34 Surprising Gifts For Men That Are Sure To Sell Out

It can be pretty difficult buy presents for the men in your life — not all men love ties and golfing equipment, but that often seems to be the only things gift roundups seem to offer. If you need a little extra inspiration on knowing what gifts to buy for men, whether it's your brother, dad, or partner, check out the best-sellers lists on various different shopping sites. These popular presents are sure to please — the proof's in the dozens of reviews and countless buyers who scored such massive brownie points with their gift-giving abilities that other people just had to follow suit.

Another awesome thing about wish lists and best-seller pages is that they're often genuinely original and super inclusive. You've got countless categories for all different types of guys, from the sports player to the gamer and the artist to the fashion expert. Yeah, the occasional grill accessory does pop up (hey, some guys like to grill!), but for the most part, these products are selling like hotcakes because they're innovative, useful, and really high quality. If you're in the market for a surprising gift for any man in your life, check out these genius ideas that are sure to sell out this year.

1For The Binge-Watcher In Your Life


All-New Fire TV Stick, $40, Amazon

For the man in your life who loves to binge watch, the Amazon Fire TV stick lets him stream over 7,000 apps, games, and shows, including Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. It's also voice-activated with Alexa, so you can also order pizza and put on the game with only a few select words.

2This Epic Tripod For Convenient Pictures And Selfies


CamRah Flexible Tripod, $25, Amazon

If he's an aspiring photographer, this CamRah tripod makes for an awesome and convenient gift. The flexible legs allow him to position his smartphone or camera at any height (or around a tree) for the best possible angle, and it comes with a Bluetooth button for selfies and distance shots.

3The Easy And Healthy Way To Fry Things At Home


Black And Decker 2-Liter Oil Free Air Fryer, $83, Amazon

People tend to avoid frying in their own home because of how dangerous, unhealthy, and messy it is, but this air fryer is quite the opposite. Made from stainless steel, this durable kitchen tool lets you fry everything from chicken to potatoes to kale with little to no oil, so it's healthier, too!

4For The Vintage Music Lover


1byone Stereo Turntable, $48, Amazon

If he's a music lover (especially of the retro variety), this 1byone Stereo Turntable does a whole lot. Yeah, it plays records with three speeds and USBs through amazing speakers, but it also allows you to record all your vinyls to MP3 format. It's also really compact and classy looking, making it a perfect fit for any room in his home.

5High Quality Keepsakes At The Touch Of A Button


HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer, $130, Amazon

This HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer pairs with his phone and prints his favorite pictures with gorgeous color and a high-quality image. You can connect with the HP Sprocket App to add text, borders, and emojis for quick cards, and it's durable, compact, and super portable.

6This Lifesaver For Travel And Tough Spots


Esky Portable Emergency Solar Crank, $17, Amazon

For any dude who loves to camp, travel, or just be prepared, there's this portable emergency solar crank. Simply crank by hand to generate enough energy for a bright LED light and AM or FM radio. And it's got a built-in smartphone charger for those times he's low on juice.

7From Leaves To Dirt, This Compact Car Vacuum Does It All


Onshowy Car Vacuum Cleaner, $35, Amazon

If he could use a little help with the upkeep of his car, this Onshowy Car Vacuum Cleaner is wildly useful. It plugs into the cigarette lighter in the car to both suck and blow, it comes with different attachments, and it can be used for wet or dry things, meaning that it's ideal for the dirt at your feet or the leaves on your windshield.

8These Trendy Mugs For Any Iced Drink Or Cocktail


Moscow Mule Mugs, $36, Amazon

These Moscow Mule mugs are trending like crazy right now, so whether he's a cocktail fan or just owns a kitchen, he'll straight up love them. They're made from pure food grade copper and each one has a handcrafted hammered look -- but they're not just for Moscow Mules. The metal holds in the chill of any iced drink, and this set of four also comes with a free shot glass.

9A Ridiculously Badass Wine Opener


Secura Stainless Steel Electric Wine Bottle Opener, $20, Amazon

If he's a wine fan, this Secura electric wine bottle opener is all over the most-wished-for lists. It's stainless steel and removes the cork in seconds every time, and it can open up to 30 bottles on a single charge. That being said, the elegant charging station and cool blue light makes this the most badass opener I've ever seen.

