39 Five-Star Products On Amazon That Are Absurdly Comfortable & A Little Ridiculous

There are tons of comfortable items on the market, including sweatshirts, blankets, and pillows. But what if you could combine all three of those things into one genius product? I have good news: You totally can with these highly-rated and ridiculously comfy products on Amazon.

Sure, this oversized blanket-sweatshirt might not look like your average get-up — but if reviewers have consistently given it five stars, then it must be cozy (and totally worth it). To be honest, customer reviews are important to read when it comes to seeking out sheets, blankets, robes, and more. Usually, shoppers won't lie to you when it comes to comfort. If they expected ultra-luxe micro-fleece and ended up with something scratchy and subpar, they'll let you know.

You can also find out if that memory foam travel pillow is actually comfortable if it has tons and tons of reviews (I'm talking hundreds and thousands). If customers are still giving that unique, twistable cushion five stars, then it's obvious that it's worth the investment.

Whether you're in the market for something extremely soft (or if you're not exactly sure what you need for extra relaxation), then this collection of cozy, yet affordable items on Amazon will help you out.

1. This Memory Foam Pillow With A Built-In Speaker System

Not only is this contoured pillow extremely comfortable, but it can also play your music as you fall asleep. It's made from memory foam that's firm (but not too firm), and is shaped to gently cradle your head and support your neck while you snooze. Plus, its high-quality speakers are inside the pillow so you can listen to light music or white noise without relaxing with headphones on your ears. It even comes with a breathable bamboo pillowcase that's also machine-washable.

2. A Memory Foam Footrest That You Can Use On Airplanes

Here's how this memory foam footrest works: Just slip the elastic band over the tray table in front of you and hang your feet through it. That's it. This little sling stays put on any train or plane ride while your feet remain elevated to relieve pressure from your ankles and calves. Its memory foam padding even conforms to your feet, so it'll feel like you're relaxing on clouds while you're flying through them.

3. This Memory Foam Travel Pillow That Twists Like A Pretzel

Once you get your hands on this twistable travel pillow, you'll want to toss your traditional C-shaped pillow into the donation bin. The pillow itself is made with super soft memory foam, but it also features a flexible core that holds its position (no matter which shape you work it into). It also comes with a breathable cotton cover that's simple to wash, along with snap closures at each end so you can carry it anywhere.

4. An Extra-Soft Microfiber Towel That'll Help Your Hair Dry ASAP

This hair towel is made with soft and lightweight "waffle-weave" microfiber that'll help your hair dry naturally (without drying out). In fact, it's is so soft that over 500 customers wrote positive reviews about it. One person wrote, "This is my second purchase of this towel and needless to say, I love it! It is the first 'fast drying' towel that actually lives up to the hype." On top of that, there's a small band attached that'll keep the towel in place if you're wearing it around your head.

5. This Oversized Sweatshirt That You Can Use Like A Blanket

This wearable blanket sweatshirt is a must-have when the weather gets cold. It's pretty much a buttery-soft blanket, but with added sleeves and a hood. The cozy getup is lined with polyester sherpa for maximum comfort when you want to get warm. Plus, it's purposely oversized so you can tuck your legs and feet into it while you watch the game or hang out on your couch. There's also a front pocket that's the perfect size for keeping your hands covered.

6. A Reversible Travel Pillow That's Made Of Memory Foam

This reversible memory foam travel pillow isn't your typical cushion. Instead, you can flip it around to work on horizontal or vertical surfaces. To use it on your tray table, set the pillow with all four legs down, and then slip your arms underneath it. To use it while you're sitting upright, set your head in the center arch. This pillow will gently hold your head in place so you can sleep without slumping over. Bonus: It even comes with earplugs and a sleep mask.

7. These Cold Therapy Socks With Pockets For Chilly Gel Packs

Say goodbye to foot pain with these cold therapy socks. Each sock comes with two pockets for gel packs that can be removed and chilled in the fridge. Those gel packs work to cool down your feet and reduce pain and swelling within seconds. The socks are stretchy and soft, providing additional comfort around your feet. Not to mention, they've accumulated over 1,200 five-star reviews.

