39 'Gross' Grooming Products On Amazon That Reviewers Swear By

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Grooming has changed a lot in the last few centuries. For instance, people don't wear makeup made from white lead and vinegar the way they did in the Renaissance era. (Um, no thanks!) And while I'm grateful lead-based makeup is a thing of the past, part of me still gets bored with the same old products. Life is boring when you haven't tried unconventional toothpaste. That's why it's fun (and endlessly useful) to peruse the grossest, weirdest, and most bizarre grooming products on Amazon.

What do I mean by "gross"? Well, a fair few of these products are made with things you wouldn't necessarily associate with the things you're used to — like a mask made with mud, a facial mist made with cabbage and broccoli, and a toothpaste made with charcoal. And while these products are different for sure, none of them are on this list solely for shock value — thousands of reviewers actually swear by them. Yep — even the foot product that sheds the dry skin on your heels like a snake.

So if you feel like your grooming practices are stuck in the last few centuries, click through for some fantastically gross — and helpful — grooming products.

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