30 Genius Products That Are So Extra They’re Actually Brilliant


If you’re extra, don’t be ashamed — flaunt it. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a little more out of life, and there’s nothing more exciting than finding genius products that are so extra, they're actually brilliant. Because let's face it — over-the-top products are the way to go when you’re all about being dramatic in your day-to-day routine.

Whether you're channeling your inner Scott Disick or giving props to the family who threw their daughter a period party, you recognize that being extra is not a bad thing. In fact, it's something to be celebrated. The definition of extra is actively working to do more than everyone else. So if anything, you're contributing a little more to the world around you.

That's why extra products are something worth investing in. They're actively created to do more than the other products around them. Take mop slippers, for instance — they're comfy footies that let you clean the floors simply by walking. Then there's a compact mirror that secretly doubles as an external battery pack to charge your phone between Twitter rants. Sound extra? Yes. Sound incredible? Double yes. So whether it's for you or your favorite drama queen, here's a rundown of some extra-fabulous and downright extra products.

1. A Clip-On Selfie Light That's Shaped Like A Kitty

OURRY Clip-On Selfie Light, $11, Amazon

Give yourself the ultimate studio lighting with this clip-on selfie light. It's adorably shaped with light pink cat ears that'll help you feel your inner Arianna Grande while snapping photos on nine different light settings. Each clip-on has 32 high-powered LED lights covered with two layers of optical coating, for soft lighting without glare. Also great for computers, it rotates 360 degrees and charges with USB power.


2. These Slippers That Let You Mop While You Strut

Chenille Fibre Unisex Mop Slippers, $7, Amazon

Make sweeping your floors a lot more fun with these mop slippers, made from microfiber chenille that trap and collect dirt. The unisex slippers stretch to fit any shoe size, are machine washable, and come in a few colors to let you dust up dirt and pet hair while walking from the fridge to couch.


3. A Strawberry Huller When Using A Knife Is Too Basic

Chef'n StemGem Strawberry Huller, $7, Amazon

Get a carton of strawberries read to eat and bake with using this brilliant little strawberry huller. It uses a button-operated claw made out of stainless steel to quickly twist out the stem. This lets you fill the strawberry strawberries, decrease prep time for baking, and make cheese plates a little fancier. The dishwasher-safe tool is not only safe, but an easier way to core tomatoes.


4. An Electric Wine Bottle Opener To Make Another Glass Of Rosé Even Easier

Oster Electric Wine Bottle Opener, $18, Amazon

Feel like a sophisticated hostess when you whip out this electric wine bottle opener at your next night in. Use the included foil cutter to quickly remove seals before sliding on the best-selling wine opener. It uses a single operating switch to grab and remove the cork, and has a soft grip handle for ultimate comfort. Return it to the sleek recharging base and let it juice up before opening up to 30 bottles on a single charge.


5. This Hot Dog Toaster That Makes Toasty Buns Even Easier

Elite Cuisine Hot Dog Toaster, $19, Amazon

Prove that you're snack royalty with a hot dog toaster that lets you heat your favorite weenies while toasting hot dog buns at the same time. The compact design comes with five adjustable toasting settings and a cool- touch exterior. It also features a cancel button, hidden cord storage, and a removable crumb tray that slides out from underneath the unit. Available in cyan blue or fire engine red, it also comes with mini metal tongs to help you remove everything with ease.


6. A Knit Spa Wrap That's Made For A Queen

Turkish Linen Spa Body Wrap, $14, Amazon

This spa body wrap is made from an absorbent waffle fabric that's lightweight and thin — perfect for lounging around or wearing after you take a shower. Made in Turkey, it comes with a Velcro adjustable closure and elastic band top that easily adjusts to any bust size. Available in fourteen different colors, the wrap is double stitched for maximum durability, and it's great to wear while getting ready.


