-slip tips keep garments securely in place. Sold in a pack of four, each durable metal hanger features a four-tier design that helps your clothes take up less closet space, too.


A Folding Clothes Hanger That Adds Extra Storage Space When You Need It

When you need extra closet space — like when you want to plan out an outfit or hang guests' coats — this folding clothes hanger is a great solution. Made with an aluminum casing and a sturdy stainless steel bar, the hanger opens to hold up to 60 pounds and folds up neatly when not in use. Plus, the folding hanger is easy to install with the included hardware.


A Space-Saving Hanger With 23 Loops For Scarves, Belts, & More

Featuring 23 snag-free loops, this space-saving scarf hanger is perfect for storing scarves, pashminas, tights, belts, and more. Made from sturdy steel wire, the hanger can be added to any closet rod to keep your accessory collection neat, wrinkle free, and easy to see when you're getting ready.


A Clever Handbag Hanger That Has 6 Sturdy Hooks

This metal handbag hanger has six rounded hooks to hold purses, backpacks, and more in one convenient place. The compact hanger fits over most closet rods for a quick way to get your handbags organized and easier to find. One reviewer wrote: "It’s so handy and easy for me to find what purse I am looking for."


This Hanging Organizer That Has 4 Large Cubbies & A Built-In Garment Rod

With four roomy cubbies and a built-in metal garment rod, this hanging closet organizer adds shelf space without you having to lose hanging room. Each cubby is lined with a thickened board to prevent sagging, and the three metal hooks fit easily on the closet rod to help evenly distribute the weight of your stored items up to 25 pounds.


This Wire Shelf That Has A Built-In Garment Rod

For extra shelving in a snap, this ventilated shelf with a closet rod provides lots of storage space in one easy-to-install unit. The vinyl-coated steel wire shelf holds up to 40 pounds, and the hang rod attaches to the shelf to offer smooth sliding action for hangers.


This Baseball Cap Organizer That Holds 10 Hats

Your hat collection will get organized in a flash thanks to this clever baseball cap organizer. Just add the nylon organizer to any hanger (not included) and use the 10 stainless steel clips to hang your baseball caps in one neat row without leaving marks or damage.


These Foldable Storage Bins That Are Great For Socks, Bras & More

This set of six lightweight fabric bins are great for organizing socks, underwear, bras, and more. It comes with two large, two medium, and two small boxes, and they all collapse for easy storage when not in use.


These Clothing Rack Dividers You Can Customize

Turn your closet into an easy-to-browse boutique with these clothing rack dividers. The set of 20 plastic dividers comes with a black marker so you can organize your closet by clothing type, size, or whatever system works best for you.


This Bamboo Shoe Rack That Holds 6+ Pairs Of Shoes

Made from 100% natural sustainable bamboo, this two-tier shoe rack is a stylish way to store your shoe collection. The compact, easy-to-assemble rack holds three to four pairs of shoes on each tier, and if you buy more than one rack, they can be stacked to create even more storage space.


These Bags That Add Soothing Lavender Scent To Your Closet

This pack of 16 dried lavender sachets adds long-lasting fragrance to your closet — just place the sachets on a shelf, in a drawer, or add them to hangers. Each sachet bag is filled with naturally dried French lavender flower buds and has a soothing lavender-rosemary scent. "The main reason I bought them was to deodorize my closets. The shelving in the closets in my house are all solid wood, which is sturdy and durable, but it leaves all on our clothing, towels, and sheets smelling strongly of a sawmill. I put several of these in each closet and it has helped immensely!" one customer raved.


These Multi-Size Garment Bags That Protect Dresses & Suits

To store dresses, suits, and other delicate items, pick up this pack of multi-sized garment bags, which comes with two long bags and three medium-length bags. Each garment bag is made from a breathable non-woven fabric that protects against humidity, dust, and moths. There's also a transparent window so you can easily see what's inside, a reinforced zipper closure, and a metal grommet that fits most clothes hangers.


These Cedar Rings That Tackle Odors, Moisture, & Bugs

These aromatic cedar rings fit onto clothes hangers or slip into shoes to absorb moisture and odors. Sold in a 30-pack, each ring is made from 100% natural cedar wood and freshens with a light forest scent. Many reviewers also swear by them to discourage moths. "These cedar pieces immediately got rid of the little moths that I had started to see in our clothes closet," one wrote.


This Double Closet Rod That Increases Your Hanger Space

Increase your hanger space with this double closet rod, which hooks onto your existing closet rod and takes advantage of the unused space underneath your hanging clothes. Since the heavy-duty rod is placed closer to the floor, it's ideal for hanging skirts, shorts, T-shirts, and other short garments.


These Large Storage Bags That Are Perfect For Bulky Items

These large-capacity clothes storage bags are perfect for jackets, blankets, pillows, and other fluffy items. Sold in a three-pack, each storage bag is made from breathable fabric and has sturdy two-way zippers, reinforced handles, and a large clear window so you can easily see what's inside.

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