29 Cult-Favorite Products On Amazon That'll Please Literally Everyone

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They say it’s impossible to please everyone – but they clearly haven’t heard about the cult-favorite products on Amazon, because if they did, they might change their tune. These things are innovative, functional, and brilliant enough to make even the pickiest people happy.

With so many products on Amazon, it isn't exactly easy to make yourself stand out or, as a consumer, to know which items are worthy of your investment. When there are hundreds of trinkets that promise they can remove mysterious odors from the depths of your closet, why should you spend your money on one odor-eliminating bag over another odor-eliminating bag?

The answer: user reviews are king. In order to stand apart and become a cult-favorite on Amazon, you need to rack up hundreds (and sometimes thousands) positive reviews, and the only way to really do that is to fulfill every product claim you make.

These 29 Amazon products do exactly that. Some of the items on this list solve a problem you knew you had but weren't sure you could fix (example: durable cooking gloves that aren't bulky, but can actually save you from cutting yourself. Again). Others fulfill a desire or need but do it with incredible ingredients that won't cost you an entire paycheck (see each and every cult-fave skincare or makeup item).

Ready to shop? Here are the Amazon products that, literally, everyone seems to be flipping over.

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