7. A Power Scrubber That's A Brilliantly Over-The-Top Way To Clean Your Bathroom

CUH Cordless Power Scrubber, $40, Amazon

Make sure your kitchen sink and tile shower are sparkling by using this cordless power scrubber in your next spring cleaning. The lightweight handle attaches to six scrubbing brushes and a scouring pad to clean your bathroom, kitchen, and outdoors. The brush itself has a high-quality waterproof seal design and a soft grip handle. It runs on a rechargeable battery that rapidly revives in an automatic charging stand before running up to an hour.


8. An Automatic Soap Dispenser Because You're Above Using Your Fingers

Opaceluuk Automatic Soap Dispenser, $19, Amazon

With so many things requiring your attention, your soap dispenser shouldn't be one of them. Instead, this automatic dispenser is made from a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel body that sensors movement to release the perfect amount of soap every time. It uses AAA batteries protected by a waterproof and anti-leakage base to dispense soap in three volume settings. Just over seven inches tall, it keeps your countertops attractive and stops messy drips.


9. This Travel Pillow That's So Comfortable, No One Will Care That It Looks Dramatic

Wrap-a-Nap Travel Pillow, $25, Amazon

You can finally get your deserved beauty sleep anytime with the Wrap-a-Nap travel pillow. The plush fleece pillow is filled with a high-quality down alternative that's super soft, blocks out all light, and muffles sound. The convertible wrap can be used as an ear muff, sleep mask, or travel pillow thanks to extendable Velcro fasteners. It even folds into a compact roll that can attach to luggage.


10. A Facial Mister That Keeps Your Skin Hydrated 24/7

Kingdom Cares Portable Facial Mister, $25, Amazon

Give your skin the treatment and care it deserves with a portable facial mister that produces a hydrating treatment mist. The mini mister turns liquid into tiny nanometer particles that deeply penetrate the skin for maximum absorption. It has a tank that produces enough mist to last for 25 facials — you can use water, or add essential oils for some major benefits. Compact and lightweight, the leakproof mister can easily slip into your purse or makeup bag. One reviewer writes: "Love this gadget! It is great for long flights and after I get my lashes done. Wonderful product!"


11. This Travel Cup That Turns Your Favorite Brew Into Iced Coffee In Minutes

Zoku Ice Coffee Maker, $31, Amazon

Turn your favorite hot cup of coffee into a refreshing iced drink with Zoku's iced coffee maker mug. The cup comes with a stainless steel inner core that can quickly chill hot beverages into cold treats in under five minutes. Just put the mug into the freezer before pouring in hot chocolate, tea, or coffee — and once it cools, it stays chilled for hours. Available in four sophisticated colors, the travel mug also comes with a lid, straw, and protective sleeve.


12. This Soup Mug That Ensures Your Food Won't Touch

Kitchen Gadgets Soup and Cracker Mug, $25 (Set of 2), Amazon

These heavy-duty ceramic mugs let you serve soup and crackers side-by-side in one streamlined dish. Great for cereal and dips as well, the mug holds up to a cup and a half of food, with an attached side compartment for just the right amount of dippable foods. Reviewers say that it's unique, and perfect for ice cream and cookies, too.


13. A Lace Face Mask That Uses Rose Water To Treat The Skin

Lace Your Face Hydrating Rose Mask, $15, Amazon

This hydrating face mask is made out of a natural stretchy cotton lace that compresses to the skin for deep serum absorption without losing breathability. Each mask can be used two times to provide a hydrating rose water treatment that softens skin, and leaves it smooth and glowing. Also packed with hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid that increase moisture retention, the masks are hypoallergenic and mess-free. The masks even come with a chin strap to help keep things from moving.


14. A Facial Cleansing Brush That You Can Use In The Shower

Remington Facial Cleansing Brush, $30, Amazon

This facial cleansing brush comes with a dual-action head that rotates and vibrates for a gentle, effective clean. Personalize your brush to your skin type with three speed setting indicated on the illuminated brush head. It's cordless with rechargeable batteries that last up to 30 uses, and is safe to use in the shower. The brush also features a one-minute pulsing timer that vibrates every twenty seconds to instruct you to move onto the next region of your skin.