8. An Inflatable Pillow That You Can Use On-The-Go

If you aren't into more traditional travel pillows, this inflatable pillow is definitely your best bet. It comes in a super small bag that's easy to throw into your carry-on or purse. Once you're in transit, it's game on. Just blow up this rectangular footrest to your preferred height, drop it at your feet, and start relaxing. One reviewer wrote that its fabric is "very smooth," which is always a plus.

9. These Breathable Water Shoes That Protect Your Feet At The Beach

These water shoes have over 3,000 positive reviews for a good reason: They're extremely comfy and help your feet breath in wet situations. At a first glance, they look like regular sneakers — but they're actually made with a durable rubber sole that lets the water out, along with a breathable mesh covering. The holes in the mesh are just the right size to protect your feet while allowing airflow to keep blisters at bay. You can choose from various different colors to match your wardrobe.

10. A Half-Moon Memory Foam Pillow That Helps Relieve Back Pain

Place this half-moon pillow behind your knees instead of your head to give your back some much-needed relief at the end of a long day. Here's how it works: The gentle curve of the pillow fits perfectly behind your knees to neutralize your spine and relieve back pain. It's made from visco-elastic memory foam that has just enough softness give to keep you comfortable. Plus, the pillow comes with a removable, breathable cover that's machine-washable.

11. This Fleece Blanket That Looks Like A Massive Tortilla

This circular blanket is big and cozy — but that's not the best part. You can literally feel and look like a burrito while you wrap yourself up in it, because it looks like a soft tortilla. The blanket is 60 inches in diameter and made from super soft fleece, so you can get cozy by yourself or with a buddy. And unlike regular tortillas, this one is machine-washable so you can use it again and again.

12. These Foot-Peel Masks That Use Lavender Oil To Soften Your Skin

Heal dry, cracked feet with these foot-peel masks that are gentle on your skin. The masks come in the form of booties, and each one includes various plant extracts (like lavender and aloe vera). To use them, cut slits into the booties, slip your feet into them, and then wear them for one hour (or 90 minutes). Then, over the course of several days, your skin will start to peel and you'll start seeing smooth results.

13. A Memory Foam Seat Cushion With Cooling Gel Layers

This comfy seat cushion can help relieve back pain and sore muscles — and it's great if you sit at a desk all day long. The pillow features ergonomic contouring that'll conform to your body as you sit, and its high-grade memory foam will help you sink in without any pressure on your muscles or joints. Plus, the pillow's gel layers will keep you from getting too warm. It even comes with a breathable cover that you can throw in the wash.

14. This Wireless Mouse That Has Over 10,500 Glowing Reviews

With over 10,500 five-star reviews, this wireless mouse is definitely a fan favorite: It's basically sculpted as a perfect rest for your right hand. You barely have to move your fingers to reach the buttons, and its tracker ball sits directly under your thumb. Plus, it only takes one AA battery that'll last for up to 18 months.

15. A Compression Wrap With A Cooling Gel Pack In The Center

This compression wrap is more than just tightly-woven fabric. It features the benefits of compression technology to help reduce swelling, along with a cooling gel pack in the center. You can pop this entire pack into the freezer before slipping it on, and it'll hold its cold temperature to relieve pain as you wear it. You can wear it around your feet, ankles, and wrists for a cooling sensation.

16. These Cotton Toe Socks That'll Keep Your Feet Cool And Dry

Not only do these colorful toe socks keep your toes separated, but they're also made from absorbent materials to keep your feet cool and dry. Their breathable, slightly elastic cotton fabric will stretch with your feet as you move — and their crew-length hem hits just below the calf. One reviewer wrote, "These socks are perfect. The toes are good sized so not too tight. The material is soft and the top elastic is not too tight, but is tight enough to stay up."

17. This Adjustable Bamboo Toilet Stool That Helps You Squat

Hear me out: This squatting stool is a necessity if you tend to spend a decent amount of time on the toilet. Just slip this bamboo stool right beneath your toilet bowl, prop up your feet, and get to work. You can also adjust the height as needed to make it even easier to go. One reviewer wrote, "This is one of the best purchases I have ever made."

18. A Portable Roller Stick That'll Loosen Up Your Muscles

If you struggle with aches and pains, this massage roller stick is an absolute must. It's made from "industrial-strength" materials that won't bend with pressure. The rubber coating also features durable "knots" that place just enough pressure on tight muscles to trigger them so they loosen. Plus, its ergonomic handles make it easy to hang on tight while you give yourself a much-needed massage.

