27 Donald Trump Jr. Tree Memes That Are Almost Too Perfect

Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you haven't seen them yet, there are some great Donald Trump Jr. memes filling Twitter right now. This is thanks to a recent New York Times profile of the First Kid that that many readers saw as a puff piece. Proclaiming him a "different kind of Trump," the article highlighted the relatively insignificant ways in which Trump Jr.'s path in life has differed from that of his siblings. For instance, he used to go fishing as a child! To illustrate this, the Times used a picture of him sitting on a tree stump in the woods. Hence, the memes.

"Donald Trump Jr. is the Trump who has not always seemed at ease with being a Trump," the article begins. Among the ways Trump Jr. differs from his siblings: He worked as a bartender for a bit before joining the Trump Organization, was once arrested for public intoxication, and "connects with heartland voters." One associate described Trump Jr. as "the more chill version of any of the [Trump] kids."

And how chill is he, you ask? Chill enough that he goes to the woods, sits on a tree stump and stares pensively into the distance when he needs to unwind. Needless to say, this picture was ripe for meme-age, and the good folks of Twitter quickly obliged.

A Good Find

I almost want to listen to this (non-existent) record now. Almost.

Maintain An Equilibrium

Clinton in exchange for Trump Jr.? I'd take that deal.

We All Have Our Battles

It's true: Trump Jr. just isn't a good sitter.

Take Your Son To Work Day

The perspectives on this Photoshop are a bit off, which is part of what makes it so great.

Nice Shoes You've Got There

Those are some mighty clean shoes for someone who ostensibly hangs out in the woods.

A Child's Classic Reinvented

I'd hate-watch this.

Winning Combination

Spot. On.

The Cross-Meme

There's a lot going on here, most of it bad.

From Foe To Friend

For all of its flaws, the Blair Witch didn't campaign for Trump.

Left Behind

Good luck looking at Trump Jr. again without thinking of a scarecrow.

The Woods Is His Muse

I'd read it.

What About Men's History Month?

Shed a tear for the plight of the white man.

Just An Average Hiker, Hiking In The Woods

Fun fact: Your hair doesn't look like that if you've been in the woods for more than 15 minutes.

What Could Have Been

He didn't want it, anyway!

A Little Help

That's an unpleasant visual, so let's just move on.

But I Wanna Be A Rockstar

His face screams "if only I had a guitar."

The Truth

Simple, but perfect.

Easy Choice

The answer is Paul Bunyan.

Late To The Game

"But this album is so good!"

The Slenderman

Alternatively, Trump Jr. would make for a pretty good Slenderman himself.


But they said they'd be here!

Perpetually Starstruck

And he won't let you forget it.


"Come on, this isn't funny."

Variations On A Theme

To any satirists out there, please write this book.

Sad In Plaid

That is quite a bit of plaid.

Is That Steve Bannon?

Trump Jr. would definitely be one of the first to go in a Trump-themed horror film.

And What It All Comes Down To

Aaaaaand scene.

The Trump administration may be terrible (and by "may be," I mean "is"), but at least we're getting some quality memes out of it.