15. These Glass Straws That Let You Sip Without Hurting The Environment

JimJim Glass Straws, $8 (4 Pack), Amazon

Make your guest feel fancy AF when you pull out these glass straws — they're handmade, nine inches long, and come in a pack of four with bent and straight options. Shatter-resistant and dishwasher safe, they're made of borosilicate glass that's eco-friendly, free of heavy metals, and non-toxic. Not to mention they come with a tiny cleaning brush that ensures they're actually clean when you wash them.


16. An Instant Hair Curler That Does All The Work For You

Conair Infiniti Pro Curl, $60, Amazon

This odd-looking Infiniti Pro Curl creates instantly beautiful curls with minimal effort — by adding hair to a chamber that does all the work for you. It uses tourmaline ceramic technology to eliminate static, reduce frizz, and protect hair from heat damage while also giving your strands added shine. The tool heats up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for long-lasting curls. Just select between two heat levels and three timer settings for loose, medium, and tight curls. Within seconds you'll have beautiful curls without fear of tangles.


17. This Herb Saver That Makes Basil Last Longer While Looking Chic

Prepara Herb Saver, $10, Amazon

Triple the lifespan of your favorite herbs with this dishwasher-safe herb saver. Just open the clear front cover and put in your freshly washed and dried herbs into the pod before snapping it close. Also great for asparagus, the BPA-free plastic pod has a refillable water reservoir to keep the stems submerged in water. Replace the water every three to five days to maximize the longevity of your herbs. Almost ten inches tall, the pod is designed to fit comfortably in most fridge doors.


18. These Bags That Let You Make Grilled Cheese In A Toaster

RL Treats Reusable Toaster Bags, $7 (3 Pack), Amazon

These reusable toaster bags basically guarantee you'll eat way more grilled cheese sandwiches. The 100 percent non-stick bags save you time and energy by letting you make delicious comfort food in your toaster without creating mounds of messy dishes. The easy-to-clean bags are completely reusable and sized to fit most toasters for a three-minute sammie whenever your heart desires.


19. An Extra Set Of Hands To Hold Your Phone In Place

Honsky Adjustable Hands Stand, $9 (2 Pack), Amazon

This adjustable smart device stand expands up to eight inches to comfortably hold a smart phone or tablet. Compact and creative with a thumbs-up design, the stand is made of a high-grade recyclable plastic that's flexible yet durable — and won't scratch your phone. Easy to adjust for different angles, the holder works both vertically and horizontally. It's great for watching videos or movies wherever you want to.


20. A Compact Mirror That's Also An External Battery

Vinking Power Compact Power Bank Mirror, $17, Amazon

Shock your friends by pulling out a compact mirror the next time your phone dies. Doubling as a power bank that charges your phone up to two times, the compact design ensures no space is wasted in your bag. The mirror has one regular mirror and another magnified side — and both are illuminated by eight bright LED lights with a power switch. The design also features a secure magnetic closure and comes in gold, pink, or white.


21. This Bracelet That Also Diffuses Essential Oils

Yesorno Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelet, $12 (2 Pack), Amazon

Let your jewelry do double duty with these aromatherapy diffuser bracelets. Each bracelet features a mix of lava stone rock beads and white howlite lava beads on an adjustable cord bracelet with a sliding knot closure. Just add a drop of essential oils to the stone beads' porous surface and smell as they diffuse throughout the day. Lightweight and waterproof, one reviewer wrote: "I put night time essential oils on them and use them to help sleep better at night time."


22. A Portable Blender That Uses USB Charging

PopBabies Portable Blender, $31, Amazon

This compact portable blender lets you blend 16 delicious ounces of shakes and smoothies in just 20 seconds. The detachable BPA-free bottle has built-in sealed blades that ensure tiny fingers won't go anywhere near dangerous blades. Just charge it for four to five hours with the USB charging system for on-the-go breakfasts every morning. Great for baby food, milkshakes, salad dressing, purees, and more, the blender also comes with am ice tray that makes little cubes — perfect for smoothies (or cocktails).


