39 Revolutionary Products On Amazon That Have Started Tripling In Sales

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Sales aren't always everything. You can have a great up-and-coming cult product that hasn't broken through to the mainstream market yet, and it can still be amazing. But these genius products on Amazon that have tripled in sales represent the best of both worlds: they have inventive features that makes them burgeoning rock star products, but they've recently caught on just enough to impress hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands of consumers.

When a genius products is described as "revolutionary," it nearly always means that it can provide a smart solution to a common problem in a way that saves time, saves money, and makes your life easier.

For one person, the product that dreams are made of may just be a pocket-size aromatherapy inhaler that clears your sinus passageways with natural essential oils like eucalyptus. For someone else, drain cleansing strips that attack odors, grease, and food particles are everything. Your best friend could get really excited about a fabric and lint shaver that keeps wool sweaters looking spiffy. While, for you, the item you can't live without could be an ultra lightweight backpack that folds up and fits into a portable pouch.

Check out this miscellaneous list of revolutionary products that are selling like wildfire — and score the items that you just know will make your life more of a pleasure.

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