27 Feminist Quotes About Being Single

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So many of us are taught at a young age that our end goal should be a relationship which leads to marriage, kids, a white picket fence, etc. We're often told that being single can be great, but only for short periods of time. But why can't the journey be as great as the destination or somewhere that you choose to stay?

We waste so much time scared of being alone that we can miss out on everything being single has to offer. It's the time where we can figure out who we are, what we want and deserve, and what our actual life goals are, not just the ones we *think* we're supposed to have. Always dreamt of living somewhere like Thailand or Germany? Now's the no-strings attached chance to make that happen. When you're single, you have no responsibility to anyone but yourself and that can be a great thing.

It's the time to create invaluable friendships with people who will always be around for the long haul. Also, it's an opportunity to work on your most important and longest relationship — the one with yourself. In the end, being on your own will help you to grow into a well-rounded, self-loving human being. Check out these feminist quotes for more inspiration.

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