23. This Tea Infuser That'll Never Let You Forget Young Leo

Fred & Friends TEATANIC Infuser, $10, Amazon

Make tea for two with the Teatanic Infuser as you somberly recall how there was enough room for two people on that door. The soft silicone tea-infuser is food-safe and won't change the taste of your calming Chamomile. Dishwasher- and microwave-safe, it floats on the surface of your tea so you won't have to fish it out. Measuring just under five inches by two inches, it's the perfect way to make a cup of tea as you listen to Celine Dion on repeat.


24. This Gel Eye Mask That's A Treat For Your Face

Perfecore Gel Face Mask, $20, Amazon

This gel face mask can be used to instantly rejuvenate and soothe skin. Great for both hot and cold therapy, the gel mask holds its temperature to treat muscle and joint swelling, all while reducing tired, puffy eyes. The gel beads form a custom fit to any face, and as a soft, fuzzy backing that's comfortable on skin and attaches to the head with two Velcro straps.


25. These Nail Stencils That Give You The Perfect Manicure

CreaClips Nail Polish Stencils, $22, Amazon

Give yourself the perfect nail polish every time with CreaClips polish stencils. The plastic stencils are reusable and come with 26 different pieces in 10 different sizes to match different nails. They make applying nail polish with your non-dominant hand even easier. The durable stencils also come with French tip strips to help you create the perfect French manicure at home.


26. A Foot Massager That Attaches To Your Shower Floor

KIAYACI Shower Foot Massager, $16, Amazon

This shower foot massager lets you scrub down and massage your feet while relaxing in the warm stream of water. The plastic mat suctions to the bottom of your shower floor with bristles in a variety of hardness and lengths to promote blood circulation and relieve fatigue. Each mat is large enough to fit both feet and includes a tiny loop to hang it when not in use. One reviewer writes: "This is the best foot scrubber I've ever used. It's big enough for my husband's feet and the suction cups work well keeping it in place. Worth every penny."


27. A Face Mask Prepping Set To Make You Feel Like A Queen

Lictin Facial Mask Prep Set, $8, Amazon

Turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa with a facial mask prep set that includes two brushes and a hair band. The lightweight brushes have a soft nylon brush head and a wooden brush handle ideal for generously applying face masks to your skin. The polyester hair band comes with cute cat ears, and an elastic band that lets it stretch to your head while staying in place.


28. These Wine Chilling Pearls That'll Make Sure You Never Say Not To Pinot

Lily's Home Wine Chilling Pearls, $16 (4 Pack), Amazon

Quickly chill your Chardonnay with stainless steel pearls filled with a food-safe freezing gel that quickly cools your drinks without watering them down. They measure just over one inch long with four sold in a pack — though you'll only need two to cool your drink. Great for cocktail parties and backyard barbecues, they need to be hand washed between uses.


29. A Desk Cycle That'll Keep You In Shape While Browsing YouTube

VIVE Portable Arm & Leg Peddler Machine, $40, Amazon

Turn your desk into a relaxing home gym with this portable arm and leg peddling machine. The compact machine is just nine inches high and easily fits under a desk with non-slip, non-marking feet that keep the exerciser in place. Each pedal has an adjustable toe loop for maximum comfort and safety. Easily adjust the tension level to control the difficulty of your workout before folding it away for compact storage. An LCD even displays your time, speed, distance, calories burned and RPM.


30. This Purse Light That Illuminates The Depth Of Your Stuffed Bag

SOI Mini Purse Light, $20, Amazon

Never lose anything in your Mary Poppins-esque purse again with SOI's mini purse light. It automatically turns on to illuminate your bag for 10 seconds before shutting off. Made in Germany, it uses proximity sensors to control the light-flow, letting it light up even the smallest bags or drawers with ease. Best of all, it runs of CR2 batteries that can quickly be replaced for years of use.

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