19. These Toeless Compression Socks That Support Your Arches

Give your feet the support they deserve with these toeless compression socks. They feature major compression technology to support your ankles and arches. Plus, their open toes allow for maximum airflow to cool you down. They're also completely moisture-wicking to keep you dry all day long. Reviewers swear these socks work wonders for foot pain, with one reviewer writing, "These socks are a lifesaver for my feet."

20. A Lightweight Backpack That's Totally Water-Resistant

This extremely lightweight backpack is perfect for everything from running errands to taking a day hike. It's made from durable nylon that won't tear — and it's covered with a waterproof coating so you can carry it in any weather. It even also comes with its own little pouch that you can carry it around in. The backpack fits in just about any purse or bag so you can use it anywhere, regardless of where you're traveling.

21. A Cozy Beanie With A Built-In Bluetooth Speaker

This Bluetooth beanie does way more than keep your ears warm. That's right: It also plays your music without the headphones. The hat features a Bluetooth-capable speaker within the fabric that can hook up to your smartphone. Play music or take a call without the wires as you walk and chat while simultaneously keeping your head warm. Even better? The battery is rechargeable so you don't have to constantly change them.

22. These Inflatable Neck Pillows That'll Help Improve Your Posture

Stiff neck, no more. Reviewers swear that this neck traction device has saved them from sore muscles and slumped shoulders. It looks a lot like a stack of C-shaped travel pillows, and it works similarly to stabilize your cervical spine. The difference is in the air compression, though. This device comes with an air valve and small pump so you can inflate it to your desired height. Then, you can wear it while you're working at your desk or lounging around to help you straighten out your spine and relieve pain.

23. A Curved Keyboard That'll Make Typing So Much Easier

This ergonomic keyboard is designed to help your hands and wrists sit at a natural angle to relieve pressure. For one, it's split down the middle so you don't have to stretch too far to reach any of the keys. It also featured an integrated palm rest so your wrists don't bend at an awkward angle. On top of that, the keys are extremely tactile, meaning they offer a lot of give so you can type quickly without having to pound them.

24. A Cozy Blanket That You Can Wear As A Sweatshirt

This fuzzy blanket doubles as a sweatshirt that you could totally wear out of the house. It's made with super soft polyester microfiber on one side, and sherpa-style polyester on the other. Since it's reversible, you can choose which stye you want to wear out. Plus, it features a lined hood and a huge front pocket that you can use to store gloves or mittens. (You could also just rest your hands inside of it to keep them warm.)

25. This Headphone Band That Also Keeps Your Ears Warm

If you're hoping to catch an extra snooze, consider these headband earphones. They can deliver soothing sounds while keeping your ears toasty. The headband itself is made from breathable fabric and features two disc-shaped Bluetooth speakers. The speakers are so slim, in fact, that you can't even feel them while you're wearing the headband.

26. A Contoured Memory Foam Pillow That'll Help Ease Hip Pain

This memory foam knee pillow takes the pressure off your spine, hips, and lower back while you sleep. Its contoured dip works especially well for side sleepers. Just place this pillow between your legs and let gravity do the rest. Your knees will sink into the foam while you can finally get some pain-free rest. You can even use it to support your ankles and calves.

27. A Wearable Towel That's Made From Cozy Bamboo Cotton

This cotton towel wrap (that's made with 50 percent bamboo cotton) is so comfy that you won't want to step out of it. It has a soft, elastic band with Velcro closure that's just stretchy enough to keep it securely to your skin without pinching. Plus, its material is super absorbent, so it'll literally pull the water from your skin to help you dry faster. It even has a pocket that you can store your phone in while you dry. Bonus: The towel comes in tons of fun colors to choose from.

28. An Inflatable Travel Pillow With A Smartphone Pocket

You can finally rest while you're on the move with this genius travel pillow. It comes in a small, easy-to-carry bag and blows up in seconds. This pillow also features a 45-degree slant so you can rest your head on it while it's atop your table tray. It also works to support your back while you're sitting vertically. And the best part? It has a pocket that's the perfect size for your smartphone so you won't lose it while you snooze.