10This Tiny (But Smart) Voice-Activated Companion


Amazon Tap, $130, Amazon

The Tap makes an incredible gift for anyone, and almost 4,000 reviewers agree. It's a little voice-activated speaker that can play your music, tell you the weather, order you a pizza, and answer your questions. You can also hook it up to your smart lights, automated blinds, and Bluetooth speakers.

11An Awesome Diffuser With A Really Sick Glowing Design


Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser, $24, Amazon

Not only does this aromatherapy oil diffuser deliver a steady stream of his favorite essential oils in a puff of cool, hydrating mist, but it has 14 color modes in an epic 3D bubble design.

12Make Two Perfect Sandwiches At Once


Hamilton Beach Panini Press Gourmet Sandwich Maker, $20, Amazon

If he's a fan of sandwiches (genuinely, who isn't?) but he's not a multitasker, this Hamilton Beach dual sandwich maker makes 'em all in one go. It's also got a cafe-style floating lid, so that he can press any size sandwich.

13Create Immediate Memories With This Automatic Camera


Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera, $100, Amazon

Believe it or not, the Polaroid craze isn't over just yet. This small and durable Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 instant film camera lets him take and print pictures right away, wherever he is. It's got an LED flash, an improved viewfinder, and automatic exposure to assure that every shot is worthy of keeping forever.

14This Professional Art Set And Easel All In One


Royal & Langnickel All Media Easel Artist Set, $59, Amazon

If he's big into art and creativity, this Royal & Langnickel easel artist set will help him feel like a pro. It comes with 104 pieces (including pencils, watercolors, oil paints, acrylics, pastels, knives, and brushes) all in a study wooden case that folds upwards to become a durable easel.

15A Smart Watch That Tracks His Health


Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker, $100, Amazon

The Fitbit Alta is just about as reliable and useful as they come. In addition to tracking everything from your workouts to your sleep patterns, it also has insanely awesome features like a vibrating alarm, a text and call screen, as well as calendar notifications.

16Give Him The Gift Of His Own History


AncestryDNA, $99, Amazon

Tons of people are giving the gift of history with the AncestryDNA kit, which tracks his ethnic mix across 26 regions worldwide. It also allows him to find and connect to relatives he never knew he had, and all it takes is a saliva sample and a few weeks of waiting.

17These Top-Of-The-Line Headphones That Cancel Outside Noise


Bose Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones, $300, Amazon

Bose remains one of the all-time best companies for reliable noise-canceling sound, and these Bose acoustic noise cancelling headphones are no exception. Advanced technologies eliminate almost all outside noise and distractions, the sound is ridiculously crystal clear, and the cushions ensure hours of comfortable wear no matter what you're doing. They also have an integrated microphone, up to 35 hours of battery life, and a sleek, modern look that people are flipping over.

18Fulfill His Urge For Herbs Without The Need For A Backyard


Miracle-Gro AeroGarden, $90, Amazon

For someone with the urge for herbs without the green thumb, there's this Miracle-Gro AeroGarden. It allows for up to three plants grown year-round in water rather than soil, and the full spectrum grow light keeps things fresh, alive, and flourishing right on his counter top. Best of all, this one comes with everything from the seeds to the food.

19So He Can Cut, Peel, And Work Without Any Injuries


Cut Resistant Gloves, $12, Amazon

A really practical gift for any chef, carpenter, or wood worker, these cut resistant gloves stand up to just about anything to ensure a safe job. They're really lightweight and comfortable with a snug grip for the utmost of dexterity, and they're also food safe and machine washable, so he can peel, cut, or work without any injuries whatsoever.

20These Modern Yet Timeless Bamboo Sunglasses


Treehut Wooden Bamboo Sunglasses, $40, Amazon

If he's got even one fashionable bone in his body, he'll love these Treehut wooden bamboo sunglasses, which are made from sustainable bamboo frames. They also have a classic semi-rimless look that people can't stop raving about: "Excellent in every way. The bamboo temples are an attention getter. The lenses are very clear. They are lightweight, but not so light as to feel cheap. In fact, they seem much more expensive."

21This Awesome 3D Pen For Making Models Via Doodling


Professional 3D Printing Pen Kit, $50, Amazon

If drawing on paper is just a little too boring for him, this professional 3D printing pen kit is the answer. He can now create awesome 3D sculptures and drawings with four different colored filaments, an LED screen, and a comfortable grip. It's great for businessmen who need to create models or just guys who love to doodle.

