40 Things On Amazon That Will Scrub The Stink Out Of Your Home

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Okay, you've ignored it long enough, but now you can't deny the fact that it's been weeks since you cleaned your house. And the last time you cleaned it? Let's just say it was sort of a "light" job. No judgement — cleaning is boring, time-consuming, and requires you to do things like getting on your hands and knees to wash floors. (Ugh.) But if you're ready to come to terms with the fact that it's time to scrub the stink out of your home, these genius cleaning products on Amazon are about to make your life so much easier.

So what makes these products so great? Some of them do the dirty work for you, like an automatic toilet-bowl cleaner and electric floor scrubber. Other products clean more deeply than you otherwise would, like a brush that's specifically designed to clean grout. And others help you with trickier cleaning jobs, like cast iron skillets and dishwashers. (Yeah, it's a good idea to clean the mineral and detergent from the inside of your dishwasher — news to me, but it does make sense.)

Ready to face the music and dance? (Or, well, face the dirt and clean?) Click through for some fresh-home motivation, because if these clever products on Amazon don't make you clean, nothing will.

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