29. A Stainless Steel Massage Tool That (Lightly) Scrapes Your Skin

This little massage tool works by actually scraping your skin (yes, really). In traditional Chinese medicine, the practice of gently scraping off old skin is known to release toxins and promote healthy blood flow to sore muscles. Based off various reviews, even licensed massage therapists are swearing by this tool for their clients. Plus, it's made from stainless steel that's easily cleaned.

30. These Gel Cushions That Protect Your Feet In High Heels

You never have to worry about foot pain in your favorite pair of heels with these extremely comfortable gel pads. Here's how they work: The soothing gel liners protect your heels and cushion your feet. When you slip them inside of your shoe, they stay put — and the anti-slip technology prevents your feet from sliding and creating blisters.

31. This Cushioned Foot Warmer That You Can Use Almost Anywhere

This portable foot warmer feels glorious on tired, aching feet. The cushion is made of buttery soft material, and the inside slot features a space for a hot water pouch (included). Just fill up the water pouch, charge it for 15 minutes, and then slip your feet into it. The cushion will help keep your toes warm for up to five hours. Plus, there's no cord or batteries, so you can use this warmer pretty much anywhere.

32. An Acupressure Pillow That You Can Use On Your Whole Body

This isn't your typical massage tool. Instead, this acupressure pillow is specially designed to trigger tight, painful muscles for ultimate relaxation. It features rows of small protruding knots that press into your body as your head and neck relax onto the pillow. Using it will help relieve tension, headaches, and more. It even comes in three colors to match your home aesthetic.

33. These Terry-Cloth Headbands That Keep Your Hair Off Your Facial

Not only does this spa-grade headband keep products out of your hairline, but it's super soft, too. Made from luxe terry cloth, it stays put against your hairline so you can give yourself a facial or do your makeup without stray hairs blowing into your face. It also features an adjustable seal that helps it stay put. It comes in a three-pack.

34. These Cushioned Soles That'll Protect Your Ankles From Blisters

You can wear your favorite shoes without any pain when you slip into these cushioned insoles. The key is in the material. They're made from polyurethane sponges that feel like walking on clouds, and they even feature a flexible backing that covers up your heel to prevent callouses and blisters. If you don't want to wear heels, you can wear them with flats to make them even cozier.

35. These Sock Sleeves That Are Infused With Vitamin E And Essential Oils

These toeless spa socks feel so luxurious on your skin that you can abandon your pedicures from here on out. They're made from soft, flexible fabric with just enough stretch to hug your feet (without squeezing them too tight, of course). They're also lined with a soothing gel that's infused with vitamin E, along with a rich blend of essential oils to nourish your skin while you're chilling out. Your feet end up soft, moisturized, and completely callous-free.

36. These No-Slip Strappy Socks That Are Perfect For Yoga

These no-slip yoga socks are a bestseller on Amazon for a good reason: They're amazingly comfy. The socks — which boast over 1,000 five-star reviews — have grips on the bottom so you can go deep into downward dog without slipping an inch. They also feature criss-cross straps across the top that hold them into place as you move. The socks are even made of breathable cotton, so you won't sweat and slip in the hottest studio classes.

37. A Foam Roller That Gives You A Deep Tissue Massage

This foam roller does more than just stretch out sore muscles; reviewers say it gives you an intense massage, too. The medium-density foam has a little bit of give, but it mostly keeps its shape as it pushes into your muscles. It also features tons of bumps and nodules that apply even deeper pressure into to your skin as you roll. If you want one, you can choose from tons of colors and multicolored prints.

38. The Cozy Slippers That Claim To Be The "World's Softest"

You can't go wrong with the "World's Softest Cozy Slippers" (at least not with all of the five-star reviews that they've racked up). The secret is in the fiber that they're made from. The socks feature an extremely high-quality acrylic fiber blend that feels like a million little massagers on your toes. Plus, each one has a foam-padded insole that cradles your foot.

39. A Comfy Blanket That Lets You Pretend To Be A Mermaid

You're never too old to pretend to live under the sea with this cute and comfy mermaid tail blanket. It's made from a super soft orlon-cotton blend that warms you up as you relax with your new tail. The back of the blanket features an open slit so you can easily slip in and out when you're ready to use your land legs again. The blanket itself comes in nine colors, such as blue, pink, and vivid green. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Bustle's editorial and sales departments.