22This Genius Belt That Always Fits


Mission Belt Men's Leather Ratchet Belt, $37, Amazon

This genius leather belt fits every time, all the time. Instead of using holes, it adjusts to be your perfect fit and locks right in place. It won't crack, it won't wear out over time, and you can easily remove the buckle to get through airport security in no time. Plus, a dollar from every Mission Belt sold goes to families in need.

23For The Chef


Click and Grow Indoor Smart Herb Garden, $60, Amazon

Herbs look incredible growing away right on your kitchen counter. This garden set gives you everything you need for your own herb garden within two months.

24This Awesome Kit To Make His Own Whiskey Or Rum

Whiskey Making Kit, $70, Amazon

If he's particularly attached to his favorite drinks, this whiskey making kit lets him take mixology into his own hands. It comes with just about everything he needs to make his own one-of-a-kind whiskey, and people love the old-style barrel and genius idea.

25This Cookware Set For The Outdoorsman


Camping Cookware, $20, Amazon

If he's the outdoorsy type, this compact and travel-friendly camping cookware set ensures that he can make a meal anywhere he happens to make camp. It comes with ten pieces (including a non-toxic pot, bowls, utensils, a cleaning sponge, and a recipe book), and all of it is collapsible and fits beautifully in its nylon travel bag.

26This Personal Massager That Even Heats Up


Naturalico Shiatsu Massager, $37, Amazon

This Naturalico shiatsu massager is on tons of people's wishlists because it relieves pain and tight muscles from your shoulders to your feet. It deeply massages tissues with multiple nodes and multi-directional movement, and it heats up for the most relaxing experience he'll have all year.

27This Cool Little Projector For His Smartphone


Excelvan 2600 Lumens Mini LED Home Theater, $160, Amazon

This old-fashioned smartphone projector has a modern twist — it works alongside his smart phone to play videos and pictures on a wall or screen in clear, huge magnification.

28This Luxurious Razor For The Avid Shaver


Top Double Edge Safety Razor, $25, Amazon

Believe it or not, both men and women are turning to safety razors for a closer, more reliable shave, and this high-end Top double edge safety razor is no exception. It's expertly engineered to get extra close with no cuts, it's got a beautiful chrome finish that won't tarnish, and it comes with five replacements, a leather blade cover, and a polishing towel.

29For The Guy Who Loves To Entertain


VonShef Bamboo Cheese & Crackers Board, $29, Amazon

This original and practical Cheese & Crackers serving board makes a great gift for any guy who loves to entertain. It's made from natural bamboo wood and has a slide-out feature that makes cutting, displaying, and serving a breeze.

30For The Creative Thinker Or The Kid-At-Heart


BrookStone Sand Box, $15, Amazon

If he's a kid at heart or just needs an excuse to harness some creativity, the BrookStone sand box makes a great addition to any work desk. It has a natural polished look and comes with a cylindrical mold and a shaping tool, so all you have to do is add the flexible non-drying sand (not included) for hours of building, creativity, and fun.

31This Great Way To Salvage Old Razors And Save Money


Razor Pit Sharpener, $30, Amazon

This genius Razor Pit sharpener straightens out and cleans dull blades, whether they're on a disposable or a safety razor. That means a closer cut, fever nicks, and less money spent on new blades every month.

32This Beyond Durable Bag For Commuters Or Travelers


SealLine Urban Backpack, $92, Amazon

SealLine Urban backpack makes a lovely gift for any guy, whether he's a traveler, camper, or commuter. In addition to its roll-down top, breathable and ergonomic shoulder straps, and a sternum strap, it's also just insanely waterproof and durable.

"I ran this bag through the ringer and back. I've certainly used it in just some casual everyday traveling situations but this bag has been dropped, banged, smashed, drowned, and then some. It has survived white water rapids, torrential down pours, dry basting heats, gail force winds, and it's true test, airport baggage terminals," says one reviewer.

33This Convenient New Way To Grill Flavorful Meats And Veggies


Brookstone Grill Tumbler, $40, Amazon

This Brookstone grill tumbler is a number one new release because it makes it insanely easy for him to grill his favorite meats and vegetables with bold tastes and zero hassle. The basket itself has a non-stick coating and silicon handles, and it comes with a marinating tray to keep things flavored and tender.

34A Genius Gift For The Hockey Fan In Your Life


Hockey Puck Bottle Opener, $16, Amazon

If he's a huge sports fan, this one's a great idea: a hockey puck bottle opener. Functioning as a bottle opener, coaster, and actual hockey puck, it's an epic yet functional gift that he'll love using.

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