Get Super Inspired By These Bernie Sanders Tweets

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

He may not have been hired to run the country, but Bernie Sanders could certainly make a career out of motivational speaking. The Vermont senator and former Democratic presidential candidate has remained noticeably vocal since losing out on last year's run for the White House. While he continues to fight for his ideals in Congress, Sanders' motivational tweets remind his supporters not to lose hope during the Trump era.

These days, Sanders is back in Congress, but he still spends a fair amount of time on the campaign trail — er, road. Shortly after the November election, Sanders released a new book. It's fittingly called Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In, piggy-backing off the sensational campaign that he ran last year. Although he didn't win the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, Sanders earned grassroots support from young voters and small donors across the country, making a name for himself and his platform. Now, he's promoting the book and his success through a book tour, and his stops in various cities sometimes look more like campaign rallies than book signings.

Sanders' hopeful message goes beyond the title of his new book. It's also in the tweets he shares online to his millions of followers. In 140-character bursts, Sanders reminds those followers not to let their discouragement with the Trump administration become inaction.

1. Fighting Back

It's no secret that Sanders doesn't see eye to eye with the current administration. Chances are, his followers don't either. With this sort of motivation, those followers are bound to stay active.

2. Inauguration

Sanders' response to the inauguration of President Trump was to empower his followers to do more.

3. Our Job

A vibrant democracy requires citizen participation.

4. Diversity

Sanders' motivational message is for people of all backgrounds.

5. Going Forward

Sanders' tweets empower women and all Americans to stand up for their rights.

6. Brought Us Closer

A picture is worth a thousand words, but Sanders only needed 140 characters to sum this one up.

7. Every Generation

Sanders won over lots of young supporters during his campaign. He may not share their generation, but he can inspire them to keep carrying on his work.

8. Real Change

Sanders' motivational messages are reminiscent of another famous politician who promised change.

9. Stay Focused

Stay focused on what you want from your government and how to get it.

10. Stand Together

Whether you're opposing Trump or fighting Congress, there's strength in numbers.

11. Can And Will

Despite all that's going on, Sanders' view of politics is hopeful.

12. Settling In

Buckle up, Berners.

13. Minimum Wage

Want a higher minimum wage? You can do something about it.

14. Supreme Court

This tweet says, "You're not alone."

15. Health Care

Talk of health care has never sounded so inspiring.

16. Reject Hate

Remember the campaign mantra: Love trumps hate.

17. Today And Tomorrow

Sanders has a plan that his supporters can follow forward.

18. Avoid Divisions

Sanders encourages his supporters to stick together, no matter what walls Trump tries to build up.

19. All Of Us

The more the merrier in Sanders' fight.

20. Just Begun

Don't think of it as four years of Trump. Think of it as four years of activism.

21. Our Hands

There are no bench warmers on Sanders' team.

22. Say Otherwise

For Sanders, it's about "us," not you or me.

23. It's Working

Your hard work does not go unnoticed.

24. Transform The World

If this doesn't inspire you to rally, then I don't know what will.

25. Be Proud

Sanders is focused on what's already great, not what needs to be made great.

26. Going Forward

Divisions will only send us backward.

27. Thank You

It's still just the beginning.

28. Many Important Fights

Sanders is in it for the long haul. Are you?

29. Too Important

Those "many important fights" he mentioned must be faced with unity.

30. Fighting For The Future

It's important to remember what you're fighting for.

31. Can't Stay Silent

Perhaps the most important part of Sanders' message is to use your voice.

Whether in his role as senator or out on the road, Sanders is surely using his voice. His motivational messages for the American people empower his supporters to stand with him and take action however they can. It's that kind of activist spirit that made Sanders' campaign so successful — and it's still relevant in the post-election era.