4 Style Pieces For Developing Your Signature Look

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Like your go-to mani shade or favorite fragrance, a signature style can be the ultimate reflection of who you are. After all, what you wear often speaks for you before you even say a word. Say you find yourself going out for a big job opportunity. An on-trend bag can show your future boss that you've got an eye for detail that sets you apart from other candidates. You can even mask something as simple as first-date jitters with an effortlessly chic one-step dress.

But if the idea of figuring out your personal look starts to get you a little overwhelmed, remember, no one just wakes up one morning with their signature. It has to be discovered, crafted — developed, even. So, where should you start? First, think about yourself and your lifestyle. What it is you want to say to the world? What kind of outfits are you drawn to? All of these details are a part of the formula for finding your signature look. Once you answer them, all you have to do is figure out which pieces you actually need to make it happen.

That's where the fun part comes in. In partnership with I.N.C. International Concepts, Created for Macy's, we've created the perfect starter guide for developing any signature look. It only takes four key pieces to get started. And once you have the foundation, you'll be well on your way to having a well-crafted style that is all your own.

The Statement Blouse

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Top, Booties, Crossbody, Earrings, all pieces from I.N.C. International Concepts, Created for Macy's.

The statement blouse is key, because it offers a kind of versatility that few other pieces have. You can wear it with tailored pants for those days when you've got serious business to handle. You can pair it with your favorite jeans for a dressed-up version of casual. Or, you can go all out and complement it with equally dramatic bottoms. However you wear a statement blouse, your personality is always front and center.

The One-Step Dress

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Maxi Dress, Booties, Rings, Clutch, all pieces from I.N.C. International Concepts, Created for Macy's.

Few pieces have the one-step dress beat when it comes to ease: one item, one step, one second to get dressed. Just because it's effortless, though, doesn't mean it can't also be eye-catching. A maxi dress in a bold pattern commands attention, and paired with strappy sandals, stacked gold rings, and a perfect carry-everything clutch, you've got a look that's totally you.

Match-Anything Shoes

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Booties, Jeans, Sweater, Earrings, all pieces from I.N.C. International Concepts, Created for Macy's.

You've heard that old saying right? With the right shoes, a woman can conquer the world. While it may be a bit of an exaggeration, a great pair of shoes can take you pretty far. Get a pair that matches anything? You're practically unstoppable. Just take these black suede boots: Slip them on with casual jeans and a sweater for a cool, downtown feel, or wear them with a flow-y dress to create an edgier, unexpected outfit.

The Accent Bag

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Bag, Sweater, Pant, Shoe, all pieces from I.N.C. International Concepts, Created for Macy's.

The accent bag is a star against an all-black ensemble. Whether you find one in a unique texture or bold print, like this one, it can take you from "just an outfit" to a bonafide look. Even if you're not wearing all black, the right accent bag plays nicely with other patterns for true fashion-